Best Hiking Gear
For Women:
You Deserve It!

by Diane Spicer

Meet Hiking For Her's Diane

Women's hiking gear can make or break your enjoyment of the trail. Use these tips to find the best gear and clothing. #hiking #backpacking #hikingtips #hikinggear #femalehikers #womenhiking

Also known as the
best walking
and trekking gear!

The best hiking gear for women depends on your personal preferences and hiking style.

So it will take a bit of time, effort and brain power to find.

Here's where you can spend a lot of time and money:

  • finding the best womens outdoor gear,
  • figuring out womens athletic clothing for hiking, 
  • searching for backpacking gear ideas,
  • struggling with how to find the right hiking gear gifts.

Unless you're smart! (which you clearly are, since you're reading this gear guide)

We'll proceed on advice contained within this old Swedish saying:

          "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing."

To which, let us add:

"and bad hiking gear"

To navigate this guide, skip to these sections:

Women's hiking gear

Which type of hiker are you?

It matters!

Hiking beginner

Most hikers begin with short day hikes near home, on well marked trails.

If you are a beginner hiker, concentrate on two critical pieces of gear for happy trails:

  • Your footwear
  • Your socks

If you get this combination right, your happy feet will guarantee that you'll want lots more trail time.

But you'll need a great day pack, too.

Been on the trail

Intermediate hikers who have solved the hiking boot or trail shoe + hiking socks puzzle.

Now, you can turn your attention to this gear:

  • a rock solid backpack for day hiking
  • trekking poles
  • a reliable hiking clothing layering system

From there, you can concentrate on building a gear locker filled with the best hiking gear for women backpackers by using the tips on this website.

'Cuz crying on the trail should only happen when you're happy!

Intermediate backpacking tips, including the best gear, are waiting for you right here.

Best gear basics:
What's on your feet

Use the links in this hiking gear guide to get your trail footwear dialed in just right.

You'll be one step ahead of the curve (sorry, bad hiking pun).

Shoes or boots?

What's the best pair of womens waterproof hiking shoe?

Sometimes it's a boot!

  • Women's hiking boots create a rock solid foundation for a great hike. If your feet ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

Scouring women's hiking boots reviews are a must-do if you're serious about finding the perfect pair of boots for your feet.

If you're curious about what's on my feet, go here.

If you need a boot buying guide, read this.

Narrow, hard to fit feet? Find the perfect pair of narrow hiking boots with these tips.

Considering waterproof hiking boots? Here's what you need to know.

Winter hiking boots are a different breed, so be sure you get the best winter hiking boots possible. You can wear them in cold, muddy conditions year round.

Vegan hiking boots? Also a different breed.

Don't know where to start on choosing the right hiking boots?

Sox rock

Never, ever underestimate the power of a pair of hiking socks - these can make or break your boots.

Think I'm kidding?

Blisters suck. (Feel free to quote me on that)

A few Hiking For Her trail tested sock reviews for your viewing pleasure:

There are some benefits to consider from hiking compression socks.

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The best backpacks for
women hikers

Here are some basic tips on how to buy a backpack regardless of its intended use for your outdoor adventures.

Which type of backpack, now that's a long convoluted discussion!

Here are your options:

Still not clear?

Still a bit muddy on how to go about choosing womens backpacks?

  • Read up on selecting backpacks with this Hiking For Her Backpacks 101 guide.
  • Or investigate beginner backpacking gear for women here.

Backpacks for hiking
with babies and kids

Many hikers cherish family hiking as one precious way to share time with loved ones.

But it takes some planning to get the best hiking gear for everyone. These tips will make it easier!

Hiking with a baby?

If you hike with older-than-toddler kids, you need this info to make an informed choice of which pack to choose for your little hikers:

Unless you plan on carrying everything yourself! (insert frown-y face here)

Add this gear
for comfort and safety

Now that we've got the fundamentals covered (literally), consider some "add ons" to keep you comfortable and safe on the trail.

Let's always begin with safety!

Carry your hiking ten essentials to stay off the radar (again, literally in terms of Search and Rescue teams).

Put together a survival kit as well.

Trekking poles are a great idea, ergonomically speaking.

  • Meaning they'll protect your knee joints from nasty shocks going downhill, and distribute your weight more evenly.
  • I consider them an essential addition to the "best hiking gear" list for every hiker, regardless of age.

Going to be hiking in muddy, sandy, snowy or soggy conditions? I hope so! Why skip the fun?

Carrying a multi tool is also a smart idea for field repairs.

  • Read a Hiking For Her review here.
  • It's also useful as camping gear on backpacking adventures.

Best women's athletic clothing
for the trail

I recommend only what I use, and over the decades that I've been hiking, I've used just about every brand out there.

  • It has to be good to make the cut and get onto my A list.
  • Good means durable, well made, easy to wear, and offered at a reasonable cost by a reputable manufacturer.

And I want you to know about all about the best! That's why I write this stuff!

Athletic clothing for women:
same or different than
hiking clothing?

