Best Hiking Tips
For Women Hikers:
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The best hiking tips for women hikers are found at Hiking For Her! Find tips about hiking nutrition, best hiking gear, outdoor clothing, & hiking safety.#hiking #backpacking #womenhikers

by Diane Spicer

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Hiking tips:
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Hiking is a  low impact endurance workout that offers huge mental and physical health benefits.

Unlike physical workouts which happen indoors, hiking will demand more from your body and require an outdoor skill set that you might not have yet .

But here's the best part: Hiking gives you big doses of fresh air, sunshine & rain, plus the mental clarity that comes from physical exercise.

So enjoy these hiking tips, gathered into one spot for your convenience.

Ingest, digest (and savor) these hiking resources at your convenience by bookmarking your favorite pages.

  • They're updated regularly.


The hiking tips on this page are organized by:

  • type of hiking (day hike, backpacking, etc.) 
  • and timing of a hike (before you arrive at a trail head, during your hike, and afterwards).

Beginner hiker tips alert
To jump start your learning:

use these hints and tips on what you need to consider before you venture into the great outdoors.

Best hiking tips for
women day hikers
what to bring hiking

There's no more efficient way to share the wealth of detailed, trustworthy hiking information on one page than to provide a list, by hiking categories.

  • Think of it as a smorgasbord! Dip into a little of this, come back later for a bit of that...

Let's start off with the best hiking tips on how to get ready to hit the trail.

Before You Hit The Trail

Hiking buddies & where to hike

Find an ideal hiking partner

Take a hiking class

Find accessible hiking trails

Types of hikers

Types of hiking

Your best hiking vacation

Annual park pass

Group hiking trip tips

Canine hiking buddies

Beginners, start here

Beginner hiking tips

REI Membership Benefits

Car camping for hikers

Choose a great backpack

Best day hike tips for beginners

Use a dayhike checklist

Bring the hiking ten essentials

Choose the best hiking trail

Use a hiking pack list to stay organized

Pack the right lunch

Choose the best outdoor brands

Hiking rain gear tips

Prevent cold hands

Keep your feet warm

Stay clean, comfy and confident: hiker hygiene tips

Avoid heat related illness on hot hikes

Develop your hiking and outdoor skills

Take an REI Co-op class

Get comfortable with topographical maps

Outdoor skills you need

Why winter hike?

How to hike in the winter

Night hiking skills

Best hiking field guides

Hiking and camping gear you need

Create a hiking equipment list

Buy the best hiking gear

Choose reliable hiking gear sources

Ultimate guide to choosing the best hiking boots

Consider used outdoor gear

Wear the right pack

Know what to look for in women's hiking clothing

Choose appropriate clothing for your hike

Protect your expensive iPhone

Hiking versus camping equipment

Best backpacking equipment

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Hiking safety

Think ahead: Injury prevention

Pre-hike conditioning and strength

Establish these healthy hiking habits

Use the Leave No Trace Hiking principles

Decide if going solo is right for you

Prepare for hiking in the rain

Safe high altitude hiking

Lightning safety

Hot weather hiking tips

Day hike food safety strategies

Cold weather hiking tips

Avoid hypothermia

Frostbite prevention strategies

Spring hiking gear list

Consider carrying a bug net

Hike safely during hunting season

Bear awareness

Mountain goat safety tips

Falling tree risk safety tips

Need A Gear List?

Take your pick!

At The Trailhead

Stretch at the trailhead

Last minute gear checks

Eat a snack for quick energy

During Your Hike

Dress in layers

Pace yourself

Maintain your energy level

Snack early and often

Go gluten free

Stay hydrated

Lace your boots correctly

Deal with sore knees

Prevent blisters

Treat blisters

Use a trail journal seven different ways

Read the weather

Carry rain gear

Keep your electronics dry

Avoid hypothermia

Navigate wisely

Carry the infamous Ten Essentials

Handle trail stressors

Protect your skin from UV damage

And insects!

Deal with hygiene issues

Strategies for hiking with hot flashes

Be safe on the trail

Hot weather hiking

High altitude hiking

Hike your own hike

Take some pictures

Identify what's around you

Avoid tick bites

Know what to do with tick bites

Have fun with geocaching

Easy hiking boot care tips

Tenacious Tape repair tips

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Post-Dayhike Tips
For Women Hikers

Deal with inflammation

Erase aches and pains

Deal with osteoarthritis

Tend to your sore feet

Or your sore back

Or your sore knees!

Manage your swollen fingers

Deal with swollen feet & ankles

Fix toe problems

Ponder all 4 dimensions of hiking

Treat yourself right!

Best hiking tips
for backpackers

Many of the tips offered for day hikers work for longer trips, too.

But here are specific tips and trail techniques devoted to hikes which involve staying overnight, or night after night, outdoors.

Best Backpacking Tips:
Before You Hit The Trail

Plan a great trip

Overnight hiking tips

Consider a long distance hiking trail adventure

Backcountry gear list

Read this if you're planning your first backpacking trip

Overnight trips are a great way to start

Or plan backcountry hiking

Bring hiking camping equipment

Carry a gear repair kit

Choose the right pack

Consider a waterproof backpack

Choose the right type of tent

Choose a great sleeping bag

Consider a sleeping bag liner

Sleeping bag or backpacking quilt?

