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Best Topographical Maps For Hikers

Topographical maps rely on lines, symbols and colors to give you a lot of information in a hurry. That translates into the details you need for safe hiking. So get comfortable with the best topo maps for your hiking adventures, and never have to say "Where the heck are we?"

Continue reading "Best Topographical Maps For Hikers"

Best Hiking Camping Equipment

Hiking Camping equipment - so what's the difference between hiking gear and camping equipment? Maybe there isn't any! But maybe there is, and you'll want to know the difference before you purchase anything. These Hiking For Her tips will get you all sorted out before you go.

Continue reading "Best Hiking Camping Equipment"

Car Camping For Hikers: Best Tips For A Good Trip

Sometimes you only have a limited amount of time to hit the trail. So why waste time doing a lot of driving? Car camp near the trail head, use your campsite for a good night's sleep after your hike, rinse and repeat. These car camping for hikers best tips will help!

Continue reading "Car Camping For Hikers: Best Tips For A Good Trip"

Best Hiking Information: What Are You Looking For?

What are you looking for when you search for the best hiking information? If you're having a hard time finding an exact answer to your hiking questions, here's what to do: tell me what you're looking for, and I'll share an article packed full of the best hiking tips.

Continue reading "Best Hiking Information: What Are You Looking For?"

I LOVE hiking in a skirt!

I love hiking in a skirt. I, unfortunately, am a very sweaty person and shorts feel binding and hot when I hike on hot days or even hike enough to make

Continue reading "I LOVE hiking in a skirt!"

Hiking Safety Tips: Female Hikers Need a Plan

Hiking safety is not a matter of luck. Plan ahead, head off unsafe conditions when you can, and react appropriately when things go wrong. These hiking safety tips will give you a head start toward staying safe on the trail.

Continue reading "Hiking Safety Tips: Female Hikers Need a Plan"

Sore Feet After Hiking? You Need Help!

Do you experience sore feet after hiking? Try these ten tips from Hiking For Her to make trail time more about fun than sore feet.

Continue reading "Sore Feet After Hiking? You Need Help!"

Hiking the himalayas was better in a skirt

In 2000 wearing a skirt hiking in Mustang, Nepal was both a necessity and a comfort. I wore a skirt in respect of local culture and to enter mosques

Continue reading "Hiking the himalayas was better in a skirt"

Best Hiking Books For And By Women

The best hiking books are great sources of information and inspiration to make you a strong, prepared, adventurous hiking woman! Dip into Hiking For Her's reading list of the best hiking books to get your motivated and inspired.

Continue reading "Best Hiking Books For And By Women"

Keen Terradora Review: Is This The Best Trail Shoe For You?

Hiking For Her's Keen Terradora review will give you the facts and photos to decide whether or not this trail shoe is the right one for your hiking plans. Don't leave the comfort of your hiking feet to chance!

Continue reading "Keen Terradora Review: Is This The Best Trail Shoe For You?"

Best Hiking Boots: How To Find Them

Best hiking boots: the holy grail for hikers. Here's what you should be looking for when you shop for hiking boots, plus some boot buying tips you can use to put the best pair of hiking boots on your feet.

Continue reading "Best Hiking Boots: How To Find Them"

Lacing Hiking Boots The Right Way: Here's How

Lacing up your hiking boots seems like a straightforward activity, doesn't it? But you need a few tricks to prevent blisters, pressure and wandering heels inside your hiking boots. Use these Hiking For Her tips for the best hiking boot lace technique.

Continue reading "Lacing Hiking Boots The Right Way: Here's How"

Keen Targhee Review: Will These Boots Work For You On The Trail?

This Hiking For Her Keen Targhee review gives you all of the facts to decide whether or not these boots will work for you on the hiking trail of life, or at least the nearest path through the woods. Get all the details from Hiking For Her.

Continue reading "Keen Targhee Review: Will These Boots Work For You On The Trail?"

Updated Privacy Policy

Hiking For Her's updated privacy policy, effective May 25, 2018

Continue reading "Updated Privacy Policy "

May 2018 Happy Trails

Ready for another big dose of hiking news, deals and resources? It's here: a brand new edition of the free monthly newsletter appropriately titled Happy Trails. Not signed up yet? It's simple to do: pop your email address into that handy blue box at the top of this page, and you'll receive the next edition near the end of next month. Just another way Hiking For Her brings you the most trustworthy hiking tips, year round. Hit the trail, but do it the smart way - with Happy Trails tips.

Continue reading "May 2018 Happy Trails"

Gluten Free Hiking Food For Energy And Stamina

Gluten free hiking food used to be impossible to find. Not anymore! Here's a list of gluten free options from a gluten intolerant hiker.

Continue reading "Gluten Free Hiking Food For Energy And Stamina"

Best Hiking Vacation Ideas: What Are Your Options?

The best hiking vacation is the one which makes your heart sing and your camera work overtime. Hiking For Her outlines various options for putting together your best hiking vacation, with lots of tips on how to make good choices for a memorable trip in the outdoors.

Continue reading "Best Hiking Vacation Ideas: What Are Your Options? "

Best Blister Treatment For Hikers

Blister treatment for hikers kicks in once blister prevention fails. The pain of a blister on your foot is unbelievable. Here's what to do when you get a blister, and how to prevent one next time on the trail.

Continue reading "Best Blister Treatment For Hikers"

Best Post Hike Recovery Tips: Stiff And Sore Muscles Be Gone!

Hiking For Her wants to share the best post hike recovery tips, because being stiff and sore after a hike is not going to motivate you to put on your boots tomorrow! Take care of your sore, stiff muscles the smart way.

Continue reading "Best Post Hike Recovery Tips: Stiff And Sore Muscles Be Gone!"

Best Beginner Hiking Boots: What To Put On Your Feet As A New Hiker

As a new hiker, you have a lot of questions about the best beginner hiking boots for your feet, and which hiking boot brands are worth your attention (and money). Hiking For Her gives you some trustworthy hiking footwear tips so you can lace up and get out there!

Continue reading "Best Beginner Hiking Boots: What To Put On Your Feet As A New Hiker"

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