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Hiking Coach Or Mentor
Plan For Achieving
Your Big Goals This Year

By Diane Spicer

Ready to tackle
those big hiking plans?

You've got to consciously plan to succeed, or risk wasting your precious time, energy, resources and money.

But how do you plan without guidance and support?

  • You find a hiking coach or mentor, that's how.
  • Or work on a hiking coach or mentor plan with Hiking For Her.

If you're reading this, you're probably ready to get serious about problem solving, trip planning, or overcoming whatever is holding you back from your hiking dreams and aspirations.

But first, an important question:

Hiking coach or mentor -
which do you need?

Because of its importance, I addressed the answer to this question at length.

  • If you haven't already seen my answers, please go here.

Hiking For Her's
Metamorphosis Invitation to you

The woman behind this website (that's me) is an old trail dog.

  • We're talking nearly 50 years of hiking and backcountry camping experiences.
  • Read more about me here.

In addition, this website has been offering trustworthy hiking tips for ten years.

And I've gotten to the point where it's painful to receive emails from hikers who use the words "someday" and "if only".

  • Because if I can do it, so can you!

"All" it takes is a metamorphosis.

You know, a change in the way you act, think, and believe.

And that requires some work on your part.

After a lot of thought, I've decided to offer an affordable, structured plan to move hikers from Point A to Point B virtually, so they can go ahead and do it for real on a hike.

  • Four plans, actually.

Hiking coach or mentor:
why of these is best for you?

Let's flesh out your options a bit.

You'll have to self-select into one of these categories:

  • Coaching: "I know I can achieve fast results with some guidance."


  • Mentoring: "This is gonna take me awhile."

Want to achieve a goal quickly?

The first two coaching options are great for when you have a clearly defined problem or inter-related set of questions.

A thirty minute personal Q&A session with me is the way to go when you:

  • need a quick one-to-one session to figure out how to choose an expensive piece of gear, for instance.
  • want to bounce some ideas around and come up with your best solution to an upcoming hiking trip.
  • are ready for a "jump start" strategy session on physical conditioning, hiking nutrition, gear lists, safety concerns, hiking for weight loss, elder hiking concerns, or any other trail related issue.

A second option includes a pre-call questionnaire to help us both get crystal clear about what to focus on during the half hour call.

  • After the call, you'll receive a written summary of what we talked about, with resources and a step-by-step action plan that you can implement right away.

Hiking coach: fast, focused, friendly

Need a little (or a lot)
more structure?

There are also times when you're up against a bigger problem, or wrestling with something fear related that is keeping you off the trail.

First of all, you might need more time and attention to get at the heart of it.

  • Support and encouragement as you take steps toward your goal(s) also would be appreciated.

That's exactly what these options provide for you:

  • Personalized self reflection and clarification materials prior to a one hour phone call, followed by a month of unlimited email Q&A.
  • The No More Excuses approach: All of that PLUS a thirty minute follow up phone call whenever you need it within 30 days of the first call. And because follow through is so important, weekly friendly check-ins from me to nudge you along ;)

Hiking mentor: safe, structured, supportive

What Metamorphosis is NOT

This friendly offer to help you over a rough spot on the trail (so to speak) is NOT a money grab on my part.

  • Consider the moderate price points, consider my extensive hiking experience, and know that I am making this plan as affordable as possible while being respectful of my own time and energy (and trail time, to be honest).

Metamorphosis is NOT a waste of your time, that's a fact.

Rather, it's carefully designed to provide you with a:

  • unique chance to focus on what's important to you.
  • framework to create forward movement toward your hiking goal(s).

What's up with the hiking coach
or mentor plan application?

The application is a way for both of us to decide if this is the right move for you at this time.

It helps me

After reading what you've written:

  • If I can't help you, I'll tell you that. If possible, I'll share a few resources and suggestions to speed you on your way to a different solution.
  • If I can help you, the details in your application process will allow me to prepare for our phone call(s) and begin to pull together specific resources for you.

I consider the chance to work with you a great honor, and will not enter into our coaching or mentoring agreement in haste.

More importantly, it helps you!

It also helps you clarify exactly what you are trying to achieve.

For instance, wanting to take your first backpacking trip is definitely an achievable goal.

But it's a big goal.

  • It needs to be broken down into phases of planning, travel logistics, packing, food preparation, safety, the trip itself, and debriefing.
  • Do you need help with all of those phases?
  • Or just a few?

It's a satisfying feeling to know what you know, and what you want and need to know, after going through the application questions.

Limited, and rolling, basis

I take my responsibility as a coach and mentor extremely seriously.

When I set aside time to work with you, I give it my all.

That's why only a handful (one or two) hikers will be welcomed into the Metamorphosis plan at any one time.

  • As one hiker achieves a goal (hurrah!!), another hiker on the wait list will be welcomed in.
  • After we celebrate your hiking achievements, of course!

Ready for a conversation?

If a Metamorphosis hiking coach or mentor plan sounds right for you and you don't have any questions, maybe you'd like to start a conversation to get rolling toward your goals.

This quick little form will make that happen. You'll receive an email from me, and away we go!

I am not accepting any clients on the wait list at this time.

See "limited, rolling" above

I'd love to work with you and celebrate your success,

if we're a good fit for each other and your plans.

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