Looking For Best Hiking Tips For Women Hikers?

Have you ever wished for a "Best Hiking Tips" specialist, someone who would magically appear when you have a hiking question?

Someone who could answer questions like…

“Do I have the right hiking gear?”

“What should I know to keep myself safe on the trail?”

How do I plan for my first solo hiking trip?”

“What can I do to minimize my aches and pains after a long day on the trail?”

Finally! through the magic of electrons, a website devoted to women hikers!

If you love to stroll along a wooded trail, hike up to the high country, or get out on multiple day excursions (a.k.a. "adventures"), here is the perfect place for you to explore.

This collection of best hiking tips for women hikers was a long time coming....beginning in 1971 when a 14 year old girl put on her first external frame backpack and went on a week-long Girl Scout expedition into the Porcupine Mountains of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

That intrepid youngster went on to hike many trails and learn (sometimes the hard way) how to take care of herself in the great outdoors.

And now, four decades later, she'd like to share her passion for hiking with women who are just starting out, seasoned veterans, and everyone in between.

Hiking-For-Her is where you can find credible information on safe hiking.

You can get your questions answered by me, an experienced trail veteran eager to get as many women out on the trails as possible.

Sending in your hiking questions and suggestions will spread the wealth of best hiking tips for women hikers far beyond your local hiking circle.

This website is built around your needs as a female hiker.

Explore the information on types of hiking and how to get ready for the trail.

Read about the best hiking gear, and how to find only the good stuff without getting ripped off.

Interested in building skills? There's plenty to read about hiking techniques, navigation and outdoor lore.

I've also gathered together an incredible amount of hiking resources for you, no matter what your level of hiking expertise or interest may be. These best hiking tips will give you what you're looking for as you plan your next hiking adventure.

Let's have a little fun, too. Check out the book lists, inspirational sections, gift ideas, and other small delights to make your trail time extra special.

And I humbly ask you to please contribute to building a community of hiking women: share your favorite trail with a description and a few photos.

The free monthly newsletter (Happy Trails) and freebies (alternative first aid remedies, Ten Essentials in a Trail Buddy, Hiking Etiquette and more) are there for you to enjoy and pass along to your trail buddies.

Sadly, global climate changes, encroaching development, poor political decisions, and other pressures are impacting our access to the spectacular wild places on Earth. Get out and experience them before it's all gone!


Lace up those boots and let's go!

Photo credits: all photos on this website were taken by David Midkiff.