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Skin Care For Hikers: The Basics

Basic skin care for hikers covers what you need to know to keep what covers your body clean and healthy during your hike. Let's get started!

Continue reading "Skin Care For Hikers: The Basics"

Hiking Pants Review: My Trail Co Women's Hike Pants

Finding the right pair of pants for the hiking trail is an important job for any female hiker. Take a look at this hiking pants review featuring My Trail Co women's clothing.

Continue reading "Hiking Pants Review: My Trail Co Women's Hike Pants"

Why Use Backpacking Quilts: Facts You Need To Answer That Question

Why use backpacking quilts when there are high quality sleeping bags designed to keep you toasty warm? Great question! Let's answer it with facts about the pros and cons of backpacking quilts.

Continue reading "Why Use Backpacking Quilts: Facts You Need To Answer That Question"

Best Backpacking Quilts: Tips For Selecting The Right One

The best backpacking quilts get the important job done: keeping you warm as you sleep. They also have several advantages over sleeping bags, but there are a few cautionary notes you should know.

Continue reading "Best Backpacking Quilts: Tips For Selecting The Right One"

Streamaroo Camera Hat Mount: Unique Way To Capture Your Hiking Memories

Looking for a way to capture your hiking memories while leaving your hands free? This Streamaroo camera hat mount uses your hiking hat as a platform for a GoPro or other action camera.

Continue reading "Streamaroo Camera Hat Mount: Unique Way To Capture Your Hiking Memories"

The Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags: Know This Before You Buy One

The best backpacking sleeping bags will keep you warm without weighing you down on the trail, in all kinds of weather and temperature conditions. Before you buy a backpacking sleeping bag, read this.

Continue reading "The Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags: Know This Before You Buy One"

Best Hiking Umbrellas

The best hiking umbrellas provide protection from ultraviolet radiation and moisture. But can an umbrella replace rain gear and UPF sun protective clothing? Find out!

Continue reading "Best Hiking Umbrellas"

Organic Backpacking Food: Some Great Choices

Organic backpacking food adds one more layer of complexity onto the light-easy-one pot to rehydrate mantra of backpacking food. Is it worth it?

Continue reading "Organic Backpacking Food: Some Great Choices"

Backcountry Hiking: Off Trail Explorations

Backcountry hiking is not for beginners. But it's a goal to work up to because backcountry hiking is a slice of heaven on earth. Find out why right now!

Continue reading "Backcountry Hiking: Off Trail Explorations"

Hiking Pedometers

Hiking pedometers measure how many steps you've taken, which correlates with how many calories you burned during your hike. Be amazed at the huge numbers you can wrack up on your next hike!

Continue reading "Hiking Pedometers"

Love hiking in a skirt

Just finished a long multi-day backpack wearing a skirt and bike shorts. Pros: 1. Easy to update from shorts to long pants if the weather changes 2.

Continue reading "Love hiking in a skirt"

May Issue Of Happy Trails Now Available

Another jam packed issue of the free monthly Hiking For Her newsletter is ready for you!

Find all of the latest hiking gear reviews, ways to harness the forces of nature for your good, how to identify the birds you hear on a hike by recording their songs, and why you really should share your next hike.

And more! Give it a look, and if you'd like to keep the freshest hiking tips flowing your way every month, it's easy to sign up.

Happy Trails!

Continue reading "May Issue Of Happy Trails Now Available"

The June 2017 Trail Mix Monthly Hiking Digest

Time for another batch of tasty trail tips in the June 2017 Trail Mix Monthly Hiking Digest, to make planning and recovering from your next hike easy.

Continue reading "The June 2017 Trail Mix Monthly Hiking Digest"

Back Pain Relief Tips For Hikers

Back pain relief is widely sought by hikers after even just one day on the trail. Your choice of backpack could be the first step toward alleviating your sore, aching back.

Continue reading "Back Pain Relief Tips For Hikers"

Hiking Boot Buying Guide For Women Hikers

This hiking boot buying guide for women hikers gives you everything you need to know before you shop for the best hiking boots for your feet.

Continue reading "Hiking Boot Buying Guide For Women Hikers"

Photography Backpacks For Hiking

Photography backpacks for hiking need to be weather proof, lightweight, easy to open, and comfortable to wear. Does such a magical combination exist?

Continue reading "Photography Backpacks For Hiking"

Safe Sunscreens For Hikers

Safe sunscreens for hikers: choose your SPF sunscreen carefully and apply them regularly. But go beyond the goop with smart clothing and behavioral changes.

Continue reading "Safe Sunscreens For Hikers"

Urban Canairie Review: Is This The Hiking Hat For You?

Need a hiking hat to keep you cool, protect you from glare, and feel feather light on your head? You need to read this Urban Canairie review.

Continue reading "Urban Canairie Review: Is This The Hiking Hat For You?"

Best Womens Hiking Hats: Do You Have One Yet?

Womens hiking hats, caps, bandannas, and headbands - so many choices to protect your head from the weather! How to choose the best hats and headwear, coming right up.

Continue reading "Best Womens Hiking Hats: Do You Have One Yet?"

Hiking Hydration Bladders: Necessity Or Luxury?

Hiking hydration bladders ride along inside your pack to allow constant access to your water supply. But is there a dark side to hydration reservoirs? Let's find out!

Continue reading "Hiking Hydration Bladders: Necessity Or Luxury?"

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