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Hiking Gear Reviews:
Find Out What Works,
And What Doesn't

Hiking gear reviews for women hikers should be written by those who use the products, not those who design or market them.

At least that's my opinion!

So be leery when you're reading hiking gear reviews and lots of glowing descriptive language is thrown around:

  • "best",
  • "improved",
  • "tough",
  • "durable",
  • "award winning",
  • "brilliant",
  • "dependable",
  • "amazing",
  • "perfect",
  • "ultimate" 

and that was in just one issue of a popular hiking magazine!

All you really need to know about how to buy gear is this:

*Does the product work for your hiking needs?

*Is it fairly priced?

*Will it last more than one season?

These questions might cause you to feel overwhelmed when sizing up a new piece of gear.

  • Bricks and mortar stores have so many distractions - look at all the pretty colors of bandannas! the tempting displays of tiny little carabiners! the endless boots...
  • On line shopping for hiking gear is even worse - not only too much information, but no way to handle the gear before investing your money.

Speaking of your
hard earned cash...

Speaking of money, I've spent lots of mine to purchase gear.

Then what?

I used it for many decades of 3-season hiking:

After all of that outdoor time, I think it's fair to say that I know how to size up a piece of hiking gear.

Plus, I've been at this hiking thing for 45+ years!

  • I've watched trends come and go,
  • rejoiced as women's hiking gear has gotten more tailored, and
  • noted significant design improvements...
  • as well as some marketing hype that makes steam come out of my ears.

Bonus round for hiking gear reviews

Bonus round: I'm a scientist by training and temperament, so when I get a new piece of gear (boots, poles, tent, jacket, what have you) I put it through its paces in a scientific manner, using those questions I noted above as a foundation for my judgement of gear worthiness.

On top of that analytic streak, I'm hard on my gear.

I know how to take good care of it, but I push it hard, too.

So I give each piece of gear a rigorous test before I make up my mind about its worthiness (or not) in my gear locker.

Here's the approach I use when sizing up gear reviews written by someone I don't know or hike with.

Qualified to write
hiking gear reviews?

Having said all that to convince you that I feel qualified to write hiking gear reviews, I'd like to share them with you, right here!

Each link will take you to a category of gear I've reviewed.

Keep in mind that I'm not trying to please anyone or market anything to you.

I'm just being honest.

And if you have a particular category/piece of gear you'd like reviewed, let me know!
  • I'll do one myself, or
  • I'll try to locate reliable hiking gear reviews.

Female snowshoer wearing a green pack in the mountainsI push my gear hard, then tell you what worked - and what didn't - in my hiking gear reviews.

Hiking gear reviews,
in no particular order

Pick one that appeals to you, or some item of hiking gear that you're sizing up for an imminent purchase.

Above all, have fun reading the pros and cons.

Let's start off with some trail food - because food is gear, too, when you stop and think about trail performance.

What to eat on a hike

Hiking Food Review: Trailfoody Subscription Service

What to wear on a hike

Gear Reviews: Athletic Clothing For Women

Gear Reviews: Hiking Pants

Gear Reviews: Hiking Jackets

Gear Reviews: Neck Wear

Best hiking gear

Gear Reviews: Day Packs

Gear Reviews: Women's Ultimate Direction Hydration Pack

Gear Reviews: Hiking Pedometers

Gear Reviews: Waterproof Solar Rechargeable iPhone Case

Best camping and backpacking gear

Gear Reviews: MSR Hubba Hubba Tent

Gear Reviews: Rechargeable Camping Lantern

Gear Reviews: Headlamps

Gear Reviews: Gobi Gear Segmented Stuff Sacks

Gear Reviews: Pack Organizer

Gear Reviews: Bug Nets

Great trail footwear choices

Gear Reviews: KEEN Boots

Gear Review:  Salomon Boots

Gear Reviews: Trail Shoes

Gear Reviews: Injinji Toesocks

Gear Reviews: Thorlo Hiking Socks

Gear Reviews: SmartWool Hiking Socks

Gear Reviews: Armaskin Liner Socks

Gear Reviews: Snowshoes (coming soon)

Backpacking sleep systems

Gear Reviews: Sleeping Bags

Gear Reviews: Sleeping Bag Liner

Gear Reviews: Self-inflating Air Mattress

Gear Reviews: Thermarest Relief Bed

Hydration strategies for hikers

Gear Reviews: Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Gear Reviews: Lifestraw Go Water Bottle Filtration System

Gear Reviews: Hydroflask 16 Oz Wide Mouth Insulated Bottle

Gear Reviews: Hydroflask 16 Oz Standard Mouth Metal Bottle

Gear Reviews: Platypus Soft Collapsible Water Bottle

Do you have products you'd like me to review?

Gear reviews are so much fun to do, and I promise to give a fair, unbiased assessment of trail performance for your product.

Contact me to get the ball rolling.

Let's stay in touch!

Let's stay in touch about the merits and drawbacks of what you're considering for your trail time.

Drop me a line using the CONTACT link at the top of this page, or the handy little green box at the bottom of this page.

To see what's new and inspirational in the hiking community, drop by the Hiking For Her Facebook page.

Talk to you soon!

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