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Hikers Are Strong
March 20, 2020

March 2020: A Note From Diane

We are hikers: strong, smart and tough. We are in this together. I am sending you a message of support by devoting this month’s newsletter to inspiration, self care and ways to prepare for your postponed and canceled hikes.


Physical separation doesn’t have to leave you feeling alone. There are many ways to make connections with other hikers right now.

Try a few of these suggestions.

-Use these Hiking For Her virtual resources:

Meet other hikers with Hike With Me

Join the Over Forty Hiker Community

-Reach out to me with anything on your mind. Hit reply, I'm here!

-Listen to these podcasts:

Redefine what outdoorsy means with Outside Voices

National Parks Traveler Podcast

-Look at these vibrant women who are over 40 and proud of their unadorned beauty: No makeup photo exhibit

-Use a new inspiring search engine (think Google, but green) that helps raise funds for ocean clean up & reforestation with every search you perform by powering itself with hydroelectricity: Ekoru Search

-Take a look at a unique memento of past hikes, or an inspiration to tackle something new, in this month's HFH giveaway.

Hiking For Her March Giveaway

-Read this article about some less than famous women who had a hand in forming some of our very famous parks. It also names several federal lands which preserve the legacies and contributions of women: 11 Women Who Made Wilderness History


Take your power back from frustration and fear by taking excellent care of yourself right now.

It’s not selfish, it’s good for your immune system!

Try at least one of these tips.

- See if you can make time for an extra half hour of deep sleep tonight.

- Find a way to get outside for some fresh air, even if it’s on your balcony five floors up from the street.

- Sip water throughout the day. It helps keep your mucous membranes hydrated to trap microbes.

- Unplug from toxicity and instead, pull up photos of hikes you’ve taken. Immerse yourself in all of the good memories.

- Take a virtual tour of national parks in Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Utah and Florida: Virtual Park Tours

- Use these web cam suggestions to pull your mind into a peaceful place in nature:

Audobon web cams

Park Service webcams


Now is a good time to do a gear and clothing inventory. Make a list with 3 categories: repair it, replace it, try something new.

If you can afford to buy gift cards at your local outdoor shops, please consider this as an act of support as well as a way to use your list in the future.

Order right now from small businesses who support hikers, like this collective of 80+ outdoors brands:

Garage Grown Gear

Shop the REI Co-op sale running from 3/20-4/6. Because their retail stores are closed, they are offering free shipping. Members can save up to 40%: REI Co-op

Spend some time with these Hiking For Her resources:

Collection of all Hiking For Her tips

Essential Guide: Best Backpacking Tips

Solo Hiking Tips

Hiker Self Care

Thinking of you

Hikers are tough, resilient and adaptable. We're going to get through this :)

Happy Virtual Trails for now,

Diane a.k.a. Happy Hiker

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