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Female hiker gazing at Greenland glacierThe best hiking tips can get you ready to explore wild places like this in East Greenland ... or your own neck of the woods

Have you ever wished for a Best Hiking Tips expert?

Someone with realistic, trustworthy hiking advice to share with you as a female hiker?

Welcome to Hiking For Her, offering you:

  • hiking 101 basic skills for beginner hikers
  • expert gear and hiking clothing recommendations
  • backpacking and day hiking gear lists 
  • detailed gear reviews
  • how to hike guides
  • and so much more for hikers of all ages!

Here's where you learn all about the types of hiking and get your questions answered so you can stay on the trail - or take a hike for the very first time.

Best hiking tips start here!

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That's why you can trust these hiking tips: factual, reliable and trailworthy.

More hiking questions answered

Don't wonder any longer about what to wear hiking, or what to bring on a hike.

Hiking For Her offers specific trail tested best hiking tips geared toward women hikers who have big and little hiking goals in mind.

Like how to go backpacking for the first time.

Or how to plan your first day hike!

Use these free hiking tips any way you'd like, as:

  • A frequently updated female hiking blog
  • A how to hike guide with best hiking tips
  • An extensive archive of hiking knowledge

Why does Hiking For Her offer all this
to you, free of charge?

Because females do things a little differently than the guys!

We like to stick together and get it done on the trail, by celebrating our differences and maximizing our strengths.

Together, we're stronger hikers.

Interested in a private, virtual community of female hikers?

Our Over Forty Hiker group would love to meet you!

Request your invitation here.

Hike smarter with these hiking tips!

It's smart to spend time planning and learning, before you hit the trail.

Not only is that the path to a shorter learning curve, it makes you a safer, smarter hiker. That's exactly what I want for you!

The more that you read,

the more things you will know,

the more that you learn,

the more places you'll go.

~Dr. Seuss

And the more places you'll go hiking!

So dig in and explore all the best hiking tips.

It's a pleasure creating this hiking resource for women hikers, so please enjoy every page.

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Testimonials like these
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"Two years ago I was a brand new hiker. I've now completed three significant hiking trips.

Diane's guidance and advice are thorough and spot on. With her help I've been safe, comfortable, and prepared during all my hiking adventures.

I highly recommend her courses and blog."


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Now get out there 
with these best hiking tips 
and hike up a storm!

Poor choice of words for a hiker.

Let's try that again.

Use all of these tips from your virtual trail buddy at Hiking For Her to stride with confidence down any trail.

I'm here for you whenever you need answers to hiking questions!

Hiking For Her's mission:

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