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Hiking Courses:
Fun, Info Packed,
Thought Provoking and Unique

How did these hiking courses come about?

Along with my vast and deep love for hiking, I'm a classroom teacher who fell in love with online learning.

My masters degree in teaching gives me solid teaching technique, and my 3 science degrees provide deep content in biological sciences.

Add in 2+ decades of teaching, and you could call me a seasoned teaching veteran (battle scars and all).

Couple this background with 45+ years of hiking, and what do you get?

Well designed, entertaining online hiking courses built around teaching best practices and rock solid trail experience!

To say that I love creating hiking classes that everyone can access and enjoy, anywhere and anytime on the planet, is a huge understatement.

Such freedom to learn can only be matched by the freedom of shouldering your pack and heading down a hiking trail, wouldn't you agree?

Hiking Courses For You

Maybe you yearn to:

  • tackle a solo trip,
  • plan a backpacking trip,
  • get more comfortable on the trail,
  • expand your hiking skill set with some "how to hike" information.

Use these unique on line convenient hiking courses to sharpen any hiking “career goals” you might have.

Just click the course name for a complete course description!

There are 3 types of courses:

  • free & fast (only a few days);
  • low fee "start whenever you want" and proceed at your own pace;
  • community oriented courses: everyone comes together for weekly phone chats and proceeds through the course at roughly the same pace.

Please feel free to use the contact form below to send me any hiking course questions you have.

I strive to be clear in my descriptions, but perhaps I missed something that's important to you.

I'm also open to suggestions for courses.

If you're having trouble finding information to achieve your hiking goals, maybe I can create a course to help you, and all of our virtual trail sisters. I'm up for the challenge!

Hiking For Her's hiking courses have one goal: To get more women onto trails!


Current offering: Hiking Myth And Facts

Ever wonder how  "real" hikers prepare for a hike?

And what do they do during it? and after?

There are lots of hiking myths floating around about "real" hiking.

MYTH: A statement that is wrongly believed to be true.

You might not even notice that you've bought into these false statements thrown around by the media.

Even worse, you might be letting them hold you back from quality (and maybe quantity) trail time!

It's not in my nature to leave these hiking myths unchallenged.

No hiker, newbie to trail hardened expert, deserves to be burdened by these untruths!

Thus, I designed a free 5 day mini-course so we could to do a little myth busting.

Over the next 3 days, I can share 3 of the most common hiking myths with you via email.

Only you can decide if you're unconsciously laboring under the burden of one (or more) of them.

But I won't leave it at that.

Give me two more days, and I'll share 2 hiking habits I recommend to every hiker, with tips to get you started down the right trail (so to speak).

You might already be displaying these “real hiker” traits! I

But if not, it's time to add them to your repertoire.

In a nutshell, these free mini-lessons will hold up a mirror so you can recognize yourself as a real hiker (or a real hiker in training).

Sign up below if you're ready to answer these questions:

  • What exactly does a “real” hiker look and act like?
  • Am I a real hiker?
  • Do I have good hiking habits?

Sign up is free, fast, and will give me permission to send you one mini-lesson each day for the next 5 days.

What happens once you sign up?

The first “real hiker” myth will land in your inbox.

  • Devote 5 minutes (probably much less) to reading it.
  • Then think it over on your daily hike/walk/swim/bike ride/run/whatever gets you outside.

Five days X five minutes = less than half an hour, in less than a week, for the best hiking tips to make you a stronger hiker.

And I can sleep better at night :)


Myths & Habits of a "Real" Hiker

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If you want to start hiking but have some concerns and questions, why not try a short hike with an experienced trail guide and veteran teacher?

Read all about Seattle area in person hiking classes here.


Note: These courses are unavailable right now.

Current offerings:

Is Solo Hiking For Me?

How To Be An Empowered Hiker!

Best For: Learners who are self motivated with busy schedules.


  • Self paced,
  • integrates easily into your schedule,
  • all materials are available instantly and are yours forever,
  • lower cost due to self paced nature,
  • forum posts from other students are available for you to read and add to,
  • individual 30 minute phone call with instructor within 6 months of course purchase is included,
  • instructor contact info gives you lifetime access for posing questions and receiving answers.


  • No live group interaction (you might feel a bit lonely),
  • less interaction with the instructor than an ongoing course,
  • relies upon your own motivation and stamina to complete the course.


Current offering:Transitioning Into Solo Hiking

Start date: September 21, 2015

Length: 6 weeks (with optional 7th week)

Contact me to place your name on a notification list for new start dates in 2016.

Best For Learners Who:

  • Enjoy a slower pace,
  • might be tempted to race through course material without getting all the juicy content,
  • appreciate high levels of interaction with instructor and co-learners,
  • desire membership in a virtual community for built in support and inspiration,
  • have a definite hiking goal in mind.

Pros: Join a community of like minded hikers and

  • start down the (learning) trail together,
  • enjoy the interaction of forum postings and weekly group phone calls,
  • fall into a regular rhythm for weekly course downloads (available 24/7, all of which are yours to keep forever),
  • use the instructor-provided motivation for finishing the course with “carrots”,
  • cherish the fun surprises and bonuses which keep your interest level high,
  • tap the additional access to instructor (small group or individual) for further study,
  • stay involved & network with cohort after the course wraps up.


  • Higher price due to the intensive & extensive format,
  • “falling behind” might create anxiety (although in reality you don't miss anything because phone calls are recorded and the forum posts along with course materials are available 24/7 & are yours to keep),
  • requires more time commitment to soak up all the goodness.

Have any questions for me?
Read the course description here.

Then email me using the form below. I'd love to talk with you about this hiking course.

Contact Me

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