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Hiking Nutrition Tips
To Keep You Strong

By Diane Spicer

Wondering what to eat when you hit the trail? You need some hiking nutrition tips! #hikingfood #hikingnutrition #trailsnacks #hiking #backpacking

Folks are always on the lookout for good hiking nutrition tips.

They also yearn for great ideas for tasty trail snacks to sustain hours and hours of hiking energy.

How do I know?

I get a lot of questions about what I eat on the trail.

  • And I happily spend a lot of time answering them.

That got me to thinking about how many hikers have nutrition questions, but don't have time to write to me.

That, in turn, led to the creation of a series of bite sized nuggets of hiking information that I call Fast (Hiking) Facts.

Fast Facts For Hikers

My goal:

  • To give you a fast read with lots of ideas to try right away, for the low cost of $1.89 US
  • Think "energy bar for your mind"

Each of these instant downloads is packed full of tips on how to select foods to take along on a hike, whether you're out for a quick day hike or are planning an extended adventure.

Every collection of tips is based on credible nutrition information AND filtered through my decades of hiking experience.

Here's what you'll learn

You'll discover:

  • important background information 
  • nutrition facts specific to hiking 
  • what to eat before, during and after a hike
  • some good additional resources to exploreYou'll learn:
  • important background information 
  • nutrition facts specific to hiking 
  • what to eat before, during and after a hike
  • some good additional resources to explore

A fast read, but lots of juicy tidbits
to try on the trail

It won't take you long to read these tips, but it might take you a few hiking seasons to fit all of these nutrition ideas into your hiking routine.

I'll be creating new titles beyond nutrition as the questions continue to roll in, but here are a few oriented around hiking nutrition tips to get you started.

Here's what one reader says:
"I just bought your nutrition tips for solo hikers book, on Amazon.  I just started reading it, but already I find it WAY more reliable than all the tips you can find randomly on the net.  Thank you for helping, at so low a cost." ~JM

Available only through Amazon

Visit the Hiking For Her titles page to select some Hiking Nutrition Tips publications.

  • They are written as instant download KINDLE documents, but with a freely available app right on the page, you can read them on all of your electronic devices.

Heads up!

There are several people with my name, so scroll down until you see Fast Facts.

Click on each Fast Facts cover here for more details

Nutrition Tips 

For Day Hikers

Nutrition Tips For


Nutrition Tips For

Gluten Free Hikers

Nutrition Tips

For Solo Hikers

Works in progress,
but worth the wait

Nutrition Tips for Trail Snacks: What To Try, Where To Buy

Nutrition Tips for Hikers: Favorite Trail Snack Recipes

Nutrition Tips for Elder Hikers: Fabulous Fifty & Beyond!

Nutrition Tips for Menopausal Hikers

Don't see what you want?

Send me an email and I'd be happy to cook up some Fast Facts on your favorite hiking nutrition topic!

Only the best hiking
nutrition tips for you

If you've looked around my site, you know that I only recommend the best hiking tips to keep you safe and happy on the trail.

I'm not working for any company or pushing any particular product or destination.

My only goal is to make your next hiking trip more enjoyable.

So expect a lot for your small purchase price!

  • I promise to deliver jam packed Fast Hiking Facts: Nutrition Tips instantly.
  • You can dig right in and learn about the nutritional demands of your favorite type of hiking and how to meet them.
  • Then load up your food bag and hit the trail!

Ready to order?
It's easy!

Visit this Amazon page and in just a few clicks, you'll be reading about how your choice of fuel (hiking food) impacts your trail stamina and endurance.

  • You might see a different Diane Spicer's anatomy books listed first. 
  • Don't worry! I'm there with Hiking For Her Fast Facts as you scroll down a bit ;)

Happy nutritious - and delicious - hiking!

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