Calculate your food needs carefully

Be able to recognize giardia symptoms

Consider lightweight or ultralight backpacking gear

Packing a backpack

Customize a backpacking hygiene kit

Do you need a bear canister?

How and when to use bear spray

Should you bring survival gear?

During Your Backpacking Trip

Bring the right kitchen gear

Keep yourself well fed

Jazz up your taste buds

Best protein sources

Best rice for backpacking

Trail etiquette (free pdf download)

Make sure your water is potable

Avoid waterborne illness

Use the right hiking pace

Repel the insect pests

Skin care for hikers

Enjoy your Kindle

Get a good night's sleep

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Hiking Clothing And Footwear

Wear the right clothes

Be thoughtful about your sports bra

A hiking skirt might be the best choice

Best hiking skirts

Fall hiking clothing and gear guide

Plus size outdoor clothing

Wear the right boots

Narrow feet? Find the best boots

Winter hiking boots

Choose the right socks

Best hiking tips for all hikers:
How To Buy The Best Hiking Gear

Hiking For Her Gear Reviews

Best gear reviews

Best Backpacks And Tents

The best hiking backpacks

The best tents

Minimalist shelter

Other Essential Hiking Gear
and Outdoor Skills

Hiking poles

Water bottles

Score a deal on gear



Hiking destination tips

If you're here for some quick suggestions for the best hiking destinations, dip into this hiking treasure trove.

  • Mountain hiking tips will be vastly different compared with forest hiking tips, so if you're headed into new territory and unfamiliar terrain, pay close attention to which tips best fit your hiking plans.


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How to stay current
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Best hiking tips tip:

A good way to approach this info-packed page is to bookmark it and come back often to explore these best hiking tips.

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Why do you need these
best hiking tips anyway?

Why do you need best hiking tips?

Isn't hiking just walking?

Here's why:

You need the best of the best hiking tips for women hikers because the simple act of taking a hike is complicated by many factors you might not control:

  • climate,
  • season,
  • weather (much different than climate!),
  • trail conditions,
  • hiking distance,
  • pack weight,
  • what's on your feet,
  • terrain,
  • your age,
  • your level of conditioning,
  • your nutritional and hydration status, and
  • your mental state.

Granted, you can control some of these factors, but not all, and not all of the time.

When you're hiking, it's likely that problems will challenge you:

  • pesky bugs
  • injury
  • losing the route
  • blisters
  • using the wrong hiking pace

And don't overlook the obvious: the gear you're using.

Taken together, these factors play into how effective your hiking techniques may or may not be for the hike you're planning.

  • An "easy" 5 mile loop trip on a relatively flat, well-marked trail can become a nightmare if a sudden storm whips up, your boots have rubbed your heels raw, and you skipped lunch.
  • On the other hand, you can enjoy a 12 mile hike with an elevation gain of 3000 feet in sub-optimal weather by wearing the right hiking clothing, keeping hydrated, warm, and snacking appropriately every few hours.

Now is a good time to do a little myth busting about some of the hiking tips floating around out there.

The myth of
"real" hikers

All of these best hiking tips offered freely here were earned through blood, sweat, tears and triumph during my decades as a hiker.

You can trust them!

But here's a sad fact I see on hiking websites:

  • There is no shortage of hiking myths floating around about "real" hiking.
  • MYTH: A statement that is wrongly believed to be true.

Examples of myths about how "real" hikers hit the trail:

  • You have to break a speed or endurance record.
  • You have to go it alone every time.
  • Hikers have to look a certain way, weigh a certain amount, and dress in cute hiking outfits.
  • If you haven't started hiking in your twenties, it's too late.
  • And lots more myths that you should avoid.

You might not even notice that you've bought into these false statements.

  • Even worse, you might be letting them hold you back from quality (and maybe quantity) trail time!

It's not in my nature to leave these hiking myths unchallenged.

No hiker, newbie to trail hardened expert, deserves to be burdened by these myths!

Thus, I designed a free 5 day mini-course so we could to do a little myth busting.

Over the next 5 days, I can share 3 of the most common hiking myths with you.

Only you can decide if you're unconsciously laboring under the burden of one (or more) of them.

But I won't leave it at that.

I'll also share 2 hiking habits I recommend to every hiker, with best hiking tips to get you started down the right trail (so to speak).

You might already be displaying these “real hiker” traits! If not, it's time to add them to your repertoire.

In a nutshell, these free mini-lessons will hold up a mirror so you can recognize yourself as a real hiker (or a real hiker in training).

Sign up below if you're ready to answer these questions:

*What exactly does a “real” hiker look and act like?

*What hiking tips do they use to make trail time more enjoyable?

*Am I a real hiker?

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What happens once you sign up?

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Devote 5 minutes (probably much less) to reading it.

Then think it over on your daily hike/walk/swim/bike ride/run/whatever gets you outside.

  • Five days X five minutes = less than half an hour.
  • In less than a week, these best hiking tips will help to make you a stronger hiker by replacing myth with facts.

And I can sleep better at night :)


Myths & Habits of a "Real" Hiker

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Best hiking tips -
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Who knew there was so much to think about as a hiker??

Let's bottom line these hiking tips for women hikers:

To be the best hiker you can be, take the time to develop your strengths.

The tips and tricks on this website will get you off to a strong start.

And your trail time will be richer for it.

Contact me if you have questions about hiking.

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