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Hiking Questions Archive:
A Hiking Expert Answers

By Diane Spicer

This hiking questions archive is for your convenience and enjoyment.

It's a fast way to get an answer to a nagging question about how to approach the trail, how to find the best hiking gear, or how to solve a vexing problem so you can enjoy your hiking time.

This archive grew naturally because I've been asked many, many questions about hiking over the years since this website began, in 2008.

And I love giving answers, especially when someone is just starting out as a hiker.

I feel that it's my pleasurable duty to give back some of the training and the wisdom that was imparted to me when I was just beginning to explore what it means to be a hiker.

And to spill a few of the secrets I've learned over my 5 decades of hiking.

  • So please utilize this hiking Q & A.

How this hiking questions archive works

Below you will find a list of hiking question topics that I've answered elsewhere on this website.

I've selected one question on each topic or theme that a lot of hikers are wondering about.

  • Click on any topic you're wondering about.
  • By the magic of electrons, you will be whisked to a page where the complete question, and my complete answer, is available for your perusal.
  • And there will be links to further information, too.
Hiking questions might be about a great place to hike, like Reflection Lakes at Mount Rainier National Park.Hiking questions might be about a great place to hike, like Reflection Lakes at Mount Rainier National Park.

Hiking For Her's
hiking questions archive topics

Hiking nutrition tips

Inspirational books for female hikers

Hiking back pain

Solo hiking concerns

Trail food selection considerations

Why hike solo?

Sore feet after hiking - what to do?

Being the slow hiker in a group

How do I put together a hiking layering system?

What's a backpacking sleep system?

Do I need a hydration strategy?

Why do I have a bumpy rash above my sock line?

More good ways to find answers
to your hiking questions

This website is built to be searchable, using whichever topic or key word(s) you choose.

You can use the search box at the top of each page, which pulls up a short list of articles you'll find useful.

  • See the word "Top" over there on the right of your screen? That will take you there!

Or use this site map to zero in on the topics you're interested in.

Your personal hiking questions answered!

But Hiking For Her goes the extra mile with you in this hiking questions archive!

If you have a hiking question about a topic that you don't see answered here, please contact me directly to ask your question.

I'll send you a private message, and ask your permission to post your question here for others to see.

And if you find yourself unsatisfied with my answer, let me know.

  • Was it too brief?
  • In your opinion, was it wrong or incomplete?
  • Or do you have additional information to add to make it a more well rounded answer?

I'd be happy to post your reply and suggestions at the end of my answer, if you're willing.

The goal of this Q & A archive is two fold:

  • to share trail wisdom with each other,
  • and to help new hikers feel confident and strong on the trail.

Hopefully, without repeating myself!

Or boring anyone silly.

I hope you'll find what you're looking for here, or that you will contact me to get your questions answered!

That's the whole point of this website ;)

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