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Solo Hiking Concerns
And How To Handle Them

By Diane Spicer

Solo hiking concerns for female hikers involve worry, fear or anxiety over hiking alone.

These emotions won't make your trip much fun, especially if you're leaving a worried or anxious loved one at home, pacing the floor until you return!

Towering rocky mountains with female hiker gazing upBe sure your solo hiking concerns are fact based, not emotions.

An example of
solo hiking concerns

Here's a thought provoking question about solo hiking that I received recently:

"I first thought about hiking 25 years ago. I am just getting started.

I am hiking solo and my husband is having a fit about it. He feels it is too dangerous.

I have just discovered your website and I plan to ask him to look at it.

Can you lead me to any more information to ease his mind that women can be safe in the woods alone? 

He is not physically able to go with me but I want to do it alone anyway."

Underlying solo hiking concerns

Let's dissect out the basic issue about solo hiking in this question.

  • There's no fear being expressed about going solo on the part of the woman asking the question.
  • The issue revolves around the anxiety her life partner is experiencing at the idea of her going solo.

That's some pretty deep water!!

How can a solo hiker reassure the people at home that everything is going to be fine?

In truth, there's no way to know ahead of time what will occur on that trail.

Which is exactly why I recommend approaching a solo hike in this way:

  • clear intent,
  • meticulous planning,
  • checklists.

This clear eyed approach to solo hiking demonstrates to your loved ones that you can:

a) take care of yourself on the trail;

b) anticipate and meet challenges; 

c) come home safely.

These are all things they want to know are true, so give them the data they need. Then they can relax about your solo adventures!

Then you can relax into your adventures.

Need some guidance
on going solo?

Please take a look at my information on solo hiking fears, and contact me if you need further information.

Below are a few recommended resources to explore for even more thoughts on how hiking solo can be done safely. Going solo doesn't have to mean hiking with anxiety.

If you'd like a more personal experience, I'm available to mentor or coach you through your fears of hitting the trail alone.

  • Details on the HFH Metamorphosis offering here.

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Let's figure out if solo hiking is really the way to go for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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