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April Hiking News
April 25, 2022

April 2022: A Note From Diane

April showers have been abundant around here, hope your spring weather has been decent enough to get out and explore!

This month's newsletter is chock full of hiking news, including the newest Hiking For Her resource, an introduction to a solo female hiker along with HFH's solo hiking tips, a study comparing mountain hiking with forest therapy, national park disability access information, a hiking pass that you can never use, and more.

Let's get to it!


Hiking For Her was founded way back in the mists of time (2008) for one purpose: to freely share hiking tips and resources with anyone interested in the fantastic sport of hiking, with an emphasis on getting more women on trails.

Over the years, I’ve written a hiking archive of 700+ pages of free hiking tips on the HFH website, penned a Day Hiking tips book, offered hiking classes, founded the Over Forty Hiker community (just celebrated our fifth anniversary), and answered a gajillion (hiking math, just go with it) questions via email.

In my quest to keep offering free resources to the hiking community, I’ve designed a new resource.

It takes solid aim at inflation by keeping you on top of discounted hiking gear and clothing, sales on hiking destinations/vacations, discount codes, free or low cost online classes and webinars, used gear opportunities, and every other budget friendly hiker resource that I deem worthy of your attention.

I see this information in my inbox or bookmarks all.the.time. So why not share it with you? No junk, no obvious “Hey, REI is having a sale”, just the good stuff you might miss in your busy week.

It will be updated when something really juicy is available, probably daily. Bookmark this Best Current Deals For Hikers page and reap the benefits often:

Best Current Deals For Hikers


This is an interesting article from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

The title says it all: Mountain Hiking vs. Forest Therapy: A Study Protocol of Novel Types of Nature-Based Intervention.

It examines the impact of different types of nature exposure on sedentary people, including physiological, psychological, and immunological parameters.

Nice to know researchers are working on this type of approach to get more folks outdoors!

Mountains And Forests Research


Looking for a one of a kind gift for your favorite hiker?

Want to express your individuality on the trail or during vacation?

Cotopaxi has a unique line of bags and packs that are made in the Philippines using fabric left over from other companies’ large production runs.

In other words, good materials are kept out of landfills and repurposed.

Check out all of these products here:

Cotopaxia Del Dia


Solo hiking for females is one of those topics that trigger spirited discussion. “Why” lies at the heart of the matter, as in "Why take a risk"?

And the follow up question: If you hiked solo, how did you do it?

To answer these questions, meet Angela Maxwell.

She left Bend OR to walk 20,000 solo miles, covering a multitude of countries on several continents in six years.

Bad things happened. Good things happened.

Was it worth it? Read her “why” here:

BBC Travel Interviews Solo Female Hiker

You can access all of the Hiking For Her tips on solo hiking here:

HFH Solo Hiking Tips


Here’s the deal: For a $1,500 donation to Yellowstone Forever, you will receive an annual pass valid in 2172 and an annual pass valid for the next year.

That’s not a typo, it really is valid in the year 2172.

Do you think it’s a deal? Or a clever marketing ploy to fund the park?

Yellowstone Inheritance Pass

You can also read what the Billings MO Gazette has to say about it:

Billings Gazette Article on Yellowstone Inheritance Pass


Are national parks accessible to those in wheelchairs? Find out here:

Accessibility In National Parks


I’m hard at work on tips for hiking safety during fire season. This is something I would rather not have to talk about, but because it’s our new reality in so many places, I’ll have an in depth article ready for you next month.

Also, I’m reviewing Kuhl hiking pants and a shirt.

And updating my new Best Deals page (see above), of course!


Let’s get real for a moment.

Earth Day is a nice gesture, but it’s over.

Earth Month? A step in the right direction.

But how about Earth Always?

Here’s a way to make that happen for hikers.

There is a Leave No Trash app which allows you to record, measure, describe and then dispose of/recycle garbage you see on your hikes.

If we make this part of our routine as hikers, every time we hit the trail, we can begin to make a positive impact.

And that feels good.

Leave No Trash App

Wishing you happy trails

There is so much that can rip our attention away from what matters. Make time to hit the trail. That's an order (stern face).

My inbox awaits your comments, photos, and messages.

Our Over Forty Hiker community awaits your presence.

The Earth awaits your positive actions.

May we all be well and happy, wherever we are on our one of a kind Earth.

Happy Trail Time To You,

Diane a.k.a. Happy Hiker

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