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Copyright Policy

By Diane Spicer

These policies are based on copyright laws and pertain to anyone seeking to use or share content or images from Hiking For Her.

What cannot be shared

There are three types of material on the Hiking For Her website which cannot be used without permission.

Hiking For Her logo

You are not allowed to use or copy the HFH logo for any reason.

Hiking For Her holds all Intellectual Property Rights.

Hiking For Her written content

All written material on this site is protected under general copyright law.

It cannot be copied, shared, or otherwise used without my written permission.

Contact me to discuss the information you wish to use.

Hiking For Her images

All images on this website are my own, except where clearly noted.

Using my images without permission is theft under the copyright laws.

If my own images have been stolen, I will contact the web host of the offending site and report copyright violation.

In addition, I will request that the offending site be taken down.

What you can use
with permission

Any image with a "Pin It" button can be used elsewhere, on your own Pinterest board or on your website or blog.

These images are watermarked, and the watermark must remain to indicate its origin.

In addition, a link back to the Hiking For Her website must be attached to each image.

If these conditions are not met, your use will be considered theft and an infringement action will be taken by Hiking For Her.

What you can use
without permission

You are welcome to link to the Hiking For Her website without prior permission.

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