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A Skirt Is The Way To Go For Men & Women

by Lisa
(Poughkeepsie, New York)

It is refreshing to see more women on the trail sporting skirts. Not only are they functional but they look great too.
If modesty is a concern then a nice skort is always an option. They are non restrictive, cool in the summer.
In the winter merlino wool is an option as is quilted, insulated options.
As for men, I am seeing more and more men sporting both skirts and kilts on the trail. I think this is a trend that will continue and I think it is great.
I know there is no shortage of opinions so here is one more. The skirt is not a gender specific garment. I understand most men will choose from an incredibly limited selection in the Kilt options. But they are very few with little choice.
That being said with skirts there are literally thousands of styles, colors and sizes already available that are marketed for woman.
As I said a skirt is not gender specific and therefore can be worn by a man. The right skirt on the right guy looks just as great on them as they do on us.
So go for it. It's just a skirt.
Today it is totally acceptable for a woman to wear any article of clothing that a man wears. A skirt should be an option that any man can enjoy for the very reason we wear skirts. Because we simply like to.

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I love skirts
by: Ray

I am a guy and this year I have begun wearing skirts whenever practical, including in public.

Recently I took a 10 mile hike through a desert in a "woman’s" athletic skort. It was the most freeing, cool and comfortable hike I have ever experienced, despite the heat of the desert sun.

I am an avid hiker and can’t see ever going back to hiking in men’s bulky shorts again. Few people show any sign that they notice and those that seem to mostly react with a smile.

Prospective Future Skirt Wearer
by: Anonymous

I am a man who has never had any interest in wearing feminine clothing. Recently I bought a package of new underwear briefs in the largest size available, much larger than any I had ever worn before, because I had a temporary health issue "down there" which caused me to need maximum room to avoid severe discomfort. These were so airy, that I thought to myself, "this feels almost like I'm wearing a skirt." And the more I wore them, the more I loved the comfort of not being so constrained! Having never tried one on, I imagine wearing the right skirt(s) to be very comfortable, and I've started looking at skirts online. I don't care for the look of most skirts and kilts I've seen that are designed for men. I'm not interested in trying to look feminine, so many of the designs for women don't look appealing to me either, and among those that look both reasonably neutral and reasonably sharp to me, it's challenging to find a size that might be wearable. This article and its comments are very encouraging to me, and I'm anxious to try sporting a skirt for the first time when I can get one that looks good and fits nicely. Thank you for all of the constructive and serious input here, it is helpful and much appreciated.

Skirts in cool weather
by: Jin

I might add that in cooler weather I simply wear leggings or long john bottoms under my skirt.
And reading others comments I can add that I often wear skirts for non-hiking activities as well.

Tried dozens to find the one
by: GKL

Tried dozens of walking, hiking, and backpacking kilts or skirts. My walking skirt trial list is at skirtedwalker.com

While I like the traditional pleated kilt design, all that fabric adds weight.

Purple Rain Adventure Skirt or Kilt are the best ones for me. I wear them when hiking, backpacking, around the ranch, and while working. They combine the right lengths, fabrics, weight, and pockets. Ms. Bland has the right experience to design the best. Price is reasonable, and I like the skirt version best.

Hope to see more women and men on the trail in skirts.

Of course!!!
by: Anonymous

I think men should wear skirts and man-dresses. It is, in my understanding, the correct and easiest way to come to a point of equality between women and men.
We fought our way to wear pants whenever we want, but we took almost all "MANLY" pieces out of men's wardrobe(s) to be equal.
That might be a way to go, but I think it is much more important to put (encourage) men and husbands to wear skirts and dresses because that would remove the inequality, and women would not be lesser than a man.
On the other hand, a skirt or dress does fit a man's body much better and it would be healthier and much more comfortable for a male.
And next, I think a man looks much nicer with uncovered legs -even when he would wear stockings - no socks, please, because honestly, men-shorts are looking ugly and can't be worn for all occasions and events, but a skirt can be used.
I know there are some social bumpers to go around, but I found out that my husband has more groove and much better understanding since he is wearing a skirted garment, mostly every day by now.
Just think about what advancement you would make encouraging your man wearing a garment which has NO gender: the skirt.

I wear skirts at work all the time
by: Jack

My experience is identical to Graham's.
I wear nice skirt outfits to work every day and have for years. As with his experience, the men are ok with it and the women like it; I get compliments on my taste.
Yesterday my female boss said, That's cute!" when I stopped by in the morning, and two years ago a female friend at my office bought me really nice office-proper above-the-knee charcoal skirt from J Crew.
It's mostly how we approach it. I rated this page high because this is a serious discussion, not the silliness or clowning around on this topic elsewhere.

