Best Backpacking
Titanium Cookware

by Diane Spicer

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Bear cannisters and kitchen on gravel bar of a riverTime to eat! Where's the cookware?

The best backpacking titanium cookware is an investment in your convenience and pack weight.

But not that much of an investment over aluminum, all things considered.

Read on for tips about the best backpacking titanium cookware sets for your next trip.

Because you've got to eat, and backpacking cook sets are a great investment in a successful hiking trip.

  • Re-purpose them for lightweight and convenient car camping kitchens, too.

Best backpacking titanium cookware features

If pack weight doesn't matter much, go with heavier aluminum cookware. For instance, if llamas or mules are carrying your camp kitchen.

But if you're the lucky camper lugging your backcountry camping gear, spring for the titanium cookware.

It's as light as you can get!

More reasons why titanium is your friend on the backpacking trail:

  • It heats up quickly and stays hot, allowing you to save fuel. For example, you can bring water to a boil, turn off the stove and pop a "blankie" or cozy around a titanium pot, allowing your grains or noodles to rehydrate without continuous fuel consumption.
  • Titanium is used in hip joint replacement and other orthopedic procedures, so you know it's got to be durable and resistant to dings and dents.
  • If you pay attention while cooking, you won't have burned food on the bottom of the pan due to the rounded corners.

Put that all together and you have lightweight, conductive, durable and easy to clean cookware.

What's not to love in this type of backpacking cook set?

Well, titanium cookware can be...

A bit pricier perhaps?

Note that price and number of pieces included in the cookware set go hand in hand.

So before you write off the best backpacking titanium cookware as being beyond your budget, be sure you're looking at the correct package for your needs.

Solo backpacking cook sets

If you're a solo backpacker, carry the bare essentials in a camp kitchen, like this mini solo cookset.

  • 5 ounces total weight, including a storage bag
  • Two pieces: 28 fluid ounce pot with lid (important in windy or cold conditions to save fuel) and 10 ounce cup
  • Pieces nest together to make a tiny footprint in your pack
  • Pieces have round bottoms to increase fuel efficiency and minimize clean up time
  • Handles fold flat but stay open when needed

Tip: Be careful about cook times, as the surfaces are not coated to prevent sticking.

The cost? $65, more or less.

Duo hiking and beyond

If you have more than just yourself along on your backcountry adventure, or you want a versatile set that you can swap out as needed, try something a little beefier, like this multipiece yet still compact cookware set.

  • Two pots, 34 fluid ounces and 28 fluid ounces; you can be rehydrating in one pot while boiling in the other
  • Two lids, doubling as different sized (12 and 17 ounces) frying pans
  • Nesting feature will also accommodate a fuel cannister for improved storage efficiency
  • Total weight just under 12 ounces. Twelve ounces!! Is this not worth it??
  • Same caveat about lack of non-stick cookware surfaces.

The cost? $95 or so.

Take the long view on these prices.

If you treat this backpacking cookware set right, you'll have a functional, practical, lightweight kitchen for your entire hiking career.

If you'd prefer to have non-stick surfaces, you can find a great set right here.

  • The price is usually higher than quoted above, but if you're lucky you'll hit a sale.

Invest a little in a backpacking cook set, enjoy it a lot! That's what I love about titanium cookware, and you will, too.

So what are you going to cook up using your new backpacking cook set?

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Best Backpacking Titanium Cookware

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