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Never going back to shorts

by Jane Carlos
(Denver, CO)

I've been hiking with a skirt now for 4 years. I will never go back to pants and shorts.
The ease of going to the bathroom in the bush, the ventilation and the quick baths when crossing streams make a skirt a breeze. They also are lighter and dry more quickly. I use the Nike slam 12" skirt (no shorts underneath of course - that would defeat the purpose.) If it's very cold I put tights on under the skirt. I've even seen some guys hiking with skirts now.

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Totally agree
by: Anonymous

I use a 12-14" skirt depending on what I can find. Usually I have to cut the shorts out. Some women wear very short shorts but that makes no sense compared to a skirt. Everyone commented on what a good idea it is when they saw me on the PCT.

Pants are for men skirts are for women
by: Robin M

For years women have purchased "men's" gear to go hiking without any thought. I switched to skirts four years ago. A skirt is the best way to go for practical enjoyable hiking. After a rain my skirt drys quickly were my shorts took forever. The same after river crossings. I used to carry a swimsuit to swim in lakes but the skirt doubles as my swimsuit now. If it's cold I can easily slip my yoga pants under my skirt. If you wear underwear it can easily be changed or washed without taking off muddy shoes and shorts. I am 5'7" and find 12" skirts are about the right length. It's hard to find many brands without the shorts built in so I just remove the shorts by cutting them out. I hiked the JMT with several friends and all the women wore skirts. (September) All the women we passed that did not have skirts made comments like "Why didn't I think to do that". Some people think skirts are not modest enough. That always makes me laugh. Some of the shorts are less modest. Besides hiking is not going to the mall. If you have done much hiking you have seen plenty of bathing hikers in lakes and rivers with nothing or next to nothing on. Same with camps. Practicality and common sense need to rule the day when doing serious hiking and skirts make total sense and are the ultimate in practical hiking clothing for women. Sorry guys. Also gear is getting lighter and lighter and skirts are usually the lightest option when compared to pants and shorts. I pack two or three for the weight of my old pair of shorts.

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