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Jewel Eye Hiking
July 25, 2018

July 2018: A Note From Diane

July = Jewel-eye hiking!

By that, I mean there are so many dazzling sights to see this month.

Here’s a view of Windy Arm (near Carcross) from the top of a “hill” in Canada. Can you get a sense of the immensity of this place?

I’ll be sharing more photos of my Yukon hikes in the coming months, but over the next few weeks will be sure to put a few of them on the Hiking For Her Facebook page.

Long story short on Yukon hiking: huge, wild, windy country with lynx, bear, caribou, fox, and eagle sightings every single day, both on and off the trail. Amazing place!! Now that I’ve recovered from the mosquito bites, I heart Yukon hiking :)

Onward to the good stuff this month...

Newest Info For You

Three articles full of tips:

Camping And Backpacking Chair Choices

Compression Socks: Do You Need Them?

Pack Your Backpack In 3 Easy Steps

And one review:

Nutberg Drinkable Meals

Congratulations to our Nutberg giveaway winner: Yolanda W, Livermore CA

Trendsetter And Protector – Maybe That’s You?

Consider all of the ways to be an American Hiking Society Trailblazer: fundraise through your hikes and social events, become a trail advocate for your favorite outdoor area, and enjoy a volunteer vacation that gives back. All of the details are here: Trailblazer

REI Contests

Yes, more than one!

Three REI contests over the next few weeks, from July 25, 2018 through August 19, 2018.

Amazing prizes, and all of the details and rules are right here: REI Summer 2018 Contests

Farm To Feet

This company popped up on my radar recently because of all of the things they do right: they make great hiking socks, have a commitment to 100% American-made materials, and express a genuine desire to tell the human stories behind the success of the company.

If you haven’t checked out this brand of socks yet, here’s your chance:

Farm To Feet Sock Choices

More Gear Companies To Love

Hiking For Her believes in supporting brands which do more than just design and sell high quality hiking and camping gear. That’s why there’s a shout out to three companies this month:

MSR: Their Impact Fund focuses on global health via clean drinking water. MSR Safe Water Project

Biolite: Their innovative designs for off-grid cooking and lighting has made a big difference in quality of life for people in India and Africa, through partnerships with local companies. Biolite Purpose

Lifestraw: The Give Back program ensures that for every product purchased to purify your hiking water, one child living in a place without access to clean water will receive safe drinking water for the length of a school year. Lifestraw Story

Next time you’re considering a gear purchase, please put these companies at the top of your list. I know that their gear is solid, because I've used it and reviewed it! I wouldn't be recommending it to you otherwise.

HFH Exclusive Giveaway

Because you’re reading these words, you’ll know the secret password for the exclusive Hiking For Her giveaway: COMMUNITY.

Pop over to this page and use it to enter for your chance to win a year long membership to our private Over Forty Hiker community! Exclusive Giveaways PW Protected

Only One Thing Left To Say

Jewel-eye (July) best wishes for happy hiking!

And just so you know, I love getting email with photos of where you've been exploring just as much as I love hiking.

True story!

And a hint ;)

Happy Trails,

Diane a.k.a. Happy Hiker

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