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Sharon, the hiking nut!!

by Sharon
(Greenville SC)

Most shorts I have hiked in do not ventilate well. Because most women's hiking gear seems to be light colored, it looks as if you have wet your pants. I have contacted a couple of manufacturers asking them to make darker women's active wear, black or navy for example, but those colors seem to be reserved for men.
If you have ever played tennis or watched tennis being played, you will notice that most female players wear tennis skirts. They are much cooler, look nice, are easy to move around in and not restrictive.
It makes sense for women to hike in skorts for the same reason. They are cooler, do not show perspiration in the crotch, and let you feel more feminine. No reason you can't look "delicate " while you are out there burning up a trail!
That is why I like to hike in a skirt.
As for calls of nature , it's not easy for females in the woods but shorts, skorts, skirts, doesn't matter, we figure it out.

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by: patch

You spoke truly! I buy men's Stand-Up shorts for hiking, as they are made of canvas that breathes, and come in various colours, not to mention have huge pockets and plenty of room for strides. But even so, you want to wash them in hot water with plenty of fabric softener to get them ready to wear!

I favour button-front skirts for hiking, but never even thought about the colours............

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