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Where does your inquiry fit?

If you have a hiking question

This hiking website is a labor of love, and one of the best parts is hearing from other hikers, or those who want to hike.

This contact page is your chance to send me questions you have about:

  • how to hike 
  • which gear is best for your hiking plans
  • any of the areas I've hiked in
  • hiking techniques to tackle trail problems you're experiencing
  • or whatever is on your mind about the wonderful sport of hiking.

Heads up!

Save yourself an email by reading the questions I can answer right here with a "no" response:

  • Do you accept unsolicited guest posts?
  • Do you sell backlink placement on your site?
  • Do you post content with paid backlinks?
  • Do you do paid reviews?

I am willing to discuss writing an unpaid review for gear, clothing and outdoor products I feel will benefit the hiking community.

If you have a comment

I also welcome comments you have about any of the information or opinions on these web pages.

You can...

  • validate what I've said, so other hikers know they can trust the information,
  • add your own knowledge so I can enhance the content of this site,
  • provide an alternative perspective on my opinions and experience,
  • or just say hi!

If you have a recommendation to share

If you've got a recommendation based on your own experience, I'm all ears.

I love hearing about new:

  • products for the trail
  • outdoor clothing
  • hiking, camping and backpacking gear
  • techniques 
  • destinations

If you have a proposal for collaboration

You'd like to work with Hiking For Her to get the word out about your hiking product, destination, fundraiser or service, using:

  • A giveaway
  • An unpaid review
  • A featured spot in the monthly or weekly newsletter
  • A creative idea you would like to discuss

Don't hear back?

As soon as you send your message, you will receive a reply informing you I received it.

  • If you don't get that instant response, I didn't get your original message.
  • Please try again, being sure to double check your return email address.

It's very stressful to get a message with an "undeliverable" return address! I have no way of knowing how to fix it.

And I certainly don't want you to think that I ignored your message :(

Here's another option:

  • Use a different email address to test whether or not you receive a "got it" reply from me.

Word of caution about timing of replies

Just to make things crystal clear...

I make Herculean efforts to answer all of my email within 24 hours when you contact me.

  • Except when I'm far, far away from my computer because I'm (wait for it...) hiking!

Please don't think I won't answer your email if you don't hear from me within a day or two.

I answer every email myself, in the order received, but sometimes it takes a bit of time to work my way through it.

Every hiker picks happy trails over email, right?

But both of them are important, and I give the same devotion and attention to one as I give to the other.

Other contact options

You can sign up for my free monthly newsletter, and use the links provided at the end of the newsletter to reach me.

So don't be shy, drop me a note in the box below!

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