Backpacking Food ABCs
Make Delicious Trail Food
Easy And Nutritious

by Diane Spicer

Meet Hiking For Her's Diane

Why make planning the best backpacking meals hard, when it can be as easy as learning your backpacking food ABCs?

Say what?

Yup, plan your hiking menus with the alphabet in mind.

Enter a fun little method that brings us back to kindergarten.

Why go back to school?

Backpackers all agree that taste and speedy preparation are important in the best backpacking food.

But what about the best hiking nutrition tips, to keep your stamina high and your muscle recovery time low, arranged according to the alphabet?

And who wants to be bored eating the same old thing day after day?

There are plenty of A-B-C ways to spice things up.

Tired of the same old backpacking meals? Wake up your taste buds and amplify the nutrition in every trail menu with tips from Hiking For Her. #backpacking #backpackingmeals #hiking #hikingfood

Backpacking food

These backpacking food ABCs might show you something you've never heard of for hiking menus, or hadn't thought to include on your backpacking food list.

I certainly hope so!

Because bored or jaded taste buds are a bummer.

And if you're the one planning the backpacking menu, your disgruntled trail buddies will give you an earful!

So roll through and snag your favorite backpacking food ABCs.

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Earn Your A's

Chewy apricots, satisfying amaranth, unusual allspice, and a hit of aminos - wow, that's gonna be a great way to enjoy backpacking nutrition on the trail!

Planning a backpack trip soon? Be sure to eat your A's, with these hiking nutrition tips from Hiking For Her. #hiking #backpacking #backpackfood #trailsnacks

B prepared!

Dried grains and beans are staples in a backpacking menu, but there's no need to make them boring.

And the addition of bran to your grains and beans will not only bulk them up in your stomach and make you feel more full, but will soften your stool.

  • Just be sure to drink plenty of water if you're using wheat or oat bran in your backpacking meals.
Hiking For Her cooks up some backpacking food tips, all beginning with B! #hiking #backpacking #trailfood #backpackmenus

C how easy it can be
to plan a backpacking menu?

Mushrooms, dried fruit, couscous and so many spices to bring along on your next hike!

So many ways to please your taste buds!

And every suggestion is lightweight, easy to use, and highly customizable.

My favorite suggestion:

  • Rehydrate and cook the couscous and mushrooms in the same water. Top with cumin and sip a cup of chai tea for dinner!
With these four good reasons from Hiking For Her to eat your C's on the trail, your taste buds will be happy on your next backpacking trip.  #hiking #backpacking #trailfood #besthikingtips

Backpacking food doldrums?


Never tried dulse?

Then you might also need these sea vegetable snack ideas.

(you can call dulse a seaweed, but that's not very polite, now is it?)

What do dulse, dill, dates and dressing have to do with backpacking? Find out at Hiking For Her, and liven up your backpacking menus. #backpacking #hiking #backpacking food

Electrifying, energizing
E's for the trail

I learned to backpack in the dark ages (nearly 50 years ago), when dehydrated eggs were a necessity but certainly not a treat.

Things have changed, so give them another look.

  • Mountainhouse eggs can be jazzed up with basil, thyme, oregano, garlic and onion salt, and more!
Eat your E's on your next backpacking trip! Hiking For Her makes it easy with these backpack menu tips. #backpacking #backpackingfood #hiking #trailfood

Fabulous fiber and fun!

Try something completely different: forage your F's.

Or not!

But at least pack something a little different for your hiking food: farro, figs and flaxseed.

What do fiddleheads, farro, figs, and flaxseed have to do with backpacking? Find out at Hiking For Her, and shake up your trail food. #backpacking #hikingfood #hiking #trailfood

Gee, there's no stopping us now!

Backpacking food needs a few zingers, like fresh ginger, spicy garbanzos and more. Use Hiking For Her tips for all your hiking plans. #hiking #backpacking
#trailfood #hikingsnacks

G is for great! That's how you're going to feel when you take the time to mix up a personalized batch of granola before you hit the trail.

And if you have trouble digesting beans, the fresh ginger will give you a digestive advantage as you sip your antioxidant rich green tea!


Yes, let's give a cheer for the sweetness of honey, an ancient source of nutrients and simple carbs to keep you going on the trail.

Add it to your hibiscus tea evening ritual, or switch to horseradish on your rice to wake up your taste buds!

Hurrah for tasty and nutritious hiking food! Make room for hummus, horseradish, hibiscus tea and honey for flavor and nutrition on the trail. #backpacking #hiking #backpackingfood #trailsnacks

Just for you...

Backpacking gives you permission to just enjoy yourself in terms of your taste buds.

  • Jelly beans? Check!
  • Jams and jelly? Check!

And it wouldn't be backpacking without jerky, now would it?

  • If you've never tried some of the "alternative" jerkies, please take a chance and experiment.

You might find a new favorite to go along with your evening bowl of filling, delicious Jasmine rice.

  • Go beyond brown to try some of the other nutrient packed colors: brown, red, purple and black Jasmine rice varieties.

Need a few ideas for tasty, nutritious backpacking food? Hiking For Her shares ideas to jazz up your hiking menu. #backpackingfood #hikingfood #backpackermeals #hikingforher

Eat up, 'K?

If you've never considered bringing any of these foods along on a backpacking trip, it's time to reconsider.

  • For minimal weight, they give you maximum backpacking nutrition.

Pair kidney beans with dried kelp called kombu and you'll have an easier time absorbing the nutrients.

Make kale chips and kasha at home in your oven and look forward to their nutrient packed flavor on those days when your taste buds are demanding something just a little different.

On a backpacking trip it's hard to get enough vitamins, minerals and fiber, not to mention great taste. These Hiking For Her hiking food tips make it easier. #backpackingfood  #hikingnutrition

Had enough yet?

So are we having too much fun yet?

Heck, no!

Hiking For Her has lots more backpacking food ABCs to share with you, so bookmark this page and refer back to the ever evolving cornucopia of trail food tips.

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