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Best Hiking Skirts
For The Trail

Find out how to find the best hiking skirt for your trail style at Hiking For Her. #hiking #hikingskirt #trailskirt #hikinginskirts #backpacking #hikingclothing

If you're already searching for the best hiking skirts, you've landed in the right spot!

Let's get to it, shall we?

Each category of hiking skirts will present the benefits of each choice, so you can select the skirt(s) for your trail style, body type and preferences.

What to wear hiking can't get any easier than that, now can it?

If the idea of hiking in a skirt is brand new to you,

read this first.

Best hiking skirts
for warm weather hiking

Ah, the joy and freedom of swinging your legs on the trail - without being confined in hot hiking pant legs.

  • Not to mention the ease of making a pitstop

But let's be smart about baring our legs, in terms of avoiding losing any epidermis to the trail.

Also, modest hiking skirts might be your goal (no flashing).

So your first decision:

Go long, or go short?

But definitely go hiking in your skirt!!

A nicely short option for hiking

Hiking in warm weather means working up a lot of sweat, which pools in the creases of your knees and groin.

A well made skirt well above your knees creates the perfect venting opportunity.

Take a look at this one from Skirt Sports, called Magnolia:

Its elastic waistband plus interior drawcord makes it easy to customize to your preference: up high, or down low on your hips.

You can also pair it with layers, as you'll see below.

Want more coverage?

Back in the good old days of maxi skirts (the sixties, to be exact, and yes, I wore them back then), you couldn't turn around without tripping over one.

Now they're back, and suitable for the trail - except above the knee, right where it should be so YOU don't trip.

This Royal Robbins Discovery Strider Skirt is a personal favorite, and has been put to the test many times on the trail, and also used as a traveling skirt or around town.

The best hiking skirts
might be attached to a dress!

LadyHike makes some amazingly comfortable trail dresses.

Consider the Summer Day Dress:

  • lightweight, breathable fabric
  • lots of pockets
  • sleeveless for unencumbered arm movements
  • body skimming but not too tight
LadyHike Summer Day Dress at White Sands, NMLadyHike Summer Day Dress

LadyHike makes great trail skirts, too!

  • Check them out here.

Best hiking skirts
for cool weather hiking


Wear a skirt on a chilly trail in the fall and spring?

Yes, but add some leg coverage.

The reason?

When (if?) the day warms up, off go the leggings, leaving you free to enjoy the mild (hopefully sunny) weather when your legs get sweaty.

Here's a good combo: Skirt Sports Toasty Cheeks Maxi Skirt plus a pair of their lovely triple pocket tights:

The skirt has a lot of nice trail features:

  • two pockets
  • wide, comfortable waist band that won't fight with your backpack hip belt
  • side slits for easy striding down the trail
  • Anti-Chill Barrier Fabric
  • UV 50+ for skin protection on those sunny but cold days

And the tights can stand alone!

So can these REI Co-op Screeline Hike tights.

Look at all the great features, making these a smart pick with or without a skirt:

  • moisture wicking
  • quick dry fabric
  • abrasion resistant panels
  • 3 layer comfy waistband
  • great tailored look and fit

Another choice

If you wear a skirt with built in leg coverage, you're guaranteed protection against a brushy trail, rocky outcrops you need to scoot over, or biting insects that didn't get the "it's fall, go away" memo.

This Lotta Breeze skirt from Skirt Sports, with built in capri leggings, might be your best choice for cool weather plus uncertain trail conditions.

Comes in a great selection of colors, prints and sizes, too.

Best hiking skirts
for cold (as in brrrr) 
hiking trails

The Skhoop mini down skirt keeps your tush warm.

The 2 way zipper and flexible waistband keep you comfortable.

Think of it as an investment piece in your hiking wardrobe, one which can be repurposed for indoor wear if your hiking destination is a lodge or cabin.

Best hiking skirts
for layering

Layering with tights is one way to get more mileage out of the best hiking skirts.

If you liked the look of any of the skirts above, layer them up!

Here's another worthy layering trick: leggings.

Thin leggings (a bit thicker than tights, also more resistant to snags) plus a quilted skirt, like this one from Icebreaker, will give you mobility plus warmth.

The skirt features Merino wool insulation, which is not only warm but breathable.

Side panels give you freedom of movement, and a full length size zipper makes it easy to get the skirt off when the day warms up or you get off the trail.

These REI Co-op Streelowe leggings give you a lot of versatility with this hiking outfit: wear them alone, pair with the skirt, or wear them underneath rain pants.

What about rainy weather?

Yeah, about that rain.

The Royal Robbins Discovery skirt you saw at the top of the page makes a good rainy day option, because it dries fast when the raindrops stop.

You can also layer up with a hiking skirt designed specifically for rainy weather, like this:

This Sierra Designs Stretch Trail Skirt is built to take movement while the fabric is water resistant to keep you from getting soaked

Add a pair of leggings or tights, and your legs are comfy all the way to the ankles without sacrificing mobility.

What about skorts?

Ah, yes, the ingenious fusion of shorts + skirt: the skort.

Some women love 'em.

Others despise them.

But you won't know which camp you're in until you try one!

Here's a good choice for a hiking skort:

This KUHL Strattus skort is available in plus sizes, and features a stretch weave fabric that is lightweight and lightweight and air permeable for temperature regulation.

The drawcord at the waist gives you full adjustability, and the internal shorts are made of super soft, comfy breathable mesh.

Clearly, this hiker has just come off the trail in those flip flops!

Or you could go with this Skirt Sports Ultra skirt, with built in short shorts (5 inches) that kick in to cover you when you're bending over on the trail.

You can't see 'em here, but they are there when you need them!

Best hiking skirts
for men

Never let it be said that Hiking For Her excludes males from the realm of hiking skirts.

  • There are some mighty attractive male hikers sporting skirts on the trail, and looking cool and comfortable in their hairy bare legs.

So if your male trail companion(s) zing you with "not fair!", surprise them like this: an Elkommando kilt from Mountain Hardware.

That's all she wrote!

Gotcha covered for all hiking skirt options.

Now it's going to be a challenge to select just one hiking skirt from this list.

But I have confidence in you!

A word of warning:

  • You'll find, as with all hiking gear, you'll be adding to your collection of the best hiking skirts as the seasons roll along.

Be proud of your strong hiker legs in your hiking skirt.

  • And enjoy the leg freedom :)

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