Hiking Skirts

Hiking skirts.

I've been fascinated by this idea for women hikers ever since I saw a woman hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in a skirt that reached to her knees.

Her heavily muscled, rather dusty legs screamed "competent hiker!!!"

And I began to wonder whether hiking in a skirt was a good idea.

Back in the "olden days", women always wore skirts. Take a peek at my Pinterest page for some vintage photos of hiking women in skirts!

But let's get down to it:

Is a hiking skirt practical?


Can it be realistic when you're going off trail?

Is a hiking skirt modest enough to cover all of your assets when hiking up hill?

Time to make like a gopher and do some digging...

And here's what I've dug up on this subject!

I hope you'll share your experiences if you definitely DO or DO NOT like to hike in a skirt. I'd like to learn from your experiences.

Based on what you post, maybe I'll even trade in my beloved hiking pants!

Let's start with reasons why a woman would want to have bare legs on a trail.

This forum kicks around the question from multiple angles: freedom of movement, ease of answering Nature's call, ventilation ... have a look for yourself.

If you're curious about the features to be looking for, take a look at this review.

And here's where I'd go to do some comparison shopping in my quest for the perfect one.

If you're not sure which length would be best for your type of hiking, take a peek at an idea for a convertible type of skirt: long, medium, short as your needs dictate!

One last suggestion: Check out Athena Garments. What I like about these skirts is the evident thought and creativity embedded in them. And I'm sure that if you have a particular pattern in mind, you can get a "custom" skirt to enjoy on your next hiking adventure!

Not having worn a skirt (yet) on a hiking trail, I can't chime in on the relative merits of the pros and cons.

That's why I'm inviting you to do so!

Send in your comments and opinions about the wisdom or down side of wearing a skirt on the trail - it's really easy to do.

And thanks in advance for being willing to share with your trail sisters.

NOTE: If you make or market skirts for hiking women, please contact me directly.

Hiking In A Skirt: Pros and Cons

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What Other Visitors Have Said About Hiking Skirts

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Never going back to shorts 
I've been hiking with a skirt now for 4 years. I will never go back to pants and shorts. The ease of going to the bathroom in the bush, the ventilation …

Sharon, the hiking nut!! 
Most shorts I have hiked in do not ventilate well. Because most women's hiking gear seems to be light colored, it looks as if you have wet your pants. …

I am totally down with hiking in a skirt. Not rated yet
The first time I wore a skirt hiking was quite by accident. I set off in a bikini top and a sarong to get a better view from the cliff above. Wearing …

Yes to skirts!! Not rated yet
Once I started wearing a skirt I have never gone back. Love them.

I love walking in a skirt  Not rated yet
Hi. I've worn skirts to hike in warm, wet and winter weather. I made my own waterproof overskirt and use either a cotton or wool base skirt depending on …

It's the call of nature that does it for me! Not rated yet
I've always loved to walk and hike in a skirt. The primary reason is that it's very easy to, excuse me, pee standing up. No need to find a private place …

Why I always wear a hiking skirt Not rated yet
I've been hiking only in long skirts since I was a teenager. The biggest reason is coolness combined with protection against Lyme Disease -- a whole …

Enjoy hiking in skirts and sport dresses Not rated yet
I have a skirt and several sports dresses I like to wear in the summer or warmer spring and fall days. I prefer dresses more because they allow even more …

Skirt Hiker Here! Not rated yet
I love wearing skirts instead of pants or shorts because they are more comfortable and it's easy to throw on a pair of thermal tights underneath if it …

Why I often wear a hiking skirt Not rated yet
I'm writing because my canvas hiking skirt died today; it was more than 40 years old, but I mourn it just the same. It was made of washed canvas, a sort …

Hiking skirts are the best! Not rated yet
I started wearing hiking skirts a couple of years ago as an alternative to shorts. I liked the idea of something a little more feminine but at the same …

I'm a skirt hiker Not rated yet
I'm a skirt hiker, and I frequently hike the Kendal Katwalk part of the PCT. I may even be your skirt hiker, but my legs are not particularly heavily …

A skirt is way more comfortable than shorts for hiking. Not rated yet
I pretty much always hike in skirt nowdays, at least in warmer weather. The thing is this. Historically skirts were considered very feminine and not …

Why wear anything else? Not rated yet
A hiking skirt is WAY more comfortable than pants or shorts. No chafing, no binding, and easier to get on/off if you come across a swimming hole. I've …

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