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May Hiking News For You
May 19, 2024

May 2024: A Note From Diane

Have you noticed the length of this newsletter changes with the seasons?

Longer in winter when weather keeps us hikers indoors and computer time is plentiful, shorter in summer when it’s zoom time on the trails and computers are forsaken!

But all good stuff year round, I promise.

Let's get to the good stuff without further delay. (That's what I always say on the trail, too!)


You’ve heard of the hiking layering system.

But have you thought about your innermost layer, your underwear?

Sorry, personal question, but it must be asked!


Because it’s the layer you feel most intimately, and can make you miserable (cold, soggy, twisted, chafing).

What it should do is disappear from your awareness entirely, if it's moisture wicking, soft, odor free, breathable, lightweight and non-binding.

This month I review a new to me brand of hiking underwear, Branwyn Innerwear.

And I share everything I know about hiking underwear, including shopping tips and recommendations.

Womens hiking underwear

Branwyn Innerwear review


Maggie Gigandet posed a question I’ve never been asked before: “Why aren’t marathons more popular in hiking?”

Truthfully, the words “marathon” and “hiking” in the same sentence set my teeth on edge. How do you feel?

Read what others think about marathon hiking (me included) on her blog:

Why aren't marathons more popular in hiking?


I have four to share with you this month.

1. OutGrown describes itself this way: "Outgrown is a national 501c3 nonprofit that empowers families with babies and young children to step outside and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of growing up in nature".

They offer a Family Trail Guide created by parents seeking kid friendly outdoor spaces. Nice resource to have!


2. I received a note this month about a new trail guide written by Jeff Doran. The title says it all: Ultimate Hiking Guide to the Rocky Mountains.

There are 75 trail descriptions for day hikes, from strolls to challenging all day adventures. You can find the book on Amazon just in time for the summer hiking season.

3. How are Arizona women helping each other gain confidence in outdoor adventuring?

Glad you asked! And you can apply this information wherever you live, too.

Outdoor adventuring for women

4. Here is an interesting chance to join an online discussion series focused on our relationship with the environment, trails, and others in the hiking community.

Intentional Hiking


Have you noticed it?

I have seen air pollution in Mt. Rainier National Park (looking back toward Seattle) and Olympic National Park (across the Strait of Juan de Fuca) for at least a decade.

It's a thin greyish brown skunge layer (official term, trust me) hanging in the air regardless of time of year.

So it was no surprise to read the recent findings on air quality in national parks: 97% of national parks suffer from air pollution.

What can a hiker do about it? Read this article, for starters:

Air quality in national parks

Merry May Trail

Hit the trail, hum a tune, eat the best snacks, and I'll be back before you know it in June with more hiking news and resources.

Oh, and be sure to spend your REI rebate before May 20 during their huge anniversary sale (coupon code ANNIV24).

Get the deals here!

Happy Trails, my friend,

Diane a.k.a. Happy Hiker

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