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Explore Europe On Foot
Book Review

By Diane Spicer

This Explore Europe On Foot Book Review begins with a few disclosures.

Explore Europe On Foot book coverCover photo courtesy of Mountaineers Books

Explore Europe On Foot
book review disclosures

The full title of the book is Explore Europe on Foot: Your Complete Guide To Planning A Cultural Hiking Adventure

by Cassandra Overby

This Explore Europe On Foot book review was written at the suggestion of Mountaineers Books.

There is no affiliate or promotional relationship between us.

  • They sent a free copy for review.
  • All opinions in this review belong to Hiking For Her, and are freely given in order to share a hiking trip planning tool with you.

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Explore Europe On Foot
Book Review:
who needs this book?

If the title of this book attracted you, there must be a reason!

Answer these questions:

Have you ever wondered what a walking vacation in Europe would be like - but also wonder if you can pull it off on your own?

Have you "been there, done that, I'm over it" with European travel packages that take you (and so many thousands of others) to popular insanely crowded destinations?

Are you actively seeking the tools to plan your own European slow travel experience in the outdoors?

Affirmative answers mean you need this full color, carefully detailed guide book.

  • Explore Europe On Foot takes you by the hand now, so your feet can take you on a cultural hiking adventure later.

Who won't benefit
from this book

If you're seeking a wilderness backpacking trip in European mountains, these routes through, and near, relatively populated areas won't be of interest to you.


  • Unless you have time after your backpacking trek to see another side of European culture

Explore Europe On Foot
Book Review:
what to expect?

This book helps you solve "problems" that must be addressed before you embark on a walking vacation, things like:

  • how to choose the best walking route for your style and schedule
  • how to line up accommodations and find food during your cultural hiking adventure
  • what to add to your hiking pack list so you're prepared for inevitable walking challenges on the route you choose

The author writes in a friendly but firm tone, making it clear she has faced these challenges and surmounted them, making it likely that you will, too, if you follow her advice.

Which routes are included
in this book?

Some of these routes are rather famous, such as the Laugavegur Trek in Iceland.

  • Who among us hasn't gawked at the astounding Pinterest photos of Icelandic hiking?

Other routes are lesser known, and that's where this guide become invaluable, giving you insights. planning tips and confidence to do something unique.

Here are the fifteen routes, arranged alphabetically by country:

  • The Lake District, England, UK
  • Alsace Wine Route, France
  • Mont Saint-Michel, France
  • Tour du Mont Blanc, France and Italy
  • King Ludwig’s Way, Germany
  • The Moselle, Germany
  • Laugavegur Trek, Iceland
  • Cinque Terre 2.0, Italy
  • The Ardennes, Luxembourg and Belgium
  • The Sahara Desert, Morocco
  • Rota Vicentina, Portugal
  • West Highland Way, Scotland, UK
  • English Way, Spain
  • Alpine Pass Route, Switzerland
  • Lycian Way, Turkey

You can see that the author presents a nice mix of terrain and cultural opportunities!

  • Your biggest problem with this guide book: selecting which route to tackle first

Explore Europe On Foot
Book Review:
what I liked best

As a hiker, you don't need to be convinced about how wonderful it is to immerse yourself in an area and really enjoy all that it has to offer at the slower pace which foot power provides.

This book makes it so very easy to begin daydreaming about exploring Europe on foot.

Just a few moments spent paging through the fifteen long-distance trails which Cassandra Overby lays before you will convince you that it's all there:

  • overview maps to get you oriented
  • daily itineraries you can adapt as needed
  • route descriptions with metrics you need for pacing and timing
  • tips for how to prepare for your hiking adventure, and how to enjoy it once you're in the midst of it

The high quality photos help you place yourself right in the midst of each route.

No need to go all in!

If you'd prefer to ease into the idea of a multi-day cultural hiking adventure, this guide book also provides suggestions for how to fit a smaller dose of hiking into more traditional trips to Europe.

  • This could be useful information for parents of younger kids, older travelers with physical limitations, and first time travelers.

Explore Europe On Foot
Book Review:

My suggestion for you:

  • Curl up with this book and let your mind take you on these walking vacations, using the words and photos to paint a vivid picture.

Vicarious traveling is better than not exploring Europe on foot at all, right?

It's your first step in getting your boots on European soil.

Then it's up to you to take the next steps: narrow down your choices, pack up, and explore Europe on foot.

  • You'll be well prepared if you read this book!

When questions arise about what you are reading or seeing, the best place to bring them is the author's website.

  • You can also purchase signed copies.

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Explore Europe On Foot Book Review