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November Hiking News And Reviews
November 26, 2018

November 2018: A Note From Diane

Hello, dear hiker!

Let's start off with the Hiking For Her giveaway reminders, and go from there!


This month's hiking giveaway is hosted by Mountaineers Books, and logically enough, is a copy of a book I reviewed entitled Explore Europe On Foot Guidebook by Cassandra Overby.

Explore Europe Book Review

If you have even a tiny inkling that you might be interested in hiking in Europe, away from the crowded cities and towns, this book will get your brain juices flowing.

Entry deadline: November 30, 2018, 11:59PM PST.

Hiking For Her Giveaway Details

I also wanted to mention the recent flash giveaway, just for the weekly update readers, which wrapped up last week: a self inflating sit pad from REI Co-op.

Sign up for the weekly updates and not only will you stay current on all things hiking, you can decide whether or not to enter for a chance to win some fun hiking stuff!

Here's a link to the sign up page: Weekly Updates


REI Co-op has made it easier to discover new campground opportunities.

Truth be told, REI pulls the information mostly from so if you'd prefer to use that (opinion alert: somewhat clunky and hard to navigate) site, you can.

But here comes the hiking goodness: you can research your preferred sites and surrounding areas, state by state, in just a few easy steps.

REI Campgrounds


As in volcano hot.

Did you know there's an updated national volcanic threat assessment list for the U.S.? And that you can hike up, down and around a lot of them?

But let's be clear: it's not predicting which volcanoes are going to blow anytime soon. Instead, it provides indicators of potential severity of the impacts that may result from future eruptions, volcano by volcano.

U.S. Geological Survey National Volcanic Threat Assessment PDF

Mount Rainier, sitting in my big backyard, makes it to the top of the list.

As well it should! It's an active volcano located near a huge urban center, and its river valleys provide the perfect opportunity for lahars and lava flow devastation.

It's also one of the most researched and monitored volcanoes, so I'm not too worried about it catching me off guard. In fact, I've made a few more Mt. Rainier day hike videos with complete trail descriptions for you to enjoy.

Mount Rainier Day Hike: Glacier Basin

Mount Rainier Day Hike: Pinnacle Peak

Mount Rainier Day Hike: Narada Falls


November reviews were devoted to worthy trail clothing:

prAna Leggings Review

Root Republic Technical Hiking Socks Review

Skirt Sports Trailwear Review: Sports Bra, Shirt, Pants

Some of these items will be featured in upcoming Hiking For Her hiking clothing giveaways, so after you read the reviews, please check back on the first of each month to see what the current giveaway might be.


Children And provides training, ongoing support and peer-to-peer mentoring for young leaders, working in over 178 communities.

I don't think it's a stretch to hope that you agree with their sentiment: it's a good idea to train young people to create equal access to opportunities for nature exploration from within their own communities.

Check out their toolkit, filled with downloadable materials, infographics, reports and leadership writing, available in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

Natural Leaders Initiative


Are you, or someone you know, looking for - or creating - jobs that combine a love of the outdoors with a particular skill set?

Use this link to search or post jobs, or upload a resume: Outdoor Industry Jobs


Except for one more little thing: you've gotta take a look at the OneTrail project which Merrell (trustworthy footwear company, I wear some of their trail shoes myself) launched.

Simply select one of the 50 states on the map to see photos of who was on the trail on the exact same day, and what they have to say.

Merrell One Trail Project Map

I was amazed at the range of ages of the hikers! I love how hiking can bring us together across the generations :)

Take good care of yourself this month by finding time to slip away and breathe some fresh air, maybe lean up against a tree and do the carbon dioxide - oxygen gift exchange thing for awhile!

And if you'd like to read all the stuff that I didn't have room to squeeze into this newsletter, please do sign up for the weekly updates. It's where I share it ALL!

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Best wishes to you!

Happy Trails Always,

Diane a.k.a. Happy Hiker

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