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I prefer a hiking skirt for ease of movement and comfort!

by L Johnson
(Fresno CA)

I've worn a hiking skirt on almost all my hikes!

Here in CA the weather is warm, even up high above 10,000. My skirt needs to be quite flared to allow for movement and is much more movable and comfortable than any hiking short I've ever had.

A skirt allows me a bit of privacy as well... During a nature break I don't have to pull down from the top, I can simply lift, thus, the part of the skirt hanging down in back offers me privacy =))

I have a skirt from Sahalie and one from Kuhl. Both have wicking underneath.

When needed, I can pull on a pair of leggings for warmth and leg coverage. They pull right up underneath the skirt so I don't have to change, I just add the layer.

Skirts offer me all that I need on the trail except pockets. Pockets seem to be hard to find on a hiking skirt, my Kuhl skirt has more pockets than the Sahalie so I wear that one more.

Plus, a skirt makes a girl cute on the trail and that's a good thing too =))

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