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Significant Other Hiking Partner: Romance + Trail Time

By Diane Spicer

Your significant other hiking partner is all fired up by the idea of backpacking with you.

And really, what could be better than combining two of your passions?

You might ask: What could be more romantic than a full moon shining into your tent and no one within miles of you and your significant other hiking partner?

Full moon rising over the hills in a dark blue sky

Let's get real

The realities of the hiking trail are romance killers.

Feminine hygiene begins to suffer after only a few hours of tough trail work.

  • Your hair gets sweaty and flattened under your hat.
  • Sweat pools in a puddle between your breasts.
  • Your feet swell up and begin to give off "essence of boot".
  • Bug bites blossom on each arm, tattooed with scratch marks.

And your arm pits?

Don't wanna go there!

So your significant other hiking partner is seeing you in all of your REAL glory after a day of backpacking.

But wait! There's even more reality

If you're out on a multiple day trip, and you're not a bathing fanatic (or there's no water to be had), you can add more reality for your significant other hiking partner to admire:

  • The aroma of insect repellent mingled with sunscreen
  • The gentle yet distinct scent of tent mildew in all of your clothing
  • Trail dust layered under your fingernails and pounded into your laugh lines

How romantic!

How absolutely necessary that you carry a hygiene kit!

Is there any hope for keeping romance alive on the trail with your
significant other hiking partner?

So how in the world could your significant other hiking partner find you attractive?

The answer lies in chemistry.

Human sweat contains pheromones.

  • Pheromones attract the opposite gender, and signal your availability. (Do I really have to spell it out for you?)

Going without the fruity shampoo, the gently scented deodorant, the feminine hygiene products, the cologne or perfume for a few days may actually enhance your love life in the back country.

Try it sometime!

So the answer is yes, there's hope for keeping romance alive on a backpacking trip.

But you might need a few tips.

8 tips to keep romance
alive in the tent

There are a few issues pertaining to romance which you might want to consider, aside from not bathing:

1. Sex in a sleeping bag gets messy. Use a sleeping bag liner like this one, and launder it when you get home.

Orange backpacking tent

Anywhere in the tent can get messy, actually.

Use an absorbent, lightweight towel, one that be easily washed out, like this one.

2. You forgot your birth control? Unless you're a biology major or can intuit the exact day of ovulation, don't take a chance. Just re-define "sex" and leave sperm out of the equation. It's amazing how creative you might become.

3. You are too tired/sore/itchy to make use of the moonlight? Maybe you'll feel better after a long night's rest. Share that possibility with your partner in a double sleeping bag. Unless he's already snoring (see #6 below).

4. Surprise your partner with the vacuum-packed half liter of wine-in-a-box that you tucked into your backpack. Or transport your favorite wine with this Platypus wine preservation system.

5. Give your significant other hiking partner a foot massage. My favorite lotion for this is this one. It's paraben free and has unscented natural ingredients.

  • Bring just enough in a handy little tube.
  • Work out the kinks between toes, in the sole and heel area, and around the ankles and you'll have a really thankful trail partner.

6. A real romance killer is a snoring partner. No use trying to fight it. Just use ear plugs. They're cheap, light weight, and you'll sleep right through the bear chewing on your boot laces. (Kidding!!).

7. Celebrating a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday? Bring along some decadent chocolate, smoked salmon (this Copper River salmon really and truly is the best, trust a Seattle-ite like me on that one) and whatever else screams pampering in the backcountry.

  • None of this should be consumed in the tent in bear country, right? Use a bear canister to store it, or romance might be replaced with an adrenaline rush you'll never forget.

8. For a few more intriguing ideas about how to make a significant other hiking partner feel loved in a tent, here's a book that spells it all out.

There are definite advantages!

Being away from telecommunication, deadlines, chore lists and the pressures of every day life will allow you and your partner to explore a different pace to your time together.

These tips are meant to get you thinking about how to maximize your hiking trip's possibilities for growing closer.

Be sure to toast Hiking For Her with those fancy wine glasses under the full moon, ok?

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8 tips for combining hiking and romance: how to enjoy trail time with your significant other (full moon optional)

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