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July 17, 2023

July August 2023: A Note From Diane

Greetings, hiker!

Ready or not, here comes a big dose of fresh hiking news!


First up, a close look at some of the best hiking to be found in Washington State, my backyard.

This article features my favorite hikes in Mount Rainier National Park, with trail descriptions and insider tips to make planning - or enjoying - your trip easy and stress free.

I also put together some videos of these Rainier hiking trails. Don't miss the black bear enjoying a soak in a shallow tarn, marmots doing what marmots do, and a mountain goat mama teaching her kids to stay far, far away from humans.

Plus lots of wildflowers ( and of course, plenty of views of the Big Mountain!

I hope you enjoy your virtual visit to this stunning hiking destination :)

Best Mount Rainier Hiking Trails


It was only a matter of time before someone put together a computer game focused on the joys and challenges of backpacking.

Here’s an advance peek at Albatroz, scheduled for release in 2024.

Backpacking Gaming


Some women like to push boundaries, then rest on their laurels.

Others like to push hiking boundaries and then push them again!

Meet Joan Young, the first woman to hike the entire North Country Trail.

And she just completed it again (age 75 years).

At 4,815 miles, the North Country Trail (NCT) is the longest of the National Scenic Trails and wends its way through 8 states. Lots of varied terrain to test a hiker's skills!

Just for comparison, the Appalachian Tail is 2,190 miles.

Can I get a "WOW"?

North Country Trail Two Timer


This spring there was a story in my area about a hiker who literally ran into a black bear cub while out on a hike.

The baby looked stressed: crying, trying to rub up against the hiker, following him down the trail. Nerve wracking, to say the least.

What would you have done?

More recently, a bison calf in Yellowstone was handled by a human when it appeared to be drowning. It was then rejected by Mom, and finally "put down" by rangers.

This highlights what is being called a "savior complex".

This serious issue has hikers taking sides: is it better to help, or let Nature take its course?

Here's an article that helps define the issue more clearly, with input from the Humane Society.

Leave No Trace article on wildlife rescue


Hikers like to joke about the trials and tribulations of hiking through rain. But seven inches of rain in 24 hours is no joke.

The Green Mountain Club (NE United States) offers insight into the impact of recent relentless rains (say that 3 times fast!) on the Vermont sections of the Long Trail and the AT.

2023 flood trail conditions


It’s that time of year: tempting camping deals are popping up.

For example, REI has up to 70% off stuff that you might need to replace, or try for the first time, this year.

Think tents, tarps, footprints, camp kitchen gear, sleep systems: all the things related to your comfort and safety when you venture outdoors.

July 2023 Deals


It isn’t every day that a cougar closes a Pacific beach.

Heck, I didn't even know cougars went to the beach.

This particular big cat decided to climb Haystack Rock near Cannon Beach, Oregon. Panic ensued!

Enjoy the close up photo of a seagull checking out the situation, mirroring my own surprise at seeing a cat on the beach.

Cougar and the beach

'Bye for now

Did you notice this is a combined July & August edition of Happy Trails?

I’ll be back in September with a new giveaway and lots of hiking news in your inbox.

Meanwhile, dip into the detailed Hiking For Her archives as you plan your outdoor adventures! Use the search box on every page to find what you need quickly.

My wish for you: May your trails be bug free and kind to your knees.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Trails,

Diane a.k.a. Happy Hiker

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