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Pharmaca For Hikers:
What This Store Offers
For Happy Trails

Pharmaca for hikers implies a business with a subset of products specifically focused on our needs.

Correct assumption!

This page gives you an overview of Pharmaca, then highlights the products that you can depend on - before and after hiking, as well as on the trail to make your trail time happier.

Affiliate disclosure

Hiking For Her works with a select handful of companies which have proven themselves to be trustworthy and reliable.

Every recommendation made on this website is for one reason, and only one:

to highlight what you need

to be a smart, healthy, happy hiker!

When you purchase Pharmaca products using the links on this website, a small percentage of your purchase price is used to keep these hiking tips freely available to all.

You pay nothing extra, but you are paying it forward with your purchase.

  • Thanks for your support of Hiking For Her's mission to get more hikers happily, healthily hiking!

Pharmaca business practices
that make sense

In today's world, you can vote with your wallet.

  • Each purchase you make from a company is a vote of confidence in their business model.

So here's what you need to know about Pharmaca in order to decide whether or not its products for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts are for you.

Quality Assurance

Any time a hiker puts something on her skin, or into her mouth, or even into her backpack, she wants to know that it's safe, effective, and worth her money.

  • This is especially important for nutritional supplements.

Pharmaca selects brands which are certified for Quality Assurance (as well as sustainability) by independent third party organizations.

  • NSF Dietary Supplement certification (GMP audits, plus independent tests to meet standards for contaminants, toxicology, and label claim)
  • Gluten Free certification (certified free of gluten to less than 10 ppm by two standardized testing methods)
  • USDA Organic (meets the USDA Organic standards on soil quality, animal raising practices, pest and weed control, & the use of additives)
  • Non-GMO Project Verified (free of altered ingredients)
  • Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free (no animal testing)

Tip: To make your shopping stress free, look on the packaging for a stamp of approval to indicate adherence.

Healthy products,
fair pricing

If you're looking to find cheap supplements, you can certainly find them at unbelievably low price points.

But are they free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, hydrogenated oils and preservatives, like the Pharmaca for hikers supplements?

Are the expiration dates generous enough to give you enough time to use the products?

And have they passed those Pharmaca quality assurance check points listed above?


Quality is never dirt cheap.

Another thing to consider:

  • some of the brands featured by Pharmaca are hard to find elsewhere
  • some may be brand new to you, a fun chance to try something unique

Hiking For Her will highlight the best of the best for hikers!

Why cut corners with your healthy hiking regimen?

  • You will be pleasantly surprised at the cost savings available on these high quality supplements and body care products!

Especially when you use some of the shopping tips coming up!

Easy shopping experience

Some companies are just easy to deal with, full stop.

Pharmaca has several policies in place to earn them a spot on that list.

  • Free U.S. continental shipping on orders over $35
  • 2-Day and Overnight shipping orders to Alaska and Hawaii with additional charge of $10
  • International shipping is no longer an option, but stay tuned for updates
  • Probiotics (living beneficial gut bacteria) are shipped with refrigeration to ensure quality
  • On line coupon codes, for savings up to double digit percentages per order
  • Seasonal discounts and specials
  • Monthly deals (be sure to check here)
  • Well organized website with good product descriptions and photos, plus icons on right hand side to highlight vegan, GF, organic, nonGMO and other types of products
  • Customer service and ordering support via phone and email
  • Sensible return policies
  • Good overall BizRate scores from customers

Monthly discount code

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

you will see a monthly discount code on the website which you can use to take a healthy percentage off your total order.

Loyalty program:
Feel Better Rewards

Once I find something that works for me on the trail, I stick with it.

You're probably the same: products that deliver a quality experience deserve your loyalty, right?

And, in turn, a good company will reward its loyal customers.

Pharmaca's Feel Better Rewards free membership program has these perks:

  • Earn $1 for every prescription filled at Pharmaca (yes, it's a traditional pharmacy as well as an on line health and beauty store)
  • Non-pharmacy purchases earn 3% back

Watch your inbox for exclusive member offers, sneak peaks, and email updates

  • A birthday surprise gift for you, too!

Pharmaca for hikers:
what to keep an eye on

There are numerous examples of high quality products from Pharmaca for hikers, and Hiking For Her has made it a mission to highlight them for you.

Because there are so many worthy products carried by Pharmaca, with important details and rationale involved in each recommendation, let's save you some time.

Visit these separate links for everything you need to know before you decide whether or not a particular type of  Pharmaca product is right for you!

  • female hiker hygiene supplies
  • hiking foot care
  • post hike recovery support
  • anti-inflammatory products for hikers (coming soon)
  • best products for elder hikers (coming soon)
  • sunscreens and bug repellents to protect your hiking babies and kids (coming soon)
  • digestive and nutritional support for hikers (coming soon)
  • best skin care products for hikers (coming soon)

Please check back frequently, as additional products hit the Hiking For Her radar.

  • And don't miss the HFH Pharmaca for hikers product reviews (coming soon)!

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