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January Hiking Goodness: Resources, Giveaway, Bothies!
January 25, 2019

January 2019: A Note From Diane

January greetings to you, dear hiker!

I hope your new year is off to a grrrreat start.

I’ve been pounding the keyboard instead of the trail this month (not to mention any names, but Mother Nature with her endless practical jokes like wind, snow and ice may or may not be involved).

Which means that I've gathered together some in depth hiking and backpacking resources.

There's also a January giveaway lined up for you, plus a few fun things to share this month!

Let's begin with the giveaway.


Nothing brings me more happiness than setting up a gear giveaway, and this month I'm happy to announce that you can enter for a chance to win a pair of pants and a $25 gift certificate at SkirtSports.

Never heard of this company?

There are lots of things to like about them:

- woman owned and operated, so their clothing designs are thoughtful and have a wide range of sizes;

- their clothing is engineered for year round wear in all kinds of weather;

- sports bras in cup sizes A through E with all the bells and whistles a hiker needs.

I reviewed the pants featured in this giveaway because they have a few features that are unique to the SkirtSports brand. See what you think!

HFH Giveaway Details

Skirt Sports Trailwear Review

And speaking of giveaways...

One lucky woman got a great surprise after entering a giveaway mentioned on Hiking For Her: a lifetime supply of AlpenFuel trail food!

Read her interview to find out her hiking background, and how she’s going to share that gift with the next generation of hikers.

Congratulations, Stephanie!

Stephanie's Interview With Alpenfuel

A few more words about HFH giveaways

We've had 3 flash giveaways so far this month in the weekly updates.

All of them were books, written by authors who are strong female hikers enthusiastic about sharing tips on how to hike in Europe, on the Appalachian Trail, and other intriguing places.

So what else is in the weekly update?

That's where I share all of the time sensitive news and gear deals, plus interesting hiking resources that would make this monthly newsletter into a small book (and who has time to read that??).

If you're not receiving the free email delivered every Tuesday morning, you're missing out on short bursts of hiking goodness.

Won't you join the fun?

HFH Weekly Email Updates


The National History Museum in the UK is sponsoring a photography contest for the favorite wildlife images from 2018.

They have selected 25 photos and placed them in a beautiful gallery.

Voting closes Tuesday February 5, 2019 at 14.00 (GMT).

There is an image of a red fox parent with one black and one silver offspring which is simply mesmerizing - and now you know which one I voted for ;)

Have a look and add your vote to the people's favorite image: People's Choice 2018


I had the pleasure of talking about winter hiking with Larry Meiller on his Wisconsin National Public Radio show on January 23, 2019.

So many great audience questions and stories!

Larry Meiller Show NPR WInter HIking

If you missed the show, you can read HFH's take on winter hiking here:

Winter Hiking Tips


If you're a beginner backpacker with plans to enjoy your first backpacking trip this year, or a seasoned multi-day hiker, these backpacking tips for comfort and safety are offered to help make 2019 a great year for you.

Essential Guide: Best Backpacking Tips

Backpacking Gear Checklist

Backpacking Food Ideas

Sleep Tips For Backpackers

If you have questions about backpacking that aren't covered, or would like to suggest a topic, I'm all ears (well, not really, because that would be weird, but you know what I mean).

Or maybe you'd like to get more into snowshoeing. I'm a fanatic about snow hiking, and I've got some tips for you!


I also got to thinking about the benefits of hiking, and pulled together a mighty triad of reasons why hikers are enjoying hiking goodness year round.

Use them to lure others out onto the trail with you ;)

Benefits Of Hiking


I'm always poking around in cyberspace, looking for new angles on hiking or fun things to share with you.

[Geez, I sound like an ear-y luring lurker, don't I? -sigh-]

This month, two hopefully "new to you" resources.

Hiking magazine

I was excited to catch wind of this hiking magazine published only three times per year, called Senior Hiker.

You can purchase one print back copy and see if it’s right for you, or sign up for a year’s worth of well written articles, photographs, and insights. I just subscribed, and will be sharing my thoughts after the first issue arrives.

BTW, "senior" is defined as over fifty years of age. Hey, just getting started at fifty!!

Senior Hiker Magazine

Bothies, anyone?

You’re right there with me if you’ve never heard this word before, let alone have a clue how it's related to hiking.

This New York Times article, with stunning photos, explains how walkers, hikers and trekkers in Wales, Scotland and England stay snug and cozy after a long day on the trail.

Bothies NYT

P.S. Have you ever stayed in one? I’d love to interview you and share your insights, photos and tips! Just hit reply, and thanks in advance.


Whatever you’re dreaming and scheming, remember that Hiking For Her is here for you.

There are no “dumb” or “silly” questions.

I get emails which begin apologetically for asking a question, and I cringe because an unasked question is the only one that even approaches that category. Why?

Because it leaves you powerless, without a voice, feeling like you're missing out on hiking happiness.

So ask away, and let’s get you out on the trail as often as your happy heart desires.

Hit reply, or use the contact link on the HFH website.

I read and reply to every email.

Every one!


I'm trying to shorten and streamline this monthly newsletter, to respect your limited time and crowded inbox.

Please let me know if there is a particular topic or resource you'd like to see covered.

As mentioned above, a weekly update is available if you'd like all of the info I don't have room to share here. There's a link below for fast sign up.

Your email address is never shared, sold, spammed or used for any purpose other than delivering hiking news.

'Cuz that's the way it should be, right?

Happy trails to you,

Diane a.k.a. Happy Hiker

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