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Best Hiking Information:
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By Diane Spicer

The best hiking information to answer your specific questions might already be available on Hiking For Her, or send your topics and questions. #hiking #dayhikes #backpacking #hikingtips #womenhikers

The best hiking information is sometimes hard to find, even with our lightning fast technology.

If you've been searching and searching for an answer to your specific hiking question(s), or can't find a solid, detailed explanation to satisfy your quest for the best hiking information that applies to you as a hiker, have I got a deal for you!


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  • I'll put my five decades of hiking experience to work for you!

How to know
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Best hiking information,
headed your way

This website was started in 2008 as a way to get more women comfortable on hiking trails around the globe.

Too often as women we're told that what we want to do (like have a hiking adventure) is too hard, too unsafe, or beyond our abilities.

No. Way.

So dip into this hiking resource and know that with every word I write, I am fully supporting your desire to be a hiker.

  • Your age doesn't matter.
  • Your current physical condition does not matter.
  • Your location, your background, your limitations do not matter.

That's why I need to hear from you.

What are you wondering about that I haven't shared already?

Having your suggestions on the hiking information you want to read about makes me smile, because I know that I'm giving you exactly what you need to succeed on the trail.

I envision this quite literally for you:

Happy Trails

Thanks for taking time to connect!

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