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June/July Big Dose Of Hiking News
July 15, 2019

June/July 2019: A Note From Diane

Welcome to the combined June/July 2019 edition of Happy Trails! Warning: even longer than usual. Get your skimming skills warmed up ;)

I just returned from a bucket list adventure, a 12 day raft/hike trip through the Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park.

Why was this on my bucket list? Too many reasons to share here, but I’ll give you a glimpse into my logic.

Created in 1991 by cooperation between Canadian and U.S. governments and conservation organizations, this area is protected as one component of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Beginning in Haines Junction, Yukon, passing through B.C. and ending at Dry Bay, Alaska, this river trip takes you through the largest concentration of grizzlies (brown bears) in the world, world’s largest bio-preserve, active geologic faults and views of fantastic glaciated mountain ranges - plus Mount Fairweather’s hugeness (15,325 ft/4,671 meters) on the horizon … wow, right?

I’ll be sharing links to photos and descriptions of my trip next month, so stay tuned if you’re up for taking a virtual trip on the Upper Alsek River and its confluence with the Tatshenshini River with me.

Meanwhile, read Wikipedia’s take on this splendid region of the world here: Tat Alsek Wikipedia

Now let’s get to all the goodies in this jam packed newsletter!


A smart hiker (the only kind reading this newsletter, of course) always lets someone know where she’s headed, and when to expect her to return.

AdventureSmart is a new app that allows you to fill out a trip itinerary and quickly share it with the folks at home. It’s available for both Apple and Android devices. AdventureSmart Trip Plan App


In last month's newsletter I detailed 14 ways it pays to be a member of REI Co-op. You can get signed up fast for a one time fee of only 20 bucks here: REI Membership

Now let’s add another reason: Uncommon Path.

That’s the name of the free monthly magazine REI is going to launch in September. The aim?

*To shine a light on the stories of outdoorsy people and the places that don’t get much press coverage anywhere else (think beyond hiking trails and peaks).

If you’re already a co-op member, you’ll receive the first issue. Or you can pick it up in any of the 155 REI stores, and possibly a newsstand (if any still exist) near you.

I like the fact that this announcement bucks (second tie in, coming real soon) the current trend of declining news availability in hard copy. I’m thinking of the recent Starbucks announcement to stop selling print newspapers to customers.

Am I the only fossil who enjoys reading the paper while sipping a steaming cup of goodness? (Leave me in blissful ignorance, please.)


There are two new book reviews for you, one focusing on Washington State hiking trails and the other providing artistic tips for birders who are also hikers.

Alpine Lakes Guide Book Review

Birds Of The West: An Artist's Guide Review
A copy of this book was gifted last week to one lucky reader of the HFH weekly updates.

The only way to sign up for a flash giveaway like that? You have to receive the password in the free weekly email.

If you’re not getting this quick hit of deals, resources, inspiration and exclusive giveaway announcements, sign up fast right here: HFH Weekly Email Updates

In June, questions about two particular topics begin to flow into my mailbox, so I gathered my brain cells together to write these tips on how to keep yourself healthy, safe and calm on the trail:

Hiking Injuries

Common Hiking Illness


I also get questions from hikers who wonder how to find short term insurance policies to cover mishaps on outdoor adventures.

So here’s a bit of good news: There is a new company offering on demand coverage for a day hike through several months of travel. You can purchase a policy covering the costs involved in common illness and injury scenarios like the ones I share in the above article links.

I’m not affiliated in any way with this company so don’t know all of the details, but wanted to pass it along for you to investigate. Buddy Insurance

[For the record, I always purchase an evacuation policy for my longer trips because of the costs of a rescue in the remote places I like to visit. Having gone through an evac scenario just one time made me a fervent believer in trip insurance.]


Here’s a simple question: Has your use of technology changed the way you hike?

I’d be thrilled if you’d hit reply and share your answer.

This Sierra Club article discusses this topic: Technology And Hiking

It would be cool to compare and contrast what hikers of various ages have to say about this subject, wouldn't it? If you’d allow me to quote you in an article I’m writing on this topic, Wow! You’re very generous to share your thoughts.


If you perked up at that headline, great news: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has an upgrade to enhance global numerical weather prediction.

As in: notifications of severe weather, winter storms, tropical cyclone paths, and more accurate U.S. weather forecasts for outdoors lovers (and geeks in general). NOAA Upgrade


I have fond memories of this little bear, and remember breaking down in tears (Childhood Trauma #2067) when I heard there was a real bear with burned paws behind this icon.

Sad to say, 75 years later, most forest fires are still caused by human behaviors (88% of fires in 2017).

Here's a website offering links for kids, educators, and hikers interested in fire prevention: Smokey Turns 75


Ever hear of the Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy?

They are opening their application process (July 17 – September 15, 2019) for a six month professional development program to prepare leaders in outdoor industry.

Vague verbiage, I know. Go here to read more if you’d like to immerse yourself in charting the future direction of this industry which impacts all of us.
Skip Yowell Future Leaders 2019


Here’s a great opportunity to give back to the urban, rural and outdoor public spots you love.

September 21, 2019 is National CleanUp Day, held in conjunction with World CleanUp Day (150 countries). Details here: CleanUp Day


I was flabbergasted when I read that Zion receives 4.3+ million annual visitors to its modest 229 square miles.

That’s a lot of people!! (4th most visited U.S. park)

And there will be even more people visiting when Zion's centennial celebration ramps up.

For starters, there’s a Sting + Utah symphony concert at the Usana Amphitheater on August 31st. Yes, THAT Sting.

All proceeds will go to benefit the Zion Forever Project. Sting + Utah Symphony


Hiking For Her is proud to offer you a chance to win technical hiking socks from a company known for its trustworthy products: ArmaSkin.

If blisters plague you, or you’re intrigued about what’s new in the hiking sock world, read my review and then sign up for a chance to win a pair of socks.

ArmaSkin Anti-Blister Socks Review

Hiking For Her Monthly Giveaway


If you can’t walk, can you hike?

If you can’t see, can you hike?

The answer to both questions: yes!

Here is a recent example, featuring an interview with two hikers who decided to combine strengths. Inspiring Hiking Duo


You’ve hung on to the inspiring end! This was a heavyweight edition, not at all an ultralight backpacking version.

In August I will attempt to pare things down a bit as we return to a regular delivery schedule: fourth week of every month.

But if you’re a fan of lots of information, please do sign up to receive a weekly dose of HFH (convenient link below). That's where I share all of the stuff that doesn't make it into this newsletter, and there's a lot of it.

Before I go, I offer you a sincere thanks for being a hiker. I know for a fact that you make the world a better place.

Hike on,

Diane a.k.a. Happy Hiker

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