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Solo Hiking is awesome, but there will be times....

I love solo hiking. I get my dog and my pack and it's just us in the world. All of my problems are at home and I can pick the perfect trail for me.
I had my first solo hiking issue today. I was not stalked by a cougar, attacked by a bear or mauled by a serial killer as have been my fears of solo hiking. My truck got stuck while I was turning around. Simple, but terrifying to be alone, in the middle of no where unable to get my truck moving.
I had plenty of water, enough food, but no cell phone reception. I absolutely couldn't get it out. (Next time, keep a shovel in the truck....) Eventually, I was rescued by an elderly geologist and his wife, but not before my husband called the BLM...and on and on.
Luckily, I wasn't lost, I was just stuck so I was never in real danger, but I was scared and embarrassed.
I learned that while I may be good in the woods, I need to learn a little more about my vehicle and be a bit better prepared for unexpected issues like this. I guess my comment for solo hikers would be to absolutely prepare for the worst, because if something bad does happen, it'll be easier if you are prepared.
I also learned that it's much easier to panic when you are alone. Thank God for my dog, even he provided great comfort!

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