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Freshest Hiking News
February 22, 2021

February 2021: A Note From Diane


Ready for some fresh hiking news?

I've got it all queued up for you, including a seismic shakeup in outdoor media, a chance to win a shirt all of us should have in our layering system, some resources to help you make it through the doldrums (good hiking weather is coming, we just have to hunker down until it arrives), and more...

Up first: you need to meet this hiker!

Celebrate This Hiker’s Achievement!

This woman is taking on the Ice Age Trail right now, in winter conditions.

See photos and read about her adventure here:

Emily Ford On The Ice Age Trail

Just For Fun

Enjoy this curated list of long-distance hikes around the world.

And by "enjoy", I also mean be inspired! We'll travel again, hopefully someday soon.

Drool Over This Hiking Destination List

Try Before You Buy Option

Cairn subscription boxes have something new going on: a try-it program called “Kitted”.

Think of the time you’ll save, and the gear you’ll explore, all tailored to your experience level and interests.

-How it works:

You test out the gear for a week. Only keep what you like, and there are no shipping or return fees.

Check it out:

Kitted By Cairn

Underwater Hikes?

Sure, why not!

Yes, you can "hike" incredible underwater vistas located around the globe.

Instead of deer, cougar and bear, you’ll meet tortoises, octopus, and coral!

This is a fun little diversion on a stormy day when your local trails are out of reach.

Under The Sea...

For a full run down of your choices for types of hiking, read my article:

Types Of Hiking

Hiking For Her Giveaway

A relaxed fit crew neck long sleeve shirt sounds like a welcome addition to your layering strategy, doesn't it?

Enter for your chance to win one from Baleaf:

Hiking For Her Giveaway Details

Breaking News

If you subscribe to outdoor/fitness/healthy eating related publications under the umbrella of “active living”, here’s some big news for you.

The parent company of 30 publications, Pocket Outdoor Media, has rebranded itself to "Outside", and has purchased Outside magazine, Outside TV, and Gaia GPS.

This may have ripple effects for hikers in the coming months as changes are made. I’ll keep you posted on changes I notice.

Maybe you already noticed the new Backpacker website?

FYI: You can check their list of publications here:

Pocket Goes Outside

JMT Anyone?

This time of year we can use a little outdoor gawking time.

Here is a beautiful John Muir Trail field guide, put together by the JMT Wilderness Conservancy, to scratch the itch for photos and details about the wildlife and botany you’d see if you were on the JMT.

JMT Dreaming

In Our Over Forty Hiker Community

We just started a free 12 week course: How To Get In (Better) Shape For 2021 Hiking.

As in, it opened up today!

Topics will include hiking specific suggestions for cardio, balance, range of motion, flexibility, strength, self care and motivation.

Consider joining our community for the friendship, and enjoy the chance to ease into (or step up) hiking fitness and build stamina and strength for the upcoming hiking season.

How To Join Our Over Forty Hiker Community

Maybe You Noticed?

The Hiking For Her website has a fresh new look.

It loads faster, and is easier to use on mobile devices.

More new features:

• a “print” button for each article

• an UP arrow to return to the top of a page quickly

• an easy to use search box

• increased font size for an easier reading experience

There are still a few things to work on (be patient as I get to them), but I hope you like it!

Hiking For Her

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Until (if?) we meet again...

Happy Trails to you,

Diane a.k.a. Happy Hiker

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