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Why bother?

Okay, fair enough.

Maybe you're wondering:

"Why would this free Happy Trails newsletter be of any use to me?"

Well, here's what a reader named Giuliana has to say about it:

"I always look forward to your messages in my inbox. Some make me laugh, others make me think deeper, but I always end up learning something new about being in the woods with Mother Nature, especially as a female solo hiker."

Something for everyone,
every month!

I'm guessing that no matter where you fall in the spectrum of outdoor enthusiasts, you'd be open to some of the best hiking tips for women hikers.

There are so many ways to hike!

  • beginner
  • casual day hiker
  • intermediate backpacker
  • seasoned, hard core trail lover
  • back country explorer
  • solo hiker
  • slackpacker
  • thru hiker
  • section hiker
  • and more...

And I'd love to share fresh hiking and backpacking news with you!

Why share?

Because I am completely, shamelessly addicted to hiking.

And I tell anyone who will listen about the good stuff I learn about hiking.

My hiking addiction means that I:

  • read everything I can get my hands on about my favorite sport: hiking newsletters, websites, blogs, books, magazines, forums, gear reviews;
  • try out new gear every season (and it's mostly gear that I purchased with my own hard earned money, so I'm not biased);
  • pour over hiking guides,
  • create long lists of hikes I can't wait to try;
  • hike every week (work schedule and weather permitting), so I have lots of ideas on maximizing trail time and minimizing recovery time;
  • learn a lot about being a prepared, strong, smart hiking woman simply by being out there, hiking and bush wacking and scrambling and exploring and keeping notes on what to improve!

All of that devotion to hiking adds up to a woman who is bursting to share with other hikers.

Thus, Happy Trails newsletter!

And to show you how dedicated I am, here's a photo of me in my "office" (on Banshee Peak, near Mt. Rainier).

Woman hiker in a long sleeve white shirt and hiking hat gazing at Mt. Rainier with her backpack beside herDoing some seriously deep thinking about the next issue of the Happy Trails newsletter!

Now you're
in the picture

So here's where you come into the picture.

Ask yourself:

  • Where do you get your up to date information on hiking?
  • Who do you turn to when you have a hiking question?

Everything I share in my Happy Trails newsletter is useful to female hikers of all ages:

information about the latest hiking gear, the newest research findings in nutrition and medical research (yes, I admit it - I read geeky medical journals), and great places to explore.

Although it's packed with information, this brief monthly update is quick to skim and digest, so reading Happy Trails won't eat into your trail time.

What to expect in
the Happy Trails newsletter

Here's a sampling of what you will find in a quick-to-read format.

Book, video, research
or resource reviews

I might critique the book I just finished about the outdoors, or a book I know is important for skill building.

Maybe I'll provide a summary of a research article on hiking nutrition.

Or share a hot tip on a brand new hiking resource.

And I'm always on the look out for sources of hiking information, making your suggestions for a review in the newsletter both welcome and appreciated.

New gear and gadgets

So much fun, new and high tech stuff, so little time.

Some of it is over-the-top expensive, some of it is just hype, but once in awhile I stumble across something worthwhile.

  • It could be something as small as a new remedy for bug bites, or something as big/expensive as a camera or pack.

I will only pass along what I myself have tried, or what someone I trust on the trail has tried.

And it doesn't always have to be geeky! Even a bandanna is considered a worthy piece of gear when used in a unique way, in my opinion.

Trail tips for you

Here's where I share the latest resources and fonts of knowledge that I've discovered:

  • websites,
  • blogs,
  • videos,
  • people,
  • places, and
  • insights I've stumbled across in my virtual and physical wanderings.

The latest articles on this website,
all in one place

You won't miss a thing if you subscribe to the Happy Trails newsletter, because all new articles are in one handy spot.

  • You can read them at your leisure.
  • And bookmark the ones that are most helpful: how to hike, hiking gear reviews, safety tips and more

Ask a hiking question,
get an answer!

 Send me your question, and I can share it, along with my answer.

  • If you're wondering, plenty of other hikers are, too!
  • Let's enjoy each other's curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

And it satisfies my retired teacher persona, too. I'm very familiar with question and answer sessions from my decades in the classroom.

Share your insights

If you've got a hot tip or some trail advice, I'd be happy to share it with our community of trail buddies.

Don't be shy - pay it forward!

Another quote from a newsletter reader

It's fun to find out how this bounty of hiking information is being shared and used, as in this testimonial:

"I want to say how much I enjoy reading your newsletter. It is always full of useful information ...

I belong to 5 different hiking groups. We hike all year long in all kinds of weather... we use your information and survive our day hikes."

~Cindi Shanika

The name
can be prophetic!

As you can see, I'm always busy gathering hiking tidbits to keep all of your trail time happy -  and that's exactly how I arrived at the name Happy Trails.

By using all of the monthly information at your fingertips, you'll hike with a smile on your face.

So please consider joining me every month virtually via the Happy Trails newsletter.

  • I will NOT sell or share your email address. There's nothing worse than getting unsolicited newsletters or spam.

And as easy as it is to sign up, I make it even easier to opt out if it's not your cup of tea.

  • Just follow the instructions at the bottom of the newsletter, and your email address will be purged from the mailing list.
Female hiker wearing a sun hat, sleeveless black shirt and hiking pants, standing with her hands in her pockets atop a boulder field on a mountain slopOutstanding in my boulder field. Won't you join me?

More ways
to stay in touch

If you'd rather connect on a more frequent basis, visit the Hiking For Her Facebook page.

Every week day I have been known to:

  • post videos,
  • pose questions,
  • pass along photos and inspirational quotes,
  • provide links to great trail information and hiking news, -and-
  • welcome your comments and insights.

There's a HFH Pinterest page with lots of female hiking topics to explore, too.

And here's one more chance to get in on all of the latest monthly hiking tips:

  • Use this handy little box.
  • And I'll see you next month! 

-Diane, Hiking For Her

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