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by Diane Spicer

Meet Hiking For Her's Diane

If you've ever wished for a Best Hiking Tips expert to answer your questions about how to hike, or offer realistic and trustworthy hiking advice, you've hit the hiking jackpot!

Women hikers world wide have the same basic hiking questions:

  • How do I start hiking?
  • What are the best womens hiking clothes?
  • Do I have the right hiking gear like sleeping bag and hiking boots?
  • What should I know to keep myself safe on the trail?
  • How do I plan for my first hike?
  • What can I do to reduce my hiking aches and pains after a long day on the trail?
  • Should I be using trekking poles?
  • What should be on my backpacking list
  • Can I use my cell phone for navigation?
  • Do I carry the same water bottle in every season?
  • Is it safe to hike solo?
  • What kind of sun protection is best for female hikers?
  • Do uphill hikers have the right of way?
  • Can I put together my own basic first aid kit?
  • Backpacking food ideas - where do I even start?
  • Can I pull off a Pacific Crest Trail or Appalachian Trail backpacking trip?

Grab a comfy chair and your favorite beverage!

This is the place to get your questions answered so you can stay on the trail - or get on it the very first time.

Female hiker wearing backpack and holding trekking poles while gazing at glacier in GreenlandBest hiking tips can get you ready to explore wild places like East Greenland ... or your own neck of the woods

Find the best hiking tips
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Hiking For Her offers a bounty of free hiking advice and specific trail tested information geared toward women hikers.

Because we do things a little differently than the guys!

  • Is this a female hiking blog?
  • A how to hike guide?
  • Or an archive of hiking knowledge?

Use the information on Hiking For Her any way you'd like!

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Pacific NW hiking resources

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That's why you can trust these tips for your hiking plans - factual, reliable and trailworthy.

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For women day hikers, here's a wonderful way to get answers to your hiking questions: a good old fashioned book!

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Hiking For Her's book of best tips for women day hikers is ready and waiting to get you on the trail in comfort and style! #hike #hiking #hikingwomen #dayhikes #hikingtips #hikingbook

This book is packed full of practical advice, plus tips to keep you safe and happy on any hiking trail.

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Our Over Forty Hiker Community is a private, focused group where you can exchange ideas and hiking information with other female hikers.

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Because if you have a hiking question, chances are lots of other women hikers do, too.

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Poor choice of words for a hiker.

Let's try that again.

Stride confidently down any trail, in any weather and every season, using these best hiking tips from your virtual trail buddy at Hiking For Her.

My heartfelt wish for you:

Happy Trails always

Female hiker leaning on boulders with hiking poles and backpack

About the author

Diane is the founder of Hiking For Her.

She’s been on a hiking trail somewhere in the world for nearly five decades, & loves to share her best hiking tips right here.

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