The best hiking clothing for women definitely qualifies as outdoor gear, working hard to keep you dry, temperature regulated, and comfortable in all seasons.

Women's trekking clothes and female hiking clothes are a serious investment.

But it doesn't need to be labelled "hiking" or "trekking" to be trailworthy. You can repurpose your athletic clothing!

Women's athletic apparel runs the gamut from functional to fashionista.

Athletic clothing for women satisfies all tastes and styles, not to mention color preferences. I have plenty of suggestions if you click that "athletic clothing" link!

Then you can begin to explore your possibilities for individual items to build your wardrobe of the best hiking clothes for women.

Your ultimate goal: to build a hiking clothing layering system that you will use through all four seasons on the trail.

  • If you are dedicated to stopping excess UV radiation exposure on your skin with UPF sun protective clothing, read these tips.

You have a range of possibilities
to explore for the best gear

Many women make the mistake of wearing every day fabrics and cuts on a hiking trail.

This can lead to chafing, frustration and worse (like the B word).

  • Blisters, silly!

To avoid this endless loop of problems, take a look at your choices below for the best hiking gear a.k.a. clothing:

Hiking clothing:
what to wear on top

... and on the bottom

A few general guidelines

for your hiking clothing choices:

Not sure what to wear hiking? Use these Hiking For Her tips to get on the trail in comfort and style. #hiking #backpacking #hikingclothing #whattowearhiking #hikinginfographic

Women designed
and tested gear
and clothing

Have you heard about the REI Force Of Nature plan to move toward gender equity in outdoor sports?

Part of this worthy cause involves offering more well designed, high quality hiking gear designed by women.

Wow, now there's a great topic of conversation!

  • Read about some female designed gear here.

And use this best hiking gift guide, highlighting 16 REI selections at 3 different price points, to get an overview for what REI Co-op can offer you as a hiker (or gift giver).

The best rain gear for hiking
(and the flip side
for sun protection)

What happens when the raindrops start to fall?

  • Hiking rain gear to the rescue!
  • Why not consider carrying a hiking umbrella? Read all about them here.

Once the sun finally peeps out, whip out those sunglasses, because squinting sucks.

  • Protect your peepers with the the correct lenses for your type of hiking activity, covered in that link above.

And with the sun comes the bugs.

And can't forget the sunscreen, any time of year.

Once the sun sets, dig out the headlamp.

Getting the idea that the best hiking gear in your pack depends on preparation and forethought?

  • A prepared hiker is a well fed, warm, dry and comfy hiker, thanks to her choices of the best hiking gear.

You are well ahead of the game by reading this page!

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Essential backpacking gear
for safety and comfort

Staying overnight or longer on the trail?

Lucky hiker!

But you'll need a tent!

Or at least a backpacking tarp.

Not ready to commit to buying a tent?

  • Why not rent one for your first few trips?

But wait, there's more!

A sleeping bag, possibly with a sleeping bag liner, will keep you toasty warm throughout the night.

  • Here's how to pick the best backpacking sleeping bags for your hiking plans.

Or maybe a backpacking quilt is more to your liking!

Never considered a backpacker quilt?

Comfort is key

Hard surfaces make for grumpy backpackers.

Don't forget your sleeping comfort on a backpacking trip:

A sleeping pad or an air mattress is essential for a good night's rest on a backpacking trip.

A backpack chair might be nice, too, to rest your weary bones so you can go hard again the next day.

Comfort food counts, too

And don't forget about dinner!

The best backpacking titanium cookware is going to make it easy to make and clean up.

Navigational aids
for hikers

If you've never pondered why there are different types of hiking maps, make a little time and room on your best hiking gear list for these.

To navigate safely to your camp site, maps are essential. 

  • Use them to select reasonable and attainable hiking destinations.
  • Double check your position on the trail frequently, especially at decision points on the route.
  • Estimate distance and trail difficulty, and compare these against remaining hours of daylight.

Consider a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) to give yourself the best chance of being found if you go into the backcountry.

Or use a Satellite Messenger instead of your cell phone.

All of these options guarantee peace of mind for the folks back home, too.

Hydration options for hikers

A water filter will come in handy when you need to fill your water bottles.

Read my review of a portable, easy to use water filter + water bottle combination here: Lifestraw Go.

Trying to save space?

  • Use collapsible soft water bottles, like these.

Female hiker using the best hiking gearTypical day on the trail, making the best hiking gear work hard for me.

Adjustable, customizable
hiking gear

Sometimes a female hiker just doesn't fit the "standard" dimensions for a backpack or piece of athletic clothing.

Don't despair.

Instead, choose adjustable hiking gear.

Gear surprises
for you

Sometimes it's fun to let someone else do the heavy lifting of gear selection, and just send you a box full of the best hiking gear.

That's what the Cairn outdoor subscription box service does.

Or a Nomadik subscription box, filled with surprises each month.

  • Hiking For Her Nomadik review here

How to manage
female hiker hygiene
on the trail

What about keeping up your good hygiene on the trail?