UK Skirt Wearing Man
by: Jeremy Hutchinson

I wear skirts and other clothing society insists on labeling as womenswear as a man. Happily married, heterosexual male. I do so for freedom of choice/expression and individuality, character and personality. I also wear skirts whilst out hiking but I do so depending upon weather, style and location of walk.

Yes, it can be acepted for men to wear skirts.
by: Graham

I've been wearing skirts pretty much full time for about 3 years now, and have had almost no issues with anyone about it.
Those few who have shown any ...concerns? Have restricted themselves to some sarcastic or confused comments, and only about 4 or 5 of those. Sure, some double takes, or the occasional stare, but many, many, more approving comments, mostly from the ladies.
Please note, I work retail, and in constant contact with the public.
I've even got some other guys to try them as well. I still get the occasional attack of nerves, when trying out a new style or colour, but I just back off a step or two until my logic catches up.

Took more than 50 years for women to wear pants
by: Jim

"Hey it took 50 years for women to go completely mainstream in pants." Actually, it took way longer than that as they started wanting to wear them in the mid-1800's, if not earlier. And they had to deal with the fact that it was illegal for women to wear pants. Hopefully, it won't take that long for men to be able to wear skirts. Are men really wearing them in large numbers out on hiking trails? I hope so. Now if they would only start wearing them everywhere else, maybe things would finally change. After all, it's not just on hiking trails where the virtue of skirts in hot weather can be enjoyed.

Hiking in uk
by: Dave

I have been hillwalking (hiking) this side of the pond for over 55 years and the last 11 wearing skirts.
Skirts are more free, cooler and more comfortable than even specialist walking trousers and I have had no acceptance problems at all. I have 2 skirts which came from a yachting supplies company and they very good for cooler weather. An ordinary stretchy denim skirt is really good in warm weather but I have just acquired a Nosilife skirt from Craghoppers here in the UK which is the best yet.
Cioch mountain equipment on the Isle of Skye produce made to measure waterproof gear and they are going to make a below knee weatherproof skirt for me.
Unless the weather is very bad I wear skirts and nobody seems to either notice or care. I also wear skirts in everyday life without any issues.

Hiking in a skirt
by: Rod

I quite agree. I have hiked many miles in skirts from below sea level to the tops of the Sierra Nevada. Much more comfortable for men during the heat of summer and wonderful freedom of movement and elimination of chafing.

In cooler times I sometimes wear kilts on day hikes, but there is a weight penalty with them. I prefer minimal lightweight gear and for multiday trips and a short lightweight skirt takes up very little weight and space.


It's Time to Share Skirts with Men
by: Anonymous

I agree on the skirt as a great choice for hiking and walking. Once you get over the odd looks from others you see it's a great thing to not overheat and chafe during a long walk. Women compliment me a lot when they see me wearing skirts on walks. Men mostly don't say a thing.
But, it's hard to find skirts that fit men. Larger sizes may fit but they are not perfect for men. I do a lot of searching for skirts that work.
Women should encourage men to choose a skirt. Let them know they shouldn't be afraid or scared. They have nothing to loose.

Skirt is the way to go
by: Rich L

I totally agree, when it is hot out the best is a light sarong. It keeps the legs cool without the sun beating on it. On the not so hot days a knee length denim skirt or a kilt is great.
Why should the Eastern men only be wearing practical clothing?

In Addition
by: Howard

You mentioned kilts. I know from experience they are quite expensive. And heavy. Not the best thing for summer hiking. Moreover, unless you're taking a VERY well maintained trail, I recommend that kilts be reserved for fall hikes on fire roads.

The only real problem with men acquiring skirts is finding one that will fit them. In a lot of places, availability vanishes after a size 16, or even 14.

There's this well known purveyor of outdoor gear and clothing located up in Maine that offers good quality items up to a 22 and even beyond.

I recommend that guys who are "Man Enough" to try a plain straight skirt to begin with and then go from there. Unless they have super looking legs, I strongly suggest avoiding micro-mini's and that ilk. Top of the knee or an inch or two above should work for most guys.

Have Fun & Good Hiking.

by: Anonymous

I wear skirts as a guy and I think denim skirts are a good starter for guys as they are generally the same length as most shorts. Denim pencil skirts are incredibly comfy, a third of the price of the cheapest kilt and easier to manage (no pleats to mess up when you sit).

Guys just have to learn how to sit properly in one :)

What's Old Is New Again
by: Donna

Way to go Lisa. I'm with you. Men have worn skirts for thousands of years. Somehow along the way they became taboo for western men. I think it's slowly changing to where I see it more often in running sports and hiking especially on the Appalachian Trail. Skirts just make so much sense for women and men. Much cooler in the summer than shorts. Hey it took 50 years for women to go completely mainstream in pants. Imagine that.

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