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Joining the REI Co-op makes sense if you're looking to save money on top brands.

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These best hiking gear tips are also a good place to get started with how to buy the best outdoor gear.

Zoom in on the best backpacking gear with this guide.

And with these tips for choosing the best adjustable hiking gear.

Oh, and don't forget your canine trail buddies: best hiking gear for dogs.

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UL Women's Day Pack


Klean Kanteen Bottle

Camping Lantern

Waterproof iPhone Case

JOTO Universal Phone Case

The Nomadik Box

Hydro Flasks For Hydration

Segmented Stuff Sacks

Action Camera Hat Mount

Hat Mounted Smartphone

Backpacking Pillow

Tread Labs Insoles

Montem Carbon Fiber Poles

Trekking Poles

York Nordic Poles

Two Person Tent

Hilleberg Allak 2 Tent

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag Liner

Sleeping Pad

Head Bugnet

Leatherman Multi-tool

Pocket Blanket

Sun Bum Lip Balm

Garage Grown Gear

Mozy wearable thermal blanket

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Keen Targhee Boots

Keen Terradora Shoes

Backpacking Hiking Boots

Baffin Winter Boots

Telic Recovery Boots

Injinji Toesocks

Thorlo Hiking Socks

SmartWool Hiking Socks

Anti Blister Sock Liners

Root Republic Socks

Best hiking clothing reviews

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Women's Down Vest

Best Womens Rain Pants

Best Merino Wool Base Layers

Title Nine Shirt + Shorts

Title Nine Big B Collection

Jelt Belt

Softshell Jacket

GORE Hiking Pants

GORE Shakedry jacket

GOREWEAR for hikers

Lightweight Vented Hat

Skirt Sports Trailwear

Skirt Sports Tough Chick Top

Possumdown Gloves

Hiking Book Reviews

Hiking Interviews: Meet Some Amazing Women

  • Kindra Roberts of AlpineCurves.com (plus size women's outdoor clothing)

Hiking Resources To Keep You
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Getting on the trail

On the trail

Safety tips

Post hike recovery & gear maintenance

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Leave No Trace

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Mount Rainier Best Day Hiking Destinations (including videos!)

Nisqually River Entrance (Paradise)

Comet Falls To Van Trump Park

Pinnacle Peak

Eagle Peak

Narada Falls

Skyscraper Peak

White River Entrance (Sunrise)

Burroughs Mountain

Owyhigh Lakes


Glacier Basin

Snowshoeing Tips & Techniques

Trail Nutrition & Hiking Food Ideas
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Fun Stuff!

North American Hiking Destinations

... and beyond...

East Greenland

Walking the Camino de Santiago

Best Hiking Destinations

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