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Hike Skirt Petite Minimalist

by Usha

Yes, I am petite and so pretty obsessed about hiking with the minimum size and weight possible and my hike skirt helps. About four years ago with a stunning degree of incompetence, I ended up waking in the morning with my hiking shorts, completely wet through and muddy. I ended up hiking that day in my end-of-day, lightweight denim skirt. The comfort, coolness, lack of chafing seams, and overall convenience was a revelation.

Fast forward and I now don’t own any hiking shorts just my favourite skirts. What works for me is a camo pattern that hides any marks, in a shortish pleated style that doesn’t restrict movement. As a lightweight girl I do up to 5 days out with 2 tops, 2 skirts, 4 socks and outerwear if needed.

Try it out and see if it works for you. Most of my friends now also have a hike skirt in their gear. Oh, about that potential modesty concern of being followed up a steep trail? If you are bothered by it just have a partner who is familiar with your tail feathers follow.

Go skirt, go light, go enjoy.

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