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The Best Plus Size Womens
Outdoor Clothing

Plus size womens outdoor clothing that fits and looks good is hard to find.

Somehow, it's hard for outdoor gear companies to fathom that women hikers come in all sizes, shapes and heights.

What a frustrating experience for women looking for high performance hiking clothing in plus sizes that actually fit!

If you're looking for ideas on what to wear hiking, you're on the right page.

The reality of plus size womens outdoor clothing shopping

Ever have this happen to you?

You go into an outdoor clothing retail shop and browse through the selections of hiking pants, hiking shirts, rain gear and other womens hiking apparel and active wear.

You search for your size.


As in zip. Nothing.

Frustration turns to anger.

Don't take the lack of sizes personally. You are not alone in your quest for plus size womens outdoor clothing that not only fits, but functions on hiking trips and day hikes.

Retailers who get it!

Don't waste any more time in frustration or anger.

Go straight to the outdoor gear companies who pay attention to women hikers who are not served by the size range that most hiking clothes are designed for in the U.S. (up to size 14 or so).

Let them know that your needs exist, and don't be shy about sending them feedback and posting reviews of their products!

Hitting the trail isn't a privilege for women "of a certain size", right?

Here are the sources of plus size womens outdoor clothing that will work for female hikers, in no particular order.

Best plus size hiking pants

Columbia makes hiking pants in sizes ranging from 16W to 24W.

These straight leg non-convertible pants are great for hiking when rain is more than a distant possibility.

The waist band is adjustable, and there's one zippered pocket. Some women hikers don't like pockets, so these are for you!

Also from Columbia are these convertible pants (lower legs zip off fast to convert to shorts) in two different length options, called the Saturday Trail II Pants.

Take a look at these because they have:

  • UPF 50 sun protective fabric that dries fast;
  • a bit of elastane for good moveability on the trail;
  • one zip closure pocket;
  • multiple color options.

If you'd prefer knee length trail pants, here they are!

These White Sierra convertible pants have all of the technical features you look for in hiking pants:

  • moisture wicking and fast dry nylon fabric;
  • UPF 30 protection against ultraviolet rays;
  • waistband designed for comfortable bending and twisting motions;
  • lots of pockets,
  • and fast conversion from pants to shorts.

L.L. Bean makes these Comfort Trail Pants.

Great features to customize your fit, including:

  • misses, petite and women's sizing;
  • variable inseams;
  • 18W to 26W sizes;
  • waist tabs.

Worthy trail features include fast drying nylon fabric with a bit of spandex stretchability, moisture wicking mesh in the waistband, gusseted crotch, and lots of pockets.

These are also available in a cropped version, if you'd prefer your calves to be unencumbered in warmer hiking weather.

Would you rather hike in shorts?

Read this for ideas on how to size up, and locate, a great pair of womens hiking shorts in your size.

And a hard earned (as in I've had some epic failures) word to the wise: Be sure your underwear plays nicely with your hiking pants.

Get a few ideas for the best hiking underwear to wear under your pants and shorts here.

Best plus size hiking shirts

Columbia to the rescue again!

They offer a button front long sleeved shirt that works on or off the trail, featuring:

  • UPF 40 sun protection;
  • moisture wicking fabric that dries fast;
  • vents so you can stay cool on the trail,
  • a couple of nicely placed pockets;
  • and a soothing color selection (no hot pinks or garish neons).

They also have a short sleeve shirt with moisture wicking fabric and relaxed fit for under a backpack.

And for great options in tank tops, check out this company.

Need a sports bra under that shirt?

Read this.

Plus size womens outdoor clothing  take aways

1. Don't be discouraged if your size and fit is hard to find in hiking attire. Your desire to hit the trail will motivate you to find hiking clothing that works to get you to some great outdoor destinations.

Female hiker looking at Mt. Rainier

2. Start by looking at the styles and companies mentioned here. Lots of other hiking women have recommended them.

3. Look at this company for a full line of womens active wear, too.

4. Send me your questions, and I'll be happy to answer them. Just use the CONTACT link at the top left of this page.

Happy Hiking!

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