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September Trails
September 26, 2016

September 2016: A Note From Diane

Hello, September hiker!

I just got back on the hiking trail after a severe episode of pulled groin muscles, so I for one am very glad to see the crisp fall days roll around.

If you're a hiker in the southern hemisphere, you might be more than ready to welcome warmer spring hiking days.

This month's newsletter is bringing you some "dealing with the weather" hiking tips so all of us can stay comfortable and safe regardless of which hemisphere we hike in.

You'll also find another mention of Grandma Gatewood, the iconic late-in-life hiker from Ohio.

In this edition of Happy Trails, I also share why a collapsible soft water bottle should be part of your hiking gear.

And why the Great Old Broads for Wilderness auction, coming up soon, is a great place to shop for something unusual, quirky or just plain fun for your trail buddies (or yourself).


As The Season Turns...

...your gear should also turn over in your pack.

Don't get caught in weather that you can't deal with because the contents of your backpack, your clothing, or the ten essentials are inadequate.

I wrote up some cold weather hiking tips for you

right here.

And if you're hiking in hot weather, I've got some hiking tips just for you.

To keep yourself covered in cold wet rain or snow AND under hot punishing sunlight, maybe you need a hiking umbrella!

Another Great Grandma Gatewood Resource

Emma Gatewood definitely left her mark on the hiking world.

Last month, I reviewed a new children's book about Grandma Gatewood, which you can read here.

But I want to share with you another resource for understanding this amazing woman.

Bette Lou Higgins and Kelly Boyer Sagert have written an e-book which gained the approval of Emma's daughter, Lucy.

Enjoy this free excerpt of Grandma Gatewood: Ohios' Legendary Hiker, featuring one of my favorite photos of Emma surrounded by hollyhocks (it reminds me of my grandmother in her cottage garden).

Do You Need A Collapsible Water Bottle?

I didn't think I did!

My hesitation to try soft, flexible water bottles were twofold: the fear of any weird plastic taste, and the potential for leaking.

I just got back from a 9 day hiking trip (a great way to test whether or not my pulled muscles were healed), and wanted to let you know that the Platypus one liter collapsible water bottles I used on the trail were amazing!

Read why here.

Have Some Auction Fun

The Great Old Broads For Wilderness non-profit group uses the experience and knowledge of hiking elders to lobby for wise use of American wilderness and public lands.

*Guys, don't despair! You can become a Great Old Bro!*

Every year they put together an auction as a fund raiser, and this year has some tantalizing offerings.

Take a peek at what Hiking For Her donated to the auction, and be sure to look at all of the other great stuff for outdoorsy people like you.

Bidding opens in a month or so, so keep checking back for biddable items!

Time To Save

If you're not a fan of Sierra Trading Post, you need to cruise overand take a good look through their hiking and camping section.

I've been a customer for over 15 years, and have never been disappointed in what I receive when I order from STP.

They have a "bargain bin" approach, so you never know what you'll find.

This can be a little discouraging if you're looking for a particular item in one specific style or color.

But if you shop with an open mind, you can be delightfully surprised by the array of outdoor gear they carry - and the deals they offer.

What's Your Opinion?

I have three questions for you, based on the fact that I love to talk about hiking and I'm guessing you do, too.

Question #1: Do you have any interest in a group board on Hiking For Her's Pinterest page?

A group board would allow us to share our best hiking tips in the form of pins from hikers we trust, and to learn from each other.

Question #2: Would you have any interest in participating in a private Facebook Hiking For Her group that acts as a forum to ask and answer hiking questions?

This group could also be a way for me to host monthly phone calls on hiking topics like the best gear, trail nutrition, hiking techniques, and more.

Question #3: Would you participate in a contest that gives away copies of my Best Hiking Tips For Women Hikers book?

Something along the lines of "best hiking boots haiku"? Or most unusual but definitely useful hiking tip or photo?

Please let me know your thoughts about these fun ways to learn and share with each other. I'm all about having a website that is truly helpful, so I welcome your suggestions and feedback.

Just in case you didn't know...

You're a rock star in my book!

No, really. An actual rock star - because you put on your boots and hike over rocks, roots, and whatever else Mother Nature dishes out.

And you do it with spunk and determination.

Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for hiking with me in your messages. Love it!

Just a reminder: If you send me a message and don't receive any kind of reply, I never got it!

Check your return address, or use a different email address, and try again.

I really, really want to be in touch but sometimes a "failed to send" error keeps me from answering your messages. Not a happy sight :(

But I'm wishing you...

Happy Trails always,

Diane a.k.a. Happy Hiker (really happy now that I don't have to hobble anymore!)

Hiking For Her

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