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Rainier Hiking Skyscraper Mountain: Best Rainier Day Hike

Mount Rainier hiking Skyscraper Mountain makes for a fabulous day of up close views of Rainier plus the flower meadows and marmots of Berkeley Park. Hiking For Her shares a full trail description, insider tips, photos and video for you to plan this great Rainier day hike.

Continue reading "Rainier Hiking Skyscraper Mountain: Best Rainier Day Hike"

Best Women's Snowshoes: How To Buy A Great Pair

Best women's snowshoes: what to look for in this essential winter hiking equipment? It all depends on where you'll be snowshoeing, and how much you want to spend. These Hiking For Her tips will get you sorted out and ready to hit the snowy trail in comfort and safety.

Continue reading "Best Women's Snowshoes: How To Buy A Great Pair"

Ankle Injury Prevention Tips For Hikers

Ankle injury prevention for hikers: supportive foot wear and trail smarts work together to keep hikers away from sprains and strains, but you can do even more to protect your ankles from hiking injuries with these Hiking For Her tips.

Continue reading "Ankle Injury Prevention Tips For Hikers"

Rainier Hiking Spray Park: Glorious Wandering and Wildlife

Mount Rainier hiking Spray Park must be on your list if you love alpine meadows and the chance to spot black bears, goats and marmots. Hiking For Her offers you a trail description, video (featuring those animals) and some insider scoop for the Spray Park trail.

Continue reading "Rainier Hiking Spray Park: Glorious Wandering and Wildlife"

November Hiking News And Reviews

The November 2018 free monthly newsletter called (appropriately enough) Happy Trails is now available! Find out what's new on the Hiking For Her website (3 new Mount Rainier videos, 3 new trailwear reviews), plus some hiking news you don't want to miss!

Continue reading "November Hiking News And Reviews"

Root Republic Sock Review: All The Details You Need!

Hiking For Her's Root Republic sock review introduces you to a pair of technical hiking socks that might make the difference between discomfort and Wow! on your next hike.

Continue reading "Root Republic Sock Review: All The Details You Need!"

Rainier Hiking Narada Falls: Best Rainier Day Hike

Looking for a Mount Rainier day hike on a cloudy day? Rainier hiking Narada Falls is your answer: hike it downhill, or enjoy the leisurely trip up to Paradise through deep forest along a beautiful river. Hiking For Her supplies the photos, trail description and video!

Continue reading "Rainier Hiking Narada Falls: Best Rainier Day Hike"

Skirt Sports Review: Hiking Clothing For Women

Hiking For Her's Skirt Sports review highlights a shirt, pants and sports bra combo as not only cute hiking clothes, but functional trailwear. Find out why Skirt Sports women's outdoor clothing may be exactly what you need to hit the trail in style and comfort.

Continue reading "Skirt Sports Review: Hiking Clothing For Women"

6 Types Of Hikers: Recognize Yourself?

Only 6 types of hikers? Probably not, but these six categories cover a lot of ground - literally - on the hiking trail of life. These categories are something a little different from what you're expecting! Do you recognize yourself in any of them?

Continue reading "6 Types Of Hikers: Recognize Yourself?"

Back Injury Prevention for Hikers: Sore Back As A Warning

Back injury prevention for hikers, which is really avoidance of back pain, involves good body mechanics, a well designed and fitted backpack, and strong back muscles. Here are Hiking For Her's tips to get all 3!

Continue reading "Back Injury Prevention for Hikers: Sore Back As A Warning"

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