Do all hiking paths have rocks on the trail?

I went hiking with a couple of friends last weekend and while it was fun, I definitely noticed that most of the hike had a lot of rocks on the trail. While the steepness of the hike made it a great workout, the constant worrying of the unstable/slippery rocks definitely made me nervous of falling.

My question for you all:
Do all hiking trails have a bunch of rocks in the path?

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Sep 22, 2021
Simple answer is yes but may be a pebble more complicated
by: Anonymous

Most outdoor hiking locations will have rocks on the trail. This may range from occasional rocks that could be in the middle of the trail or along the sides, up to a trail path that is made completely of rocks. Additionally, some rocks may be small, like the size of a pea, while others could be as big as a walnut, or each a small dog. If so are concerned about slipping you could see if there were indoor hiking locations available where rocks are not present. Alternatively, if you live near a hiking path you could move the rocks to the side during your hike so that, over time, there might be fewer and fewer rocks. (Unless some brings them to the trail).

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