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Solo Hiking Makes Me Feel Like a Superhero!

by Jen
(Mount Perry, Qld Australia)

Doing stuff by myself is really empowering. Even though I'm very extroverted I get a real kick out of solo nature-based activities. I love that I have the capacity to inspire other women to step outside the box society has created around us.

I love pretty much everything about the hiking experience. I love planning stuff and organising everything too. It allows the excitement to build, which means I get more out of the experience.

I love telling people what I'm planning and I love to hear it when they say "you can't do that" because I just know it's going to be awesome to see the look on their faces when I tell them that I did in fact do it.

A few things I don't like are when people look at me like I'm a disease if I have to walk through suburbia with my massive pack and water bottles hanging off me everywhere.

I also don't like weird noises at night that I can't attribute to something I feel comfortable about.

Getting wet and cold isn't that great either, but really, these things are only minor glitches in what is otherwise a glorious experience.

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