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Mount Rainier Hiking Van Trump Via Comet Falls

Day hikes at Mount Rainier National Park are plentiful, but if you're a lover of waterfalls, don't miss this short 4 mile hike to Comet Falls. Rainier hiking Van Trump Park is just another mile beyond, for a spectacular view of glaciers, and maybe even some mountain goats!

Continue reading "Mount Rainier Hiking Van Trump Via Comet Falls"

Outdoor Vitals Quilt Review: Is This THE One?

Outdoor Vitals quilt review coming right up! If you're looking to lighten your load, take a look at what an ultralight backpacking top quilt like this offers you. Hiking For Her shares all of the deatils you need to make an informed decision.

Continue reading "Outdoor Vitals Quilt Review: Is This THE One?"

Best Backpacking Sleep System: How To Put One Together

Wondering what the best backpacking sleep system might be for your upcoming hiking trip? It depends on where you're headed, and who you are as a backpacker. Read Hiking For Her's opinion on the bestapproach to a backpacking sleep system, and how to find what's right for you.

Continue reading "Best Backpacking Sleep System: How To Put One Together"

My Trail Co Vest Hiking For Her Review

This Hiking For Her My Trail Co vest review (women's down hiking vest) gives you the details you need so you can decide if this piece of hiking clothing deserves a place in your layering system, either as a midlayer or an outer layer on cooler weather trails.

Continue reading "My Trail Co Vest Hiking For Her Review"

Best Extended Size Layers For Fall Hiking

Are you a female hiker seeking the best extended size layers for fall hiking? Bingo! You've found them at Hiking For Her, where trustworthy trail tips are free and plentiful. Layer up and hit those chilly autumn trails in style and comfort.

Continue reading "Best Extended Size Layers For Fall Hiking"

September 2018 Happy Trails Edition

Just when you were getting ready to hang up your hiking boots for the season, along comes a fresh edition of Happy Trails, brimming with tips and resources to make your hiking life So. Much. Better. Give it a read today! Then get those boots on and go...

Continue reading "September 2018 Happy Trails Edition"

Best Hiking Tips For Women Hikers: Your Ultimate Guide To Trail Time

Feast your eyes on this guide packed with the best hiking tips for women hikers, from a seasoned female hiker who wants to keep you safe and happy on the trail. Know what to do before, during and after your next hike!

Continue reading "Best Hiking Tips For Women Hikers: Your Ultimate Guide To Trail Time"

Fall Hiking Clothing And Gear Guide For Female Hikers

This handy fall hiking clothing and gear guide is just what you need for those crisp autumn days and nights on the trail. Hiking For Her has pulled together exactly what you need to stay warm, dry and comfortable on your cool weather hiking adventures.

Continue reading "Fall Hiking Clothing And Gear Guide For Female Hikers"

Hiking Vests: Best Mid-layer For Warmth

Don't have any hiking vests in your outdoor clothing repertoire? You're overlooking a versatile component of your hiking clothing layering system, and a piece of safety gear for weather challenges. Findn the best hiking vests using Hiking For Her's recommendations.

Continue reading "Hiking Vests: Best Mid-layer For Warmth"

Happy Trails Newsletter: Fresh Hiking News Every Month

Welcome to a bounty of fun, informative hiking tips flowing your way in this monthly free Happy Trails Newsletter. Join the thousands of other hikers enjoying trustworthy hiking tips each month from Hiking For Her. Sign up is fast and easy! Just your email, and no spam, ever

Continue reading "Happy Trails Newsletter: Fresh Hiking News Every Month"

Best Hiking Skirts For The Trail

The best hiking skirts keep your assets covered, your legs free to stride confidently down the trail, and your budget intact. Hiking For Her offers a short list of the best hiking skirts for the trail, with good reasons why you might want to try hiking in them.

Continue reading "Best Hiking Skirts For The Trail"

Hilleberg Tent Review: Allak 2 Person

Looking for a rugged 3 season tent to shelter you during stormy weather? Consider the merits and drawbacks of the Hilleberg Allak 2 tent, based on Hiking For Her's experience with it. with it in the Northwest Territories, Canada as detailed in this HIlleberg tent review.

Continue reading "Hilleberg Tent Review: Allak 2 Person "

Fun Hiking Stuff: The Best Ideas For Hikers

Fun hiking stuff keeps popping up in my quest for new hiking techniques and tips. Here are Hiking For Her sources for hiking humor, trail inspiration, and ways to keep developing your hiking skills - with fun in mind!

Continue reading "Fun Hiking Stuff: The Best Ideas For Hikers"

Current Giveaways

Who doesn't love to win stuff? Especially if it's hiking gear, outdoor clothing, books, or anything that makes your trail time more fun! Check out Hiking For Her's current giveaways right now.

Continue reading "Current Giveaways"

Best Backpacking Tent Types: Advice On How To Buy

Finding the best backpacking tent types - who knew it could be so complicated? Get all the details for choosing a great tent from Hiking For Her.

Continue reading "Best Backpacking Tent Types: Advice On How To Buy"

August 2018 Happy Trails

Searching for a free newsletter brimming with hiking news, trail tips, insights and opportunities to express your love of the outdoors? This month's Happy Trails gives you all that, plus 2 giveaways to enter for a chance to win women specific hiking gifts. Be sure to sign up so you don't miss anything in the coming months! It's easy - just your email address in the blue box at the top of this page, and you're all set. It's even easier to unsubscribe if it's not your cup of tea, with one click. Why not join us for a monthly dose of hiking happiness?

Continue reading "August 2018 Happy Trails"

Hiking Gear For Dogs: Keep Your Canine Hiking Companion Safe and Comfy

Hiking gear for dogs solves the same problems yours does: protecting the feet, fueling the body, carrying the load, and making trail time fun and safe. These Hiking For Her tips for the right hiking gear for dogs will get your trail buddy all geared up for your next hike.

Continue reading "Hiking Gear For Dogs: Keep Your Canine Hiking Companion Safe and Comfy"

Backpacking And Hiking Equipment: What Do You Really Need Get Started?

Backpacking and hiking equipment should be durable, multipurpose, and designed for comfort and safety. Here's what you really need to get started as a hiker and backpacker.

Continue reading "Backpacking And Hiking Equipment: What Do You Really Need Get Started?"

How To Buy Hiking Equipment: Best Tips

How to buy hiking equipment is a question every new hiker struggles with. Save your energy for the trail by reading these tips for buying the best hiking gear for the type of hiking you want to enjoy.

Continue reading "How To Buy Hiking Equipment: Best Tips"

Best Womens Hiking Rain Gear

Choosing your best hiking rain gear is a critical factor in your safety and comfort. Need some advice? Hiking For Her is a veteran of rainy hiking trails, and has plenty of great tips on choosing the best womens hiking rain gear.

Continue reading "Best Womens Hiking Rain Gear"

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