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A male perspective: unlimited stride, ventilation, comfort, no sweaty crotch

by Jeff
(Palm Desert, CA)

I am a male and have discovered hiking in a skirt.
Six years ago I had major groin surgery and recovery was long and painful; there is scar tissue that bothers me when stretched.
Sitting or driving is especially uncomfortable. I enjoy the freedom a skirt allows. My wife and I drove to Death Valley and I wore a skirt for six hours each way.
We stopped at gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores while I wore a skirt. I never once had a comment or nasty stare. I was very comfortable. Male stealth skirt.
I have tried various skirts for comfort and practicality. Lots of people have seen me and start a conversation, buy rarely about men wearing skirts unless I start it.
Lately I bought a denim skirt that looks like a pair of cut off jeans with pockets and a seam up and down the middle that could look like pant legs. I had them altered to just above the knees to allow stride and to resemble shorts. They are stretch fabric which works well.
The only minor drawback is when sitting in a restaurant or bench, so I bring a tee shirt that I normally sit on in my vehicle, and place it on my lap like a napkin. I am well covered and it looks natural. I also like to sit in a place where I am less obvious.
I act normally, walk normally, and blend in very well.
I am careful getting in and out of a vehicle not to let too much exposure.
I really enjoy wearing a skirt and my wife feels the same way as I do. I know I am more comfortable than any male around me. I pass people on the trails and no one seems to notice or care.
My skirts look like shorts. They are shorts, but have only one leg hole. Men started wearing pants when they started riding horses. I don't have a horse.
My skirt(s) fit very well and there is no pressure on my crotch as there is with pants or shorts.
I have tried hiking with and without underwear. Without is sticky, with microfiber stretch panties it is perfect. This may be a strange concept, but I feel I have discovered something.

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Swagger in a "Utilikilt"
by: Celtic woman

Good for you! FYI: kilts are a "chick magnet". An actual Scottish tartan kilt is very, very expensive, but Google "utilikilts", manly kilts in solid colors & camo. Would be excellent for hiking, etc.
Also check out Contra dancing groups in your area. The men there sometimes wear skirts for dancing.
Lastly, attend Scottish games & festivals. If you like dancing... the best dancing in the world is RSCDS (Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society)... with classes held all over the US & many countries. Men dancers eventually get kilts & take great pleasure in wearing them (& enjoy attention the kilts bring from women).

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