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Fresh Hiking News For May
May 25, 2022

May 2022: A Note From Diane

May I take this opportunity to share some hiking news?

That's what this little newsletter is all about, bringing you the latest stuff you can put to good use in your hiking plans.

No wind up this month, just gettin' to the good stuff ASAP:


Have you had a chance to check out one of my most useful resources? I’ve created a page of best current deals for hikers, backpackers and campers. I update it daily, to delight and surprise you with the range of deals on outdoor gear, food, clothing, destinations and fun stuff.

Best Current Deals For Hikers

I've been busy pulling together a resource for hiking during wildfire season, which includes tips for planning, changing plans, staying current on evolving wildfire conditions, and coping with poor air quality.

It's a work in progress, meaning I'll update it as I find more good resources for you. But here's what I've got for you today: Hiking During Wildfire Season

I also have a new hiking clothing review, which you can see here: Kuhl hiking pants


I find it fascinating to see what this organization accomplishes each year. A few highlights for 2021:

-Legislative And Policy Wins

-Volunteer Vacations

-June 2021 Trail Days

-Financial Report

See the pdf report here: American Hiking Org Annual Report 2021


Speaking of the good work accomplished by the American Hiking Organization, they are sponsoring the 30th annual National Trails Day on June 4, 2022.

You can find a local event to join, or list your own event, here:

National Trails Day June 2022

Our Over Forty Hiker community plans to tally up our mileage around that date, and make a contribution to an organization that does good work for trails and outdoor spaces.


The first half of the Ralph Wilson Gateway & Trail on Belle Isle has been completed, with more to come.

The gateway welcomes hikers onto the Iron Belle Trail, the longest state-designated trail we have in the U.S.

Read more here:

Belle Isle Trailhead Opens


Christine Thuermer has logged close to 60,000 km (37,282 miles) to date, and this year is planning trips to the Oregon Desert Trail, the Superior Hiking Trail, and packrafting in the Boundary Waters.

Meet her here:

Christine's Trails And Trips

Vienna Cammarota, an Italian grandmother of three who is 72 years of age, is currently hiking in the footsteps of Marco Polo.

That's a whopping 22,000 km through Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Iran. Turkimenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China.

More about her right here:

Vienna Cammarota


Need some delicious backpacking meals?

Enter for a chance to win six dinners from RightOnTrek.

Get the full list of deliciousness and entry details here:

Hiking For Her Giveaway Details


Then you're going to love this news!

A new lightweight fabric was developed in 2021 and has now hit the market, rivaling Dyneema (which is hard to find these days).

The UltraWeave (Ultra) fabric is woven with high-density molecular-weight polyethylene fibers, making it strong and durable in addition to being lightweight.

Give it a look here:

New UL Fabric For 2022

May trails need your attention!

What does your hiking log say about May? Get out there and put a little mud on the tires already!

Or maybe a little more mud ;)

Happy May Trails,

Diane a.k.a. Happy Hiker

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