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November 2023 Fresh Hiking News
November 15, 2023

November 2023: A Note From Diane

Isn't it a fact that I just sat down and wrote the October newsletter?

Time flies, so do crows and snow and feathers and ... sorry, got distracted there for a minute. Welcome to this month's newsletter filled with the freshest hiking news for you!

Let's fly down to the first tidbit, shall we?


In the northern hemisphere, November brings the first bite of cold weather. You don't have to humbly submit. Use my tips for cold weather hiking comfort and safety!

How not to suffer on cold weather hikes


Some of whom hike!

Allow me to share this website highlighting adventurous women (that's us, HFH readers).

I spent a lot of time savoring the names and biographies of women we never, ever hear about, like Louise Arner Boyd (1887 – 1972).

Give yourself the gift of ten minutes this week to look at the forgotten, unmentioned, ignored, overlooked (sorry, distracted again...) inspiring women who shared a thirst for what we love: outdoor adventures.

Women In Exploration


Do you hike with diabetes?

You may be eligible to get a free National Parks Pass. Here's why that is a very good thing:

Why A National Parks Pass Makes Sense For Hikers

Guidelines on how to get your pass, as well as tips for hiking with diabetes, are here:

Free pass details


Sometimes you just need a feel good story, preferably one with a dog in it (just me?).

Here’s the tale/tail (my bad) of a Great Dane who now has a new hiking buddy.

Hello, new hiking buddies


Those who are interested in providing input and comments on Rocky Mountain National Park’s future visitor management plan can do so until December 14, 2023 here:

Timed entry comments

Other parks considering this idea: Yosemite, Mount Rainier, Glacier National Park. Utah’s Arches National Park tried it in 2022 and 2023 and may extend it into 2024.

Is this just one more barrier to hiking, or a great idea? I’d love to know where you stand, and any personal experiences you’ve had with timed entry.


This personal account of a hiker’s preparation and backpacking trip makes a connection between peace of mind and hiking.

A meditation on backpacking


Have you been getting a lot of "gift guides" for hikers? Me, too.

There are two companies that I admire for skipping the whole shopping frenzy on Black Friday.

I use gear and clothing from both of them, and have given them my hard-to-earn two thumbs up as an affiliate.

Just to be transparent with you, that’s the only way I support this website: a small commission if you purchase through my links. It costs you nothing extra.

You get great gear from trusted companies. I get to keep the electrons humming down the line to you. Wow!

Outdoor Vitals

OUTDOOR VITALS has figured out a way to give you really low prices on high quality, thoughtfully designed gear – they’ve cut out the middle layers that push up prices.

Right now they have a limited time huge sale, where you can save lots of cash as well as receive some freebies. I’ve reviewed some of their gear and clothing, and can tell you it’s good stuff (use the search box on my site to read the reviews).

OV November 2023 sale

REI Co-op

REI CO-OP is probably not a stranger to you. Maybe their Black Friday opt out policy is: get outdoors rather than go shopping.

That’s a sentiment I support wholeheartedly. And it's not just because I have to hike off that second pie of pie!

Right now through November 20, 2023, you can really round out your gear (and gift) list.

REI November 2023 sale

Note that some deals are member only, while everyone can save up to 30% on selected items.

Hint: Here are 2 dozen reasons why joining the co-op makes sense for a hiker: REI Member Rewards




Maybe a little blood and gore.

Lost hiking time.

If this is a familiar scenario to you on the trail, this month's giveaway offers relief: a pair of blister prevention socks from ArmaSkin.

These socks are designed to break up the blister triad (heat, moisture, friction) and protect your skin through all kinds of hiking conditions.

Jump on this chance to say goodbye to blisters!

Hiking For Her Giveaway Details

Turtle time

I think of myself this time of year as pulling into my shell to ride out less than optimal trail conditions.

It's a time of going over gear lists, sorting through my backpacks, checking my boot tread, taking daily walks while dreaming of new hiking destinations.

Whatever you call November, I wish you a peaceful holiday season.

Comments, messages, sharing of your top hiking resources, suggestions for must do hikes, all are welcome in my inbox.

Happy Trails,

Diane a.k.a. Happy Hiker

Looking for the best deals on hiking and camping gear, apparel, destinations and fun stuff? Here's my constantly updated page to save you time and money: Best Current Deals For Hikers

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