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October Hiking News
October 25, 2019

October 2019: A Note From Diane

Greetings, dear hiker! So glad you’re here!

Our October newsletter is jammed packed, as usual, so let’s jump right into the thick of it (no brambles, I promise).


I want to pass along a few trail suggestions that may be of interest as you’re planning your 2020 hiking adventures.

These REI Volunteer Adventure trips are drool worthy: REI 2020 Trips

The Pacific Northwest Trail (Montana to Olympic Coast in Washington State) doesn’t get a lot of attention, but you can read up on its history, the long struggle it took to get its 1,200 miles built, its impact on grizzlies, and a few thoughts about whether it should remain obscure: Pacific NW Trail

Here’s another little discussed but intriguing trail, the Cascade-Siskiyou route linking Oregon and California monuments: Siskiyou hiking

And just for fun, here are NASA Earth Observatory images of the Pacific Crest Trail, plus fascinating facts and lots of links to further exploration of your options: NASA view of PCT


Our upcoming giveaway with SkirtSports begins on November 1 and runs through the end of the month.

You’ll have a chance to win a $75 gift card so you can pick out some fun outdoor clothing.

Read my review below for a trailworthy suggestion ;)

And go here in November to enter your name: Hiking For Her Monthly Giveaway


There is growing concern within the hiking community about crowded trails like the Appalachian Trail.

The burning question: how to Leave No Trace when there are lots of people pounding the trail and campsites every season.

What do you think about this approach to the tendency to love a trail to death?

AT Trail Troubles


How often do you clean your water bottle? Is the frequency more, or less, often on a backpacking trip when you have no access to a dishwasher?

And how clean is clean?

Which type of bottle is best in terms of keeping germs at bay?

So many questions! This article has answers, and (fair warning) you might not enjoy some of them, especially if you explore the links to recent research findings: water bottles and your health



It’s a mash up of hiking, fitness, and socializing while cleaning up the environment (trash pickup, graffiti removal, pruning).

The word "pliking" was adapted from the word "plogging," which is a Swedish fitness activity that combines picking up litter and jogging.

So are you a pliker? Hit reply and let me know.

Or start your own pliking club, using this one as an example: current pliking club


New reviews:

SkirtSports Tough Chick Top review

Hydroflask limited edition Wonder Collection review

New and updated topics:

Comfort Guide for fall hiking and camping

Fall 2019 hiking clothing and gear guide

How to hike off trail

Satellite navigation with your cell phone: Bivy Stick

Famous female hikers: an elusive quest?


REI Co-op is taking their annual “opt outside” campaign for Black Friday (November 29, 2019) a giant step further this year.

Read about three options to join them in pursuit of outdoor balance: spread the word, get out and clean up in your area, and take small actions every week: REI Opt Out 2019


As a consumer, you wield power every time you purchase hiking gear and outdoor clothing.

Climate Neutral wants to harness that power and make it easy for you to spot a company which has measured, reduced, and offset their total carbon footprint. How?

By seeing their Climate Neutral Certified label on every product.

Climate Neutral’s Kickstarter campaign has about 45 days to go. Read more about how they envision achieving lowered carbon emissions, which brands are already on board with the label, and how you can have an impact: Climate Neutral

Big thanks to you!

If you took the HFH2020 survey, thank you so much. Karen K from Roanoke, Texas was the winner of the $75 REI Co-op gift card.

I am still somewhat in shock after reading comments telling me that Hiking For Her is a valued, trusted resource (crying as I write this – really overwhelmed because I had NO IDEA).

I started the website in 2008 to pass along tidbits I thought might be useful. In 2019 it’s 800 pages and still growing (yup, I’ve got alotta tidbits stored up; squirrels got nuthin' on me).

But my goal has never changed: I strive to help every woman with a desire to hike get started, and help current hikers get stronger and smarter.

Every word I write comes from the heart, and from my heart to yours, thank you for being a hiker. Hike on, my virtual trail sister!

And oops! I apologize for the frustrating glitches in the survey: questions that were supposed to allow you to choose more than one answer but didn’t, a location pull down menu that didn’t offer choices beyond the U.S.

Clearly I’ve got a lot to learn about how to set up SurveyMonkey ;) But I'll get right to work using your suggestions to build a better Hiking For Her.

Enjoy your trail time this month!

Happy trails to you,

Diane a.k.a. Happy Hiker

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