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Looking for a hiking partner(s) to finish the AZT with

by Janice Kennah
(Fort Bridger, Wyoming)

It is good to be back with you!! Thank you for this chance again! I’m excited to be connecting with ladies who love to hike and enjoy being outdoors. The sun is my friend and though I love snow I only hike in it or enjoy it if I’m WARM!! So, in March 2020 two hikers and I (we first met online and then in Tucson on our way to the trail!!) began a thru-hike of the AZT. After almost two weeks in we hopped off because of COVID exploding in the US. Well, I’ve decided and have been preparing to finish what we started. One of my original AZT partners is Australian and if the COVID shot restrictions don’t change in his favor he will not fly to the US to join me. So I’m preparing for a solo hike but would love to have a hiking partner. I am starting the trail mid March where I left off (at Kentucky Camp) and should finish mid May. I’m 64, mountains take all I have to climb so I’m slow but sure on them, but otherwise I can put in a 20 mile day on the flats if I have to. I know I’m not going to rush!! I just want to enjoy it! Any takers? Oh, my husband will be driving me to the trailhead (we live in Wyoming). You can email me at jankennah@gmail.com if you’re interested in joining me on the trail.

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Jan 05, 2023
by: Kathy B

A bit over my head but I wish you luck! And please tell us all about it!

Jan 05, 2023
I wish!
by: Catherine P.

I'm not a through hiker but I am already cheering you on. Would love to hear more about your hike here as you go through the planning and gearing-up process. Are you going to start again where you stopped, or start all over?

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