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Best Hiking Skirts
For Every Hiker

By Diane Spicer

Find out how to find the best hiking skirt for your trail style at Hiking For Her. #hiking #hikingskirt #trailskirt #hikinginskirts #backpacking #hikingclothing

If you're searching for the best hiking skirts, you've landed in the right spot!

Let's get to it, shall we?

Each category of hiking skirts will present the benefits of each choice, so you can select the skirt(s) for your trail style, body type and preferences.

What to wear hiking can't get any easier than that, now can it?

If the idea of hiking in a skirt is brand new to you,

read this first.

Best hiking skirts
for warm weather hiking

Ah, the joy and freedom of swinging your legs on the trail - without being confined in hot hiking pant legs.

  • Not to mention the ease of making a pitstop

But let's be smart about baring our legs, in terms of avoiding losing any epidermis to the trail.

Also, modest hiking skirts might be your goal (no flashing).

So your first decision:

Go long, or go short?

But definitely go hiking in your skirt!!

Quintessential hiking skirt

This hiking skirt was designed by a female hiker, so it's going to work great on the trail.

It dries fast, has a stretchy waist band that won't interfere with your backpacking hip belt, and hits just above the knee for modesty and unrestricted stride.

Adventure Skirt by Purple Rain Adventure Skirts

Male hikers wear them, too! Read this guy's review.

Plenty of coverage here

The Toad & Co Chaka skirt hits at the knee, right where it should for a hiker with busy legs and no time to fuss with a hem.

Best hiking skirts
for cool weather hiking


Wear a skirt on a chilly trail in the fall and spring?

Yes, any of the above skirts will work, but add some leg coverage.

The reason?

When (if?) the day warms up, off go the leggings, leaving you free to enjoy the mild (hopefully sunny) weather when your legs get sweaty.

I review a great pair of leggings here.

Or add tights to a skirt you already own.

These REI Co-op Flash Hybrid Tights are comfortable and won't snag on the trail, because they're made of soft stretch jersey and durable stretch nylon.

That also means they're breathable, moisture wicking and dry quickly.

And available in sizes XS - 3X.

All good things for a hiker!

What about rainy weather?

Yeah, about that rain.

Read my tips for hiking rain gear here.

What about skorts?

Ah, yes, the ingenious fusion of shorts + skirt: the skort.

Some women love 'em.

Others despise them.

But you won't know which camp you're in until you try one!

This ExOfficio BugsAway Della Skort gets the job done!

You can't see 'em here, but coverage in the form of shorts is there when you need it!

Best hiking skirts for men

Never let it be said that Hiking For Her excludes males from the realm of hiking skirts.

  • There are some mighty attractive male hikers sporting skirts on the trail, and looking cool and comfortable in their hairy bare legs.

So if your male trail companion(s) zing you with "not fair!", surprise them with this: a Damn Near Kilt 'Em Men's Sport Utility Kilt.

Another choice for a male hiker

Here's a review of a Purple Rain skirt on Garage Grown Gear, by a guy who uses it for all outdoor pursuits and can't imagine going back to wearing pants.

That's all she wrote!

Gotcha covered for all hiking skirt options.

Now it's going to be a challenge to select just one hiking skirt from this list.

But I have confidence in you!

A word of warning:

  • You'll find, as with all hiking gear, you'll be adding to your collection of the best hiking skirts as the seasons roll along.

Be proud of your strong hiker legs in your hiking skirt.

  • And enjoy the leg freedom :)

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