Female hiking hygiene can get tricky, right?

  • Put together the hiking gear you need for your personal hygiene kit using these tips.

If skin chafing is an issue for you, take a close look at whether your undergarments are playing nicely with your hiking clothes.

Or maybe you need to apply a skin lubricant in selected areas.

If you want even more tips on female hiking hygiene, read this.

Dip into my decades of
trail experience to find
the best gear

Over the past 40+ years, I've tried a lot of womens hiking gear.

AND I've found some great sources for high quality, reasonably priced equipment used for hiking that enhanced my trail time.

I've also found some hiking camping equipment along with backpacking gear that promised to be the best stuff ever designed for women hikers (i.e. designed to fit people with hips), and it failed miserably.

It's a jungle thick forest or desert out there!

You've got to figure out the type of hiking you want to do, and then decide which gear you'll need.

You're going to need reliable how to buy gear strategies!

Let's make this easy

For a quick summary of how to buy the best hiking gear for a beginner hiking, read this.

Just interested in womens hiking clothing? This is for you.

  • Read this if you're interested in how to build a complete hiking clothing wardrobe for your level of hiking.

For a bare bones Hiking Equipment List that covers what I wear and carry in my pack, go here.

For a hiking camping equipment overview, this is for you!

For my best sources for hiking gear reviews, read this.

For my own opinionated, thorough hiking gear reviews, go here.

That's definitely enough to get you started!

Is discount hiking gear
the best hiking gear
for you?

If you are hunting for a bargain on discount hiking gear, look no further!

But be aware that in hiking, as in all things in life, you get what you pay for.

The perennial question for hikers:

Buy it cheap now while knowing that it will need to replaced quickly, or invest for the future?

Also, be prepared to upgrade your hiking gear regularly as your trail skills (and appetite for adventure) grow.

Don't overlook

Hiking For Her vividly remembers what it's like to be a hiking beginner.

  • And knows how important it is to keep upping your hiking game, season after hiking season.

That's why the monthly giveaways on this site are focused on highlighting only the best hiking gear, outdoor clothing, information and resources to get you on the trail in comfort, confidence and style.

  • Bookmark the HFH giveaway page and visit it frequently for your chance to enter to win some fantastic freebies as a hiker!

Insider tip:

Sign up for the HFH weekly email updates, too.

  • Flash giveaways are featured just for you!
  • Sign up form is at the bottom of the page; all it takes is your email address to receive a carefully curated selection of deals, giveaways, breaking news, resources and more!

The Hiking For Her approach
to the best hiking gear

My approach, for what it's worth:

  • I tend to buy my hiking gear in phases, paying a bit more each time as my skill level increases.
  • I make it a habit to hunt for quality over price, because I keep my hiking gear for a long, long time - until not even duct tape or my crude sewing skills can rescue it from the junk pile recycle bin.

This investment strategy for hiking gear has worked out well for me, which is why I'm recommending it to you.

Looking for the
best backpacking gear?

Once you've done a few overnights or long week-end backpacking trips, you're going to want more trail time.

Which means you'll get more serious about your gear and clothing.

Here are backpacking gear lists to get your started:

To get more backpacking gear ideas, you could dip into some of the hiking magazine "gear" editions, then hunt for discount hiking gear armed with a list of "need this" as opposed to "sure would love to have this".

And to find the very best deal you can score?

Just be sure it's fit for purpose before relying on it.

Because sometimes, cheap turns out to be expensive in more ways than one on a hike.

Trail tip:

Gamble with your comfort, but never with your safety.

Just a few more
gear tips for you!

The best day hiking tips, including gear hints, are right here.

And consider ultralight backpacking gear if "fast and light" is your motto regardless of trail conditions or length of hike.

Just starting out and wonder how to buy hiking equipment?

Or try this for a strategy on how to buy hiking gear.

Once you've got some great gear, it's prudent to plan ahead for hiking gear malfunctions.

All the gear in the world
won't matter...

...if you can't handle what the trail throws at you.

Expensive, top of the line gear with fancy logos and the latest color choices won't make up for lack of stamina or absence of endurance on a hiking trip.

So when you're done looking at these gear tips, check out my tips on:

Why you should try

One more little tip! (I'm on a roll)

Don't hang up your boots once the snow flies.

  • Snowshoeing is just another name for winter hiking, and it's a blast!

Good news:

You can use most of your three season hiking gear to get outdoors for some fantastic winter scenery.

Female snowshoer near Mt. RainierLots more miles to go toward Mt. Rainier, but no problem because I've got the best hiking gear!

Any questions?

We've covered a lot here.

And you probably have specific questions about the best hiking gear for you.

Or ask your question to me directly, and I'll be happy to answer it.

But really,
why stop here?

In your quest for the best hiking gear and tips, why not keep going?

You can enjoy a monthly dose of detailed hiking tips in the free Happy Trails newsletter.

Happy Trails With the best hiking gear!

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