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Pharmaca For Hikers: What This Store Offers For Happy Trails

Pharmaca is a company with many ways to serve the hiking community. Let Hiking For Her enumerate the ways products from Pharmaca for hikers can offer you happy trails, plus faster recovery time between hikes.

Continue reading "Pharmaca For Hikers: What This Store Offers For Happy Trails"

Group Hiking Trips: Best Tips For A Great Outdoor Vacation

Group hiking trips offer you convenience, safety in numbers, a predictable experience, and reviews from previous hikers. But there are a few tricks for booking the best group hiking trips, and Hiking For Her shares them here.

Continue reading "Group Hiking Trips: Best Tips For A Great Outdoor Vacation"

Best Dayhiking Tips For Year Round Hiking Comfort

Use these dayhiking tips for choosing the best hiking footwear, clothing and trail food before you get started on your hike. Experience year round safety and comfort on the trail and shorten your learning curve with Hiking For Her trustworthy hiking tips!

Continue reading "Best Dayhiking Tips For Year Round Hiking Comfort"

Cairn Outdoor Subscription Box: Does A Hiker Need One?

When does a Cairn outdoor subscription box make sense for a hiker to consider signing up for? Depending upon the type of hiker (or gift giver) you are, there are several reasons for taking a look at this hiking service. Hiking For Her explores them all.

Continue reading "Cairn Outdoor Subscription Box: Does A Hiker Need One?"

Swollen Feet After Hiking: Is That Normal?

Do you ever wonder if swollen feet after hiking is something every hiker deals with, or just lucky you? What can you do about it? Find out at Hiking For Her, along with some trail tips for dealing with your sore, swollen feet after a hike.

Continue reading "Swollen Feet After Hiking: Is That Normal?"

Best Warm Weather Extended Size Hiking Clothes For Women

Looking for the best warm weather extended size hiking clothes for women? Look no further! Here are some great options to keep cool and protected on those summer hikes.

Continue reading "Best Warm Weather Extended Size Hiking Clothes For Women"

Best Dayhike Foods: Ideas To Make Your Day

A long day on the trail requires good nutrition and tasty dayhike foods. Need some ideas for the best day hike foods to keep you fueled? Hiking For Her can help you get started.?

Continue reading "Best Dayhike Foods: Ideas To Make Your Day"

Best Personal Locator Beacons For Hikers

Personal locator beacons are slick little devices that can give you peace of mind when you're on the trail. But do you need one? And if so, which is the best personal locator beacon for your style of hiking? Let's go through your options, plus some Hiking For Her tips.

Continue reading "Best Personal Locator Beacons For Hikers"

Colorado Aromatics Foot Butter Review: Best Hiking Foot Care

Hikers put their feet through brutal treatment, crammed into sweaty boots and sweatier socks. Along comes the Colorado Aromatics Foot Butter Review to answer the question: can this soothing emollient cream be a hiker's best friend?

Continue reading "Colorado Aromatics Foot Butter Review: Best Hiking Foot Care"

March 2018 Happy Trails Issue Is Here!

When the world seems chaotic and unhappy, you know what to do. Go hiking! This month's free newsletter gives you several ways to keep your trails happy, including a radical spork re-design, two giveaways you can enter, a way to make your hiking gear purchases work extra hard for happy trails, and an invitation to join the Over Forty Hiker community. Wow!

Continue reading "March 2018 Happy Trails Issue Is Here!"

Over Forty Hiker Community: Looking For One?

Wouldn't it be nice to find a safe, welcoming basecamp where you could talk about your hikes and trade trail wisdom with other mature female hikers? You've found it! The Over Forty Hiker community is waiting for your input, as we build a unique and friendly network together.

Continue reading "Over Forty Hiker Community: Looking For One?"

Swollen Fingers After Hiking: Best Tips For What To Do

Do you notice swollen fingers after hiking? Maybe even during your hike? Here's how to tell when it's normal (or not), and what you can do when your hands and fingers swell while hiking.

Continue reading "Swollen Fingers After Hiking: Best Tips For What To Do"

Falling Tree Risk: Best Safety Tips For Hikers

What is your falling tree risk on a trail? It depends on several factors. Know before you go, with these safety tips to minimize falling tree risk on your next hike.

Continue reading "Falling Tree Risk: Best Safety Tips For Hikers"

Mountain Goats And Hikers: Best Safety Tips

When mountain goats and hikers share the trail, the best safety tips keep everyone calm and protected. Hiking For Her shares what you need to know when you spot a mountain goat during your hike.

Continue reading "Mountain Goats And Hikers: Best Safety Tips"

Jelt Review: A Belt For All Seasons

This Jelt review from Hiking For Her will show you lots of ways this unique belt can be pressed into service on the trail. What you do with it after that is up to you: jeans, travel pants, bathrobe are just a few ideas.

Continue reading "Jelt Review: A Belt For All Seasons"

Best Hiking Nutrition: What You Need To Know

With hiking nutrition, the bottom line is food = fuel. You need the best hiking nutrition tips to keep you fueled and satisfied on the trail, and Hiking For Her cooks 'em up for you! based on scientific facts and trail tested experience

Continue reading "Best Hiking Nutrition: What You Need To Know"

Best Sports Bras For Hiking

Sports bras for hiking must give you support and comfort, but don't forget moisture wicking and fast drying fabric, odor control, coverage and so much more!

Continue reading "Best Sports Bras For Hiking"

Backpacking Food ABCs: Tasty and Nutritious Tips For Backpacking Menus

Backpacking food ABCs are a fun way to put a little zip in your backpacking menus. Hiking For Her makes it as easy as ... well, you know! Let's dig into the best backpacking food tips for your next hiking trip, so when you dig in for real, it'll be tasty, filling, and wow.

Continue reading "Backpacking Food ABCs: Tasty and Nutritious Tips For Backpacking Menus"

February 2018 Happy Trails Just Published!

Another edition of Hiking For Her's free monthly newsletter is available today. Catch up on three gear companies making a difference, fun giveaways, the latest gear reviews, and lots of trail tips to keep you warm and comfortable on your hikes.

Continue reading "February 2018 Happy Trails Just Published!"

MSR Snowshoe Review: Women's Revo Ascent

Looking for women's snowshoes? Hiking For Her's MSR snowshoe review puts the Revo Ascent in front of you and explains why these might -or might not- work for your winter hiking plans.

Continue reading "MSR Snowshoe Review: Women's Revo Ascent"

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