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by June price
(Wagga Wagga Australia )

I wear skirts hiking for comfort and attractiveness, I am a large, curvy woman and trousers do not fit me properly. I wear an s line, stretchy skirt and a pair of tights hiking. Trousers can flap around your ankles.
The power and strength of skirts comes from a documentary I saw about a Mexican mountain group of villagers where the women take part in races where they run in their traditional skirts for huge distances for hours to prove their strength and desirability as a wife. The skirt for these people is a sign of strength.
I decided to hike to the top of Australia's highest mountain (not hard) in a skirt and although it is not difficult for most people, was a challenge for me especially with a pack to camp overnight.
Skirts are the best to hike in and remind me of those incredible and strong Mexican women.

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