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Telic Recovery Boot Review:
What Hikers Need To Know

By Diane Spicer

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I'm offering this Telic Recovery Boot review because I know that hikers are all about foot comfort.

You've probably heard of hiking comfort hacks like adding insoles to your footwear, lacing strategies to relieve hot spots, and hydrotherapy during your hike.

But have you seen recovery boots like these?

This review will show you how they could play an important part in your hiker foot care strategy.

Telic recovery boot review:

I received a pair of Telic Apres-Ski Recovery boots for free from Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for a gear review. 

There is no affiliate relationship between Hiking For Her and either Telic or Deep Creek Public Relations.

All reviews you read on this website are uncompensated.

That means I can say whatever I know to be true, without bias or obligation. 

What's being reviewed

The women's Telic Apres-Ski Recovery Boot is the focus of this review.

A pair of recovery boots to be worn after snow sports

Here you see them in the back of my car, resting on my backpack and outer layers after a snow hike.

There were two reasons I agreed to test them:

  • I wanted you to know if this is post-hike gear you can use to support your hard working feet and legs.
  • I was curious about the Novalon Footstrike Technology the Telic company is famous for, and there's no better way to find out than to wear it on my own feet.

Let's get to the details!

Telic Recovery Boot review:
specifications and features

Telic recovery bootsFirst thing you probably noticed: no laces.

These boots are designed to be slipped on after a long, hard hike, ski, run or other outdoor activity.

Recovery Boot details

Lots of nice details to love about these boots:

  • Outer side zippers are just the right length to give plenty of room to slip your feet in and out
  • Reflective stripes run along each side of the zipper, making your feet visible after dark
  • Lightly insulated
  • Water resistant  
  • Made in medium lasts, so sizing runs true unless you have extremely wide feet
  • Thick, flexing outsoles
  • Removable insoles, for a customizable fit
  • Available in women's sizes 5 -11 US.
  • Price at time of this Telic Recovery Boot review: $139 US

Telic Recovery Boot review:
my wearing experience

Soft and cushy, that was my first impression when I pulled them on.

After wearing them for nearly six hours, I was impressed by the amount of support and comfort my feet were feeling.

  • The boots cradled my high arch and wide foot.
  • They seemed to "learn" the contours of my feet during the next few wearings.

I also felt as though they were giving me a subtle "lift" as I walked.

  • Maybe that was the Novalon Footstrike Technology?

The important thing to note here is that after a tough hike, your feet will be sore as you hobble around looking for the nearest soft thing to sit on. 

So a pair of these boots on your sore feet are going to provide soft, supportive and adaptive comfort as you hobble, and that's a big deal as a hiker, right?

More notes to share

Because they have a bit of insulation, I'd recommend wearing thinner socks rather than thick hiking socks.

I tried wearing them with the zippers up or down, and it didn't affect the fit or comfort.

There are no back tabs, so if hand mobility is an issue for you, they might be hard to pull on.

The soft elastic white outsoles won't leave marks on floors, but will provide moderate traction when you take them for a spin outside.

sole of a recovery boot

My favorite part of wearing these Telic boots?

The ankle pampering!

recovery boot worn after skiingLook at the softness that cushions and cradles your ankles. Keeps them warm, too!

One more note on comfort.

Because these boots are lightly insulated, in warmer weather you might like the Telic Recovery Shoe, a lower cut with no insulation.

But if you have poor circulation in your lower extremities, you'll love how toasty warm your feet feel inside them.

  • You might even consider wearing them inside on cold wintery days: support, comfort and warmth.

Telic Recovery Boot review:

These Telic Recovery Boots have given me a new option for what to enjoy on my feet after a long hike.

Kicky, stylish, and oh so comfortable. I'll be wearing them post-hike as well as around town running errands.

If you're really into this idea of recovery footwear, you can opt for a lighter but still supportive option after summer hikes: a pair of Telic Recovery Sandals.

  • Check out their complete line here.

Thanks for reading this Telic Recovery Boot review